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  1. *laughs* hi ^-^ ._. I turned off the smileys so they won't magickally appear in what we say XD
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  3. (Meg: XD it's like allll star unless you see my name Kay? This is her and omega's pack, I might have a part but it is theirs)
  4. (Hmm.. We need to figure out the setting and rules Omega.)
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    For our chatting moments instead of on the rp thread. :D

    Game Masters: Starshade and Omega Lostsouls
    Accepting New Characters: Yes
    Posting Expectations: Still setting up so to be determined later.
    Rating: May have mature content.
    Genre: Modern Fantasy
    Atmosphere/Mood: Depending on the moment in rp, mood will change accordingly.
    Plot Flow: Open World
    Timeline: Modern times (2013)
    Basic Plot: This roleplay is about a wolf pack me and my boyfriend have decided to make since we have friends that are either a part of or have a pack/clan of their own. The characters are to be part wolf and have a wolf form. Any powers/abilities are welcome. Rules to be posted later.

  6. May I join?
  7. Can I join up?
  8. Sure ^-^ come by and we'll see where you all fit in.
  9. We could also use ally packs to border ours and perhaps a rival pack to keep things somewhat interesting.
  10. Where's the IC?
  11. IC? You'll have to excuse me, I'm new to this type of rping, before it's just been with friends of mine on our own site
  12. Is this going to be the actual rp page or just recruiting page?
  13. The actual rp page is the link in my first post when I created this thread.
  14. You're welcome
  15. [MENTION=4550]Starshade[/MENTION] IC is an "In Character Thread" (the actual RP) while OOC is the "Out of Character Thread" (the discussion and signups.)
  16. Oh okay, thank you for explaining. The link I put in my first post will take you there.
  17. (dinner sorry, have fun)
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