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    Ladies, gentlemen, welcome to a world, very much like ours.
    No witches on broomsticks, no ghosts of the past flying by your porch greeting you in the morning, no plasma balls shooting at you in a dispute with your neighbor, no, fights here are settled just like our world and time. With knuckledusters, fists, knives, swords, and... wait, was that a samurai helmet?

    In this present where we are located now, both men and women are equally capable of becoming great samurai, that is, if they wish. Other occupations are obviously needed as well. Who else would run that dumpling shop at the corner that sells those delicious dumplings? Or provide for medicine to help speed up the healing of the wounds after a feud, or provide for the night's entertainment for the weary men?

    The town where this story takes place is soon to be under siege, and needs the help of all its warriors to remain out of the hands of thugs, a happening that has happened to other towns nearby.

    (No Ninjas. Period.)

    When participating in this roleplay I, Olissa, expect of you to:
    1 - Follow the rules set forth by this forum.
    2 - Post more than one line. Even with the occasional writers’ block, try and give your fellow roleplayers more to work with than one or two lines.
    3 - If you’ve hit a severe writers’ block, or will be away for some time, mention it to us here, or privately to me, so we know why you might not be posting.
    4 - Be aware of your grammar, spelling and overall if your post makes sense. I do not expect perfection, but do expect you to catch most of the errors.
    5 - Do not barge into something, unless it actually makes sense to do so.
    6 - Do not decide what will happen to another person’s character(s).
    7 - Do not make it impossible for your character(s) to get a beating or to make mistakes. Mistakes and mishaps are part of the fun of being alive. Plus, they are humans after all.
    8 - Try to avoid vanishing for a long period of time without mentioning it here, in OOC, or via PM to me, Olissa.
    9 - Mention somewhere in your character sheet which of the rule numbers is your favorite/most important. Just mention the number, like this (9) so I won't confuse it with any other numbers in your post.
    10 - Not use unnecessary abbreviations, or txt-style writing. (eg: W8! Thnx.)
    11 - Please write in third person, and in past tense only.
    12 - Post your characters here, in this thread. If you have questions you are welcome to post them here or send me a PM, but in general it is better to post them here in case others might have the same question. For plot ideas, PM me at all times.
    13 - Be aware that I hold the right to adjust any of the rules set forth for this role-play.
    14 - Wait for approval by me, Olissa, before introducing your character(s) to the actual roleplay. If I do not accept the character as it is I will tell you what it is that does not work with the roleplay at hand.
    15 - Have fun. Yes, that's a rule now :P

    (Also: This is a fantasy historical/modern setting, so please don’t get all nitty gritty about historical details. Keep the history in mind, but please avoid getting offended when someone, or me, deviates from it in some way. And No Magic, we’re humans, this includes any Shinto priests.)
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  2. BushidoCharacters.png

    Character Name: (Please list Family name, followed by given name. Any other significant (nick)names can be mentioned in the 'Extra' section.)
    Gender: (Should be obvious what is requested here)
    Age: (Any age is allowed, just be reasonable when assigning a profession. A 12 year old running a cafe on their own just doesn't make one bit of sense.)
    Ranking: (By this I mean are you still a pupil, or have you become a warrior, if you’ve chosen the path that leads beyond that of a fighter, fill in N/A)
    Appearance: (If you use an image, please also provide a written description. Include height, and posture/weight.)
    Family History: (Give a brief explanation about your character’s family history. What is/was the occupation of the parents/grandparents/etc. As well as if there are any siblings to the character or children.)
    Job: (Have you chosen the Bushido (means way of the warrior, aka you’re a samurai) or a different path)
    Theme: (Music is optional, and may change at any time, is not necessary but could add a little bit of extra depth to the character and shows you have thought of the person in more detail, if it is chosen to have no musical theme, then fill in N/A)
    Hobbies: (Practicing sword fighting isn’t a hobby here, it’s a job. So, for when your character doesn’t train or work, what are they doing then.)
    Extra: (You are allowed to go into a more detailed history/biography/personality/etc. if you wish here. It's not required to have to tell it all, but perhaps it would be handy to know your character before you start. The choice is yours.)

    Yes, I’ve chosen not to have ‘Personal History’ to be written down on purpose.
 In most cases of history you would have lived here in town, if there is something special to your character’s past, then fill that in at ‘Extra’. A short family history though is required.

Also if your character has any specific weaponry aside from the usual, you can list it in either 'Extra' or the appearance if they have it on them at all times.

    In this world you will not become a samurai at age 13 like was tradition in the real world, but at a later period, depending on your skill levels.

    Yuun Izumi - Samurai - Olissa
    Wakamura Chiyo - Maiko - Olissa
    Kawada Shogo - Ronin (Biker) - Parser
    Kūruna Kikuchiyo - Ronin (Biker) - cvvc
    Tsukioka Sho - Ronin (Biker) - BrotherNier
    Sato Kaori - Ronin (Biker) - Dinorocket
    Tezuka Ana - Used Electronics Salesperson - Xenonia
    Noake Sako - Warrior - J-"Kraken"
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  3. BushidoAdditional.png
    No additional information available at this point, will be edited upon the event of more information arising.


    As there have been no days played in the roleplay yet, there is no summary to be provided here.

