Burning Shadows Pack

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  1. Burning Shadows is a wolf pack designed by my boyfriend and I decided to make and put here to get members. He and I are the Alphas and any character that is at least part wolf and has a wolf form can ask to join. Thank you all!
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  2. Kuma smiled, ">:D here I am! LOVE ME!"
  3. "Pfftttt. No. You love your leader, namely myself first, then maybe I love you, and only in a brotherly way." Omega chuckled softly and gave Kuma a soft cuff over the head.
  4. Thank god D:) -Meagan

    Kuma, being a Lupis Draconi, looked at Omega. "o3o You will soon enough, love the fluff...Everyone does.... >:D" (XD)
  5. Star came out of her den and stretched before sitting next to the opening and looking around the land. "A fine place for a new home, now to build the pack.." She said as a light breeze gently blew back her dark grey fur.
  6. Kuma glanced at Star as he finished throwing together his hut, "just let them come."
  7. Star looked over at Kuma. "I can't help but be impatient you know. It's been a while since I've even been in a pack myself.."
  8. A white wolf steps silently out from the trees. She steps behind Star sneakily and speaks up. "Hello.. I'm Akira" she smiles as she says that.

    ((How do we determine rank? And her pic is below))

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  9. Star made no move of alarm as she felt the new wolfs presence through her paws as vibrations through the ground. She sat up straighter and held her head a bit higher as she turned to look at the white wolf that had approached her with brigh blue eyes, the left being a bit duller and it's pupil in the shape of a star. "I'd appreciate if you didn't try to sneak up on me, in the past I've thrown people before knowing who they were for that." Star gave a laugh and smiled. "Having children more or less got rid of that habit though. I am Starshade but you may call me either Star or Shade, I will answer to both, and welcome to the land of he Burning Shadows, Akira.

    (More or less by each persons abilities but I'm not quite sure. My boyfriend's been busy so I haven't been able to discuss it with him.)
  10. ((Ok ))
    "Okie star.. Pretty eyes btw" :3 "what would u like me to do to help build up the pack?"
  11. Star thought a moment. "Hmm.. Well.. Do you have any friends that would be interested..?"
  12. Omega padded in slowly, a huge black timber wolf, rivaling a male grizzly in size. His long soft fur shook as he stalked forward, his single midnight blue eye watched the area around him. His other eye was scared put by three long scars. He smiled a littl.
  13. Star looked over at large wolf and smiled. "There you are."
  14. "Mhmm.. Here I am" The large wolf chuckled slightly and padded over to Star. ( How to you change the profile pic .A. )
  15. "Nupe. iv been a lone wolf most my life.."
  16. (hehe, not here, go to the link in my first post goof, i'll explain.) Star nodded. "And none too late, meet Akira." Star looked at the white wolf.
  17. "Hello Omega" she smiles at him. "How are u?"
  18. Omega laughed softly and nodded to the wolf. "Good to meet you. I am Omega"
  19. (he had to go eat)

    Star smiled and stood. "Now then, what are you best at..?"
  20. "Cool name.. Different for an Alpha"