Burning Shadows Pack needs more members and border packs/clans!

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  1. Hello, greetings and salutations! I am Starshade, Alpha Female of Burning Shadows pack and am here to call out to those interested to join in on our fun. We are in need of more members and border packs to ours, if you'd like us to join in on your story line with your own pack or clan then please don't hesitate to ask.

    We currently have no story line accept that my boyfriend and I wanted to break off from a clan our friends had made to make our own pack, so we came here to make new friends and hopefully get it going but it's been slow and while we do have a few members it's hardly enough to call a pack. Please help!

    To become a member all you have to do is stop by. I will put the link to both the OOC and the actual pack rp up at the end of this. All positions are open besides the Alpha pair and we will rank you depending on your strongest abilities. It is asked, however, that