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  4. Character Name: Yuun Izumi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Ranking: Master (low class)
    Appearance: She was born with hair that was almost as light gray as the smooth pebbles in the nearby creek. Her eyes too are the same shade of gray. Her skin is a light tan, naturally tanned slightly by the sunlight.
 She stands at 175cm and has a strong, trained, posture.
    Family History: Izumi's father was a traveling samurai, a Ronin, together with his parents till he settled down in this town. He pledged his loyalty, got married and with his wife had child, Izumi. Even though he trained Izumi, he just couldn't shake the love for traveling, and left five years ago. She is an only child, but has a few cousins in the town. Izumi's mother, who was of gypsy blood, passed away six falls ago when giving birth to Izumi's baby brother, who also died then. Now Izumi lives on her own, with two cats.
    Job: Low class samurai
    Theme: (need to find a new song)
    Hobbies: Swimming, playing the drum or a violin, and taking care of her two cats Kasumi and Masumi, nicknamed Ka and Ma
    Extra: She is raised a bit like a tomboy, and though her feminine side is a little underdeveloped, she does like some of the more girlish things. She also has the free spirit like her mother and father, but has a greater sense of honor than her old man ever did.

    Character Name: Wakamura Chiyo
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ranking: N/A
    Appearance: Chiyo's silky black hair is long enough to reach just above her behind but most of the time her hair is pulled back firmly and tied up in an elaborate, beautiful, bundle, decorated with a pin and flower ornaments. Her large almond shaped eyes hold an eye color that is different from what many would expect as it is a light aqua/green color. The color of her skin is like ivory. She stands at 158 cm and has a thin frame and build.
    Family History: Her mother and father were both farmers in a town up north, just as their parents had been. Chiyo was the fourth daughter, so they sent her off to become a geisha. Chiyo's siblings, 3 sisters and 1 brother, still live at home and has never seen them, or her parents, since she left. And though she made peace with it long ago, she occasionally wishes to at least visit them. She views the proprietress of the geisha house as a mother now. The one that took the position of her Onee-san is Emiko, who she dearly loves as a sister.
    Job: Maiko (Geisha in training)
    Theme: (need to find a new song)
    Hobbies: Aside from the performing arts that Chiyo trains for as a geisha, she loves preparing tea ceremonies, and playing with the children of the geisha house where she lives and was trained in.
    Extra: N/A
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  5. I do have one question if it may be permitted. Is it possible to create a sort of criminal type? Perhaps a enforcer type for a local gang?
  6. I guess it could be possible, though preferably not as the main adversaries that'll pop in and out of the town on occasion. I would like the people that join to be part of the main town, and the main gang of thugs that's terrorizing the towns is not part of the townsfolk.

    Did that make sense?
    Local based I can allow, but not the primary bad guys that I plan on having pop in and out of the town on random occasions. (It would limit your contact with others too much to make that fun)
  7. @Olissa

    Great job with the OCC! Should I wait with my character until it's finished?
  8. I see, well good luck with your rp then.
  9. @Hisoka sorry to hear that, hope you'll find something better :)

    And @J_"Kraken" you are welcome to work on a character. The rules are up, basic story is up, and the character sheet is up.
    All that's missing is additional information (of which I don't have anything specific to mention at this point) and posting my own characters in a nice format. So you're welcome to go at it.
  10. So what year even is it?

    This is very important in a historical Japanese setting.
  11. Well that's kind of the point. It's a fantasy period.
    A blend of the past and the present. So to pinpoint any specific time is difficult.
    I guess since I mentioned there are phones, planes, cars, etc, it would be around the 21st century, but engulfed in an Edo period feel within the towns.

    Since I couldn't find a Fantasy History tag, I just left it under historical, even though it's not 100% historically set. Just very strongly inspired by.
  12. So just how powerful are the guns in this land, they couldn't be too good if people are still using swords and all.
  13. That sounds like modern fantasy I guess?

    I don't understand how that even works.

    I was hoping for an actually historical game set within a real time period but I guess you're not gonna deliver.
  14. I wouldn't place too much trust in the guns indeed. You know what, I'll probably end up throwing guns out the window entirely. That's been a main thing I've been mulling over.

    Anyway, it indeed isn't a full on historical setting with historically accurate issues, shoguns and what have you not as I mentioned in the first post.
    This has been designed to give a person more freedom in creating a character and letting them do what they desire as opposed to having to do so much research that they could write a 10 page essay about it.
    Plus I'm not that knowledgeable that I would be able to verify if things are exactly correct.

    I'll probably end up changing the prefix but that's for a later moment.
  15. So we can have two characters right. I'm assuming thats the limit.
  16. Most of Japanese history is filled with civil wars, honor duels, gangs, and all that good shit you'd see in the average samurai film. You don't need to make some weird faux-modern setting to allow creativity with a character. Technology level issues alone are settled by giving us a year.

    Also, Japan's used guns since Portugal introduced them in the late 1500s; why would you ban those?
  17. You can have as many characters as you can actively take care of.

    If you had read the first post you could have seen that this isn't 100% set in a specific year, that this is a mixture of whatever happens to come at hand.
    I like the idea of seeing a traditionally dressed samurai sitting in a modern western style cafe if he wanted. I've done this RP before with no issues whatsoever. If you do not like the setting, then it's simple, don't join. I'm not going to rework it to match a set time period.
  18. A modern day Samurai could actually be pretty damn cool, because while Japan did have firearms, they were entirely banned because the samurai realized their threat. If you just say the society continued without foreign interaction, then that fixes the issue, because foreign interaction caused firearms to become common place.
  19. Nah, having absolutely no foreigners wouldn't be very fun either. Not that I'd want to swamp this with blonde guys happy to swing a sword around XD but anyway.
    So it's essentially a mostly modern thing, but with samurai. Hence why I now just placed it under miscellaneous because most others just don't fit right either.
  20. Just a suggestion, I'm huge into Japanese history. Kamakura period was their equivalent of the Wild West, because it was the shortest and coolest period in Japan.
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