Burning Under the False Sun. A 'Small' Fantasy Romp.

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  1. Premise
    Burning Under the False Sun is an Role-Play set in (and around) Dreg, the last city in a world with no sun, saved only by a false 'sun' suspended over a massive tower in the centre of the city. It burns eternally, never giving up for night, the only way anyone can keep time is though it's somewhat consistent waxes and wanes. The inner walls contain the last remnants of civilization while the majority in the outer walls are left in a world controlled by vicious gangs, clans and cults. Each fighting for a fraction of the fallen city with brutal determination.

    The player's goal is a simple one. Find out what really happened to the false sun and see if they can restore it. They may work together or alone and are mostly free to do what they want to accomplish that seemingly impossible goal.
    Setting and Characters
    Technology is at a medieval level with those in the outer city stuck in the dark ages while those in the inner city enjoy something more akin to the late 1400's. The Roleplay mostly takes place in the outer city and anything that comes out of the inner city is worth it's weight in silver. Keep in mind that gunpowder, firearms or machinery more complicated than a trebuchet are non-existent.

    Magic exists but players are unable to harness it, however they may find magical items or be of a magical race themselves (within reason). The potential case of inherent magical abilities will be tackled on a case to case basis. Generally it'll take up a trait an you can only do one or two things with it (such as breath fire or limited shapeshifting).​
    Race wise, characters are mostly unrestricted with most standard fantasy fair being available along with a few odd ones. Some races are limited in archetype however. Archetypes act as both your background and your class of sorts, giving a basic summary of your abilities as well as how the world interacts with your character.

    Example, The Gangster: Born into one of the gangs, gangsters are forced to grow up strong or die. They live through intimidation and brute force, bullying others as a way of life. You can easily round up a few buddies for any task, as long as they get something out of it. Good for fighter types, but be aware that you'll almost be universally hated. Especially by members of rival gangs.

    There will be about eight or so archetypes in Burning Under the False Sun.

    Characters also get traits to help personalize them. These can be almost anything, skills, gear, special contacts. Anything that can set them apart really.

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  2. Big ol' bump.
  3. Dropping interest here.
  4. Hm.... Could be interesting, if a bit big on your (the GM's) part, as you'd probably have to react to most of the stuff others players do that isn't with another player.

    Still, I'm tempted to dig out my Goblin mobster character. He might not have the size, which makes him a bit less threatening due to his size, but he likes to make up for that with violence :D
  5. It's not planned to have a particularly large cast, so replying to everyone shouldn't be -too- much of a problem.

    Though I'd definitely would like it if a few people stuck together :P
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  6. You've got an answer for everything don't you? :P

    Staying together with a mobster might just be a good thing for some. Especially in the slums. Lots of people who might just decide to leave them alone :P
  7. So there's literally no sun at all?
    Does that mean this false sun is the largest source of light and heat in the entire city?
    Is it freezing in the shade?

    Color me interested but the science behind it seems really implausible.

    Unless you just says its magic. Which I will accept easily.
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  8. Literally no sun at all. Yes, the false sun lights and heats the entire city and a small surrounding area. Outside of the city is endless frozen wasteland.

    Yes, it's magic.
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  9. Awesome.

    What other archetypes are you looking to use?

    Or is it whatever players can come up with?

    Magical races? Dwarves, elves, etc?
  10. There will be a set amount of archetypes, I'd say about 6-8 in the final OOC.

    Some examples:

    Cultist: Raised among one the underground cults, you receive a decent education as well as some command over the occult. Good for those looking to eventually control magic.

    Vagabond: One of the many lost children of Dreg. Raised alone or with a small group, they live off their wits.

    Banished / Deserter: Born within the high walls of the central city, you group up in relative luxury. For some reason, either through your own will or the will of others, you've been kicked out. Highly educated, snobbish and almost universally hated by those raised outside the walls.

    Of course, the OOC will give out a bit more details.

    As for races, standard fantasy fair of humans, elves, dwarves and such are available. Half races are especially common. Some folk are so mixed that they form their own race, the mongrelmen. There are also a spattering of magically modified races. Once again, a full exhaustive list will be posted with the OOC.
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  11. Interested and hello Windsong.
  12. Where is farming/food production done? And are there any domesticated animals left?
  13. Their are three major sources of food.

    1. City owned farms. The remaining arable on the outskirts of the city have all been cultivated, mostly for food crops but some life stock is reserved for the wealthiest inner-city families.

    2. Fishing. The city borders the sea and it seems to provide a nearly endless supply of various seaborne edibles. Though more strange creatures are making it into the catch as of late.

    3. Molds and fungus. Nutritious and plentiful, found commonly in the tunnel network under the city. This is what most people eat on a daily basis.

    Other than those three, cannibalism is practiced throughout the city. Though still looked down upon in most parts. Rats, cats and dogs are also pretty common and perfectly edible.
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  14. Looks neat. I'm interested.
  15. Highly interested. Looking forward to the OOC.
  16. Well, it seems you've gotten yourself a small cast then! :D
    How many players were you planning for?
  17. About eight or so.

    OOC Should be up in a couple of days.
  18. I'm interested, what would be the time commitments here?
  19. Right now time commitments are a bit up in the air. The game is fairly sandboxy so the posting rate is mostly determined by the players. I'll try to make sure I reply to them in a week or so.

    Keep in mind absences greater than two-weeks will be questioned.
  20. I'm interested. Would an ogre be okay to play, or not intelligent enough to know to band together with the others?
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