But, It's Me...Don't You Remember?

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  1. Plunged into darkness.
    Drowning, but on fire.
    In the silence I hear something, in the darkness I feel blinded by the light. What's wrong with me? I'm not supposed to know, but just before I work it out.
    I'm on the floor. And nobody knows who I am. I'm getting the silent treatment.
    My family think I'm a stalker, and my friends have never met me. What's wrong with them all, why can't they understand? I don't get it...

    A lot of things go through an average teenagers head. Unfortunately, Maille isn't exactly normal. It's as if she's invisible. Nobody can remember her. It kinda sucks. She fell asleep one night in her bed, and awoke outside her house, hearing her mother scream about a stranger.

    Can you figure out who she is?

    She walks up to someone on the courtyard, "Oh, thank God, it's you. Today has been so crazy!"
  2. Morgan turned her head around confused.
    "I'm sorry I think you have the wrong person. But you seem interesting enough."
    She did an about face and shook Maille's hand.
    "Hello! My name is Morgan!"
    She had a pokeball beanie over her rusty-colored hair and a green sweater and glasses over her blue eyes. She was grinning from ear to ear.
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  3. "I know you're Morgan...I'm Maille...we've been friends since...I don't know, forever?" Maille said, thinking that she couldn't deal with this. She was Morgan, the Morgan she had always knew, but all the friendship was gone, the memories, everything. Her black hair hung over her face as she looked down, not really looking Morgan in the face in hope she wouldn't burst into tears, shaking her hand, "I'm Maille," she said, "I'm in your class." It would make Morgan think she was weird to keep insisting so she mentioned it once and waited for her reaction.
  4. Morgan thought for a second.
    "Uhm.. I don't remember a Maille... But we can be friends."
    Morgan was more of a naive optimistic.
    "Don't cry!" She smiled, patting Maille's back. "Maybe... It's like in the movies! Where you accidentally made a deal with some dark magic person and timelines shifted! Yeah! That sounds about right!" She stood triumphantly.
  5. "Whatever, I'll see you around but I'm late for class," Maille said, before running in the wrong direction, behind the bike sheds. This is so messed up. She picked up her phone, and dialled Morgan. "Hello?" she whispered.
  6. Morgan headed her phone ring and saw an unknown caller ID.
    Answering it quickly, she said, "Hello? Whose number is this?"
    Morgan asked confused. She scratched her head and kept walking to class, not exactly caring about if she was late or not.
  7. "Act like you don't know, everybody else does. It's strange Morgan...I have you on speed dial with friend emojis and you don't know who's calling. Isn't that weird?" Maille said almost creepily. She wanted to give someone a decent scare, and she guessed her "friend" would be first to start. She'd given up. It was fun o'clock and she wasn't letting education get in the way.
  8. "Meeaaaah! How do you know my name? It is weird!"
    Morgan said, seriously confused. She was getting random attention from a stranger. If she was from a different dimension, she would have helped. She'd watched every mlvie on the timeline subject. Maybe if she found some sort of data integration thought entity like.. yuki nagato.. the closest to that was a bibliophile named Maria at school. But how was she going to help? Morgan shook her head, denying the thought.
  9. "I know everything. I know the date you snook into the staff room. I know your birthday, your favourite food, your secret crush, all of it," Maille replied, "You know the same, you just don't know that."
  10. "Okay, what's the screen on my phone of?"
    Morgan rarely let anyone see her phone. It was more of a kept secret than what was in area 51.
  11. "Your favourite breed of dog," Maille replied. "Pretty sure it's a collie."
  12. Morgan bit her lip. She got it...
    "Uhm... yeah... what's the part I got in the 4th grade musical?" She demanded, convinced that this random person wouldn't get that answer.
  13. "That's easy, it was Jessie from Toy Story." Maille laughed, she was pretty sure everybody knew that.
  14. Morgan gasped slightly. "I think I've run out of questions... So... You're my friend... though I've never met you... huh.. one more please! Favorite book that I think should be a movie!" She was convinced this person was a friend from a different timeline. She just wanted to ask random questions.
  15. "Toro! Toro! by Michael Morpurgo. I'm pretty sure you learnt all your Spanish from those few words," Maille said, "And, if this makes sense, I'm probably in a different dimension or something."
  16. Iris laughed. "I learned numbers from Dora too! Uno, dos, tres.... Uhm..." She paused. "And in my opinion, it does make sense. So... how are we going to fix this... we still need one of those Data integration entities or something..."
  17. [Iris?]

    "Data what?" Maille narrowed her eyes. "I think we should get a...like...tardis or something. A brain transformation..."