Bus Ride into Oblivion

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  1. Lola Crey sat in the very back of the bus, gazing out the window. She watched as the building's and other car's flew by. Lola loved watching the outside world as she rode the bus. Itmde her feel as if she was flying! She wasn't sure how she felt that way, but it was fun.

    "Lola!" her 'friend' whispered in her ear. She whirled around to only see that no one was there.

    "It's me. Lola. It's me Kitty." the voice called. "Kitty! Kitty?" the girl called, cocking her head to the side. Who was Kitty again? She was the girl.. the girl who watched her all the time! Lola knew Kitty watched her. Kitty had said so. Kitty was ALWAYS right. Kitty had never done Lola any wrong.

    Lola began gazing out the window when Kitty didn't respond. Her pale blue eyes watched a large truck zoom down a street, and.. into the bus. Noise of metal against metal filled the air. Before Lola could scream out, she hit her head against the window, momentarily becoming unconcious, and becoming completely oblivious to the scene around her.

    The bus had drove straight into the truck. It damaged the front. When the bus hit, the whole bus was affected. The whole bus shook. Pieces of metal went through the windshield and landed somewhere on the bus.
  2. Jongin sat quietly somewhere in the middle of the public vehicle, he kept his head and eyes down. He was watching a video from his phone, a dance choreography he was learning to be exact. Jongin thoroughly studied the dance, he tried to remember each move of the complex dance. He was close to the end of the video when the bus had collied with the truck. Jongin didn't had enough time to see what happen, let alone react to it before he saw numerous amounts of sharp metal and glass pieces of the shattering bus flying around. Suddenly couple of sharp pieces of glass flew into his face either cutting her piercing his skin and a big sharp of metal piercing Jongin's side. Jongin couldn't even react to the pain and yell caused by the pieces before he blacked out by the metal bar that Jongin bumped his head on as he fell off his seat.
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  3. Kelkov was seated alone towards the front of the bus, where the ride was the smoothest. It was a fairly typical day for him: he was on his way to meet with some friends for their weekly poker game. The group felt like they'd been drifting apart lately, so they'd agreed to meet up every week to play cards and have dinner. Kelkov always brought the deck, and he was playing a simple one-player game in his lap to keep himself occupied.

    That is, until the bus collided with a veering truck. The vehicle's violent shaking sent Kelkov's cards flying everywhere as his body smashed into the only seat in front of him. The horrid noise of metal screeching combined with the panicked screaming of the bus riders to form a cacophony of terrible proportions. Metal and glass tore through Kelkov's lucky suit, and he was dimly aware of stinging pain in his shoulder and sides. Instinctively, he clutched at his wounded shoulder, and saw dark red blood when he pulled his fingers away. More pain lashed across his forehead, and blood dripped from his eyebrows, stinging his eyes and clouding his vision.

    Adrenaline raced through Kelkov's body, and his survival instincts took over. He ducked down, hands wrapped protectively against the back of his neck, and prayed for survival.
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  4. He had been on his way to scope out a new hospital that he might transfer to. He wanted to see the architecture, the advantages and disadvantages of the location. Well...That's what he told his coworkers and his family. Really all he cared about was pin pointing the king pins. The one that everybody liked. The nurse that could be counted on no matter what the circumstances. The doctor that everyone feared. And of course--The screw ups.

    Makya honestly had no intention to start from the bottom when he transferred. He was going to slide into the new hospital and take out the fuck ups. Then he was going to ruin the dependable nurses' reputation and finally he was going to sleep with the feared doctor. It was a flawless plan. He had done it before and the only reason he was leaving was because the hospital had come under new management and the new guy wouldn't go for Makya's sly ways. He had hindered Makya's ascend to the top multiple times, until finally Makya was forced to put in for a transfer.

    "Speaking of the transfer," He murmured to himself. "I should check to see if it's been processed ye---GAAHH!" Makya's quite murmur soon turned into a scream of agony as he was jerked forward when the bus slammed into a truck. He jolted forward and his chin and jaw smacked into the seat in front of him. Glass flew every which way, and Makya used his tablet to shield his eyes, while he crouched down in en effort to protect his vitals.

    Despite his efforts something from behind him, nailed him in the back of his head and he passed out.

    - -

    Claire was pressed up against the window of the bus, next to a fat man who was snoring and invading her personal space. But yet she said nothing. Just bear with it, you're almost home anyway. She kept thinking, as she did her best to get somewhat comfortable.

    She stared out the window, watching the scenery blur past her and suddenly everything seemed to jump forward and come to a complete stop as the bust crashed into something. Claire screamed, a horrible almost inhumane sound, as the glass that she was pressed up against, burst into a thousand shards. The fat man beside her awoke, choking on his own spit and spluttering incoherently. A shard of glass flew past Claire's face, slicing the bridge of her nose and then jamming itself in the fat man's neck.

    Claire screamed some more and screamed and screamed as blood spurted out of the man's neck as he gasped and his eyes bulged and he stared at her pleadingly, as if she could help him somehow. Claire shook her head frantically, what could she do? She didn't know what to do! She was too scared! Frozen. She couldn't move at all. She couldn't even cover her head and shield herself from the sharp pieces of glass.

    She couldn't do anything, and suddenly everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. People screaming, ducking for cover, then the sounds became nothing but white noise, as Claire felt a wave of nausea coming over her. She lurched forward, bending over the dead fat man, her mouth open wide as a stream of vomit burst from her throat like water out of a hose.

    And then everything went black, as she fell unconscious, falling atop the man and a pool of her own bile.
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  5. The twins sat at the back of the bus occupying the whole seat, just so they could be seated next to each other. Elia sat right next to the window with her large, hot pink headphones on as she was dancing around in her seat to her music. This dance would incorporate something that no normal person would dream of doing in public; such as, "The Shopping Cart", "The Dictator", and "The Bus Driver".

    Never heard of these moves? Good.

    Elliot was sitting back with his arms folded as he aimlessly stared off into space. The two of them had just graduated out of high school about 3 months ago and were now supposed to begin planning on what college they were going to go to. Elia had stated that she desired to go to a prestigious university to get a Master's in Agroecology. If you didn't know, that was plant science. She wanted to be a master in plant science. Elliot, on the other hand, had more desires on studying Mixed Martial Arts. He didn't care about plants as much as his sister did. But then again, if it wasn't for his sister's willingness to allow him to copy her homework and partner with him during projects, he would have failed. He would have had to sit with his parents while she walked down the stage alone. Received the diploma alone, and gone off to college alone. Thank God she adored him, and thank God for her kindness.

    He owed his sister big time.

    The young man had begun to drift off into sleep when he felt a horrible feeling in his gut, as though something was going to happen. He opened his eyes once more to see his sister had stopped dancing and was just looking out the window. The black haired man was about to shrug it off when his eyes caught the sight of something moving.

    Then, the screaming began.

    Elliot's and Elia's heads whipped over to the source, seeing that the bus was about to collide with an oncoming truck. Both twins clutched at each other as though to protect one another. Windows shattered, metal collided, and the whole bus shook. The black haired man could hear his sister whimpering and scream a bit as the glass shards next to her erupted, most likely cutting any exposed skin. Elia's throat erupted with a loud outburst that was followed by yet another scream, "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"
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