Bus Station Stories!

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I had an odd experience today at the bus station today. It was like 3:45 PM, and some Asian dude probably in his mid-twenties sits next to me. His breath reeks with alcohol, but he wasn't drunk. More like...tipsy.

He asked me if I was waiting for bus 50. "No, I'm waiting for uh...that one *points*" is what I said, because I forgot the route number at the time. Then, he laughed and went "OMG. Are you going to the mall to buy shoes!?"

So I give him a look and go "...no, I'm going to the college." He BURSTS OUT LAUGHING AT THIS. It was as if I told him a joke. And then he said that was funny and I'm a hilarious person. So I say thank you and scoot away from him. o__o;

A couple minutes later he goes "So why do you go to college?" I go, "Um, well, I have classes. I want to g-" "OH, SO YOU'RE OBLIGATED TO GO? HAHAHAHA!" "...yeah, sure. O__o"

After he laughs his ass off again, he asks me where I'd work if I wasn't going to school. He lists a bunch of fast food restaurants to me. I make a face and go "Ewh, not fast food! Never!" He makes this really funny look of surprise, as if he expected me to WANT a job at some nasty fast food joint. "NJKFhiufhibf NOT FAST FOOD? THEN WHERE!?"

"I'd...rather work at like, an office as a secretary or something." Because, really, I don't mind office work. It's clean, and sometimes fun. ^^; "So you wanna answer phones and make appointments and stuff like that? Rock on~" "Yep... >>;"

And theeennn he says THIS: "Fast food's so particular, Mitchell. I mean, you gotta do everything perfect. If you give customers only one piece of bacon instead of two, you get in big trouble. ...hm, I love bacon. Do you love bacon? *creepy smile*"

"Uh, yes. I do. LOOK THERE'S MY BUS, BYE~"


Yeah, there's my story. I got a lot more. XD How about the rest of you?
I once sat behind a hot punk chick from eastern montana to spokane.
I think he was trying to flirt with you Fluffers!


My story is short, but one time I was on an inner city bus back when i lost my license......the first time > <. And I sat down next to this lady who was asleep. So we're riding along and the next thing I know she has her head on my shoulder! I was like WTF, but didn't push her away until we got to the stop. It was kinda strange.
I do not miss having to wait for the commuter bus in Tacoma during the dark of the winter evenings. Do not give direct eye contact!
Bus no, and you don't want to know some of the shenanigans we get into while on a convoy.
I don't remember anything really weird about the times I rode buses... But the first time I rode a bus, it was really really late for one of the stops and I had a several hour layover, and I panicked and cried in the bathroom for 30 minutes until I realized it wasn't that big of a deal. x______x
You people have boring bus stops. See, it's because you're in real cities with real public transportation. You have to come to the mid-west, where everyone has a car and no one but the crazies use the bus. This is the place where a guy cut off someone's head on the bus. I mean, come on.
I hear that, Glitter. Crazies board the buses I ride every damn day. x__x There's never a time I don't see someone who has convos with themselves, yells all the time or touches people when they don't wanna be touched.

And then there are the violent peeps. *shudder* ...
I live in a part of Texas that isn't Houston. Buses? Sidewalks? Bicycles? What the hell are you talking about?!
When I was moving back from Montana to California, I ended up taking the Greyhound. Was actually pretty fun. At one of the stops (Butte, I think), I met a girl my age who had already had five kids. She was this really pretty little thing, which was slightly surprising since she was a recovering meth addict. Six + years of meth. We ended up chatting for a long time and were joined by a guy who told us all about how he was stealing cars at the age of eight. He had his little girl with him, and was trying to do good ever since she was born.

When they heard I had a seventeen hour lay over in Las Vegas (seriously, my ex was pretty fail at planning trips), they both told me stories about the area. It was nice, because I'm a fairly shy girl off the net, and I was pretty scared to be traveling by myself after a pretty nasty breakup. The woman hung around until we hit a city about six hours later, and we had fun chatting about guys and the rest. I spent my layover at my grandparents.

A few months later I was heading back from a 'vacation' with a guy friend of mine. The entire trip from San Marcos, Texas, I had an 'escort' of these guys who noticed that I never got off the bus during rest stops or anything. They figured out it was because I didn't have any money, so there was no point. So they'd come back with extra goodies, and when I hit a random point where I felt like I was going to cry, one of them bought me a little stuffed bear. Most of them got off the bus in New Mexico, but three of them were headed the same way I was. I was really glad to have them, because we had a seven hour night-time layover in Los Angeles, and a few creepers were stalking me through the station. Creepy creepers, too.

I've had really good luck with the local transit, I guess. Except the one time a bus *parked* in front of the little seat where the stop is, and all the other buses would slow down, see no one there, and then keep going. Four buses later, the blocking one moved, and the next one waited for me and my boyfriend to get on. When he found out how long we'd been waiting, he gave us a free bus pass for the day. Which was awesome, since we were going to Disneyland. Hee.