But I'm a Real Fairy!

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Livid Lies

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"Get her down!" "Little girl!" "Young lady, you must come down this instant!"

The family head was frowning so intensely the corners of his mouth were stapled to his jawline. The madame was fluttering her kerchief, her cheeks the shade of apples ripe with fainting, but she desperately fought the spell. The butler had secretly encountered the family's children climbing the vines on the walls several times before and was much more composed, except he had no idea what to expect from such an uncivilized carnival urchin.

"Haha-ha ha ha, you're all so afraid!" She had never seen such a large building before. You could see it in her eyes, full of jackrabbits jumping for joy on the moon a-spinning. "If you're going to make a house this big, how can a fairy resist!?" The argument was moot, seeing as she embraced the danger at multiple times the base risk when she rolled forth on the edge of the roof into a ball that wobbled along and then sprang into a wheel of limbs. There was a gasp from the family, and then a scream as she landed on one foot with her entire torso leaning far too far off the end of the beam.

"Oh, look!" "She's gonna fall!" "Wait for it, just wait for it." "Think she's gonn' fall'n'crack 'er head open?"

Just outside the gates of the estate, there was a roaring applause from the village crowd as the girl slipped only to grab a decorative tower with both a leg and an arm, swinging around it like a dreidel about to hit the floor. There was a light thud in the grass, and the maids came running out to pick up the poor unconscious madame. "Hooligan!" The master increased his staplage and dyed himself bullishly red, before storming off to unlock the gate for the law enforcement that had just presented itself with an elephant trumpet. "Get her OFF my property, this instant!"
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