But why you?!

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  1. Okay so this RP Idea is a romance and horror. I am looking for someone who can:

    play multiple characters when needed
    write more then one liners
    Is creative
    Doesn't mind horror
    Doesn't mind sex
    Doesn't mind Occult reference
    and Has some decent knowledge of Vampire the Masquerade.

    Okay so the main plot would be my chara{female} and the other chara{male} who attend the same school,Pretty much the school is for young vampires from different clans who learn how to prepare for they're roles in the vampire world. The two charas are from different clans and they meet,fall in love, go through drama, the same old same old with the vampire twist.
  2. I would do this but have no effing idea what vampire masquerade is . sorry :0
  3. Vampire the Masquerade is the vampire splat from the Old World of Darkness game line =).

    Best of luck, OP, I only know Requiem =/.