Business Attire [MxFxF]

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  1. So I am looking for a typical business-smut-kink-stuff, but instead of a one on one I'd be asking for three characters. MC would be the first female character; intelligent, bold, and submissive. The second female would have whatever personality, but I'd love for her to be practically opposite to my female. The male would be the dominant and yeah same personality stuff goes for him.

    MC is the personal secretary of the male and she's always shot down his advances.

    Second female is a new building secretary and she must be trained by MC.

    The male is the head business executive with that typical cocky attitude and etcetera.

    The females actually hook up in a closet or an empty office and the male would walk in searching for whatever and instead of firing them and exposing them with the security cameras, he blackmail's them both and decided to use them to his advantage. This will be extremely kinky and I am begging for great writers who are good with raunchy smut and can really be detailed.

    You can PM or reply here if you are interested or have questions.
  2. I claim the female
  3. There are still spots open.
  4. So I got asked if I could do this. I guess I could play the dom male, if you like.
  5. @Laggy Lagiacrus: if you want then sure, but if it's not something you wish to do than no problem! :))

    I'd love for you to join!
  6. No, it's cool. I'd be down for this.
  7. Do it do it do it!
  8. So... Is this going to be a thing, or not?
  9. He's gone probably. We should find a girl and do it ourselves.
  10. Damn. Do you know anyone who'd do this with us?
  11. She's actually here. I just had some stuff to take care of out of Iwaku.
  12. Ah, I see. I understand. My apologies for going with wildpelt on this one... Looks like we both should be patient.
  13. No no! It's completely okay. It's an open idea so if you two wish to do it on your own than that is perfectly fine. I've got so many RPs going on though that I may drop this.
  14. Well, ok, if you say so. I mean, I'm perfectly fin with waiting, if that's what you need.
  15. No no, I really have no time for this one. I just joined two others and am juggling three more.
  16. Well, if that's how it is, then that's how it is. I guess we'll just find someone else, then.
  17. My apologies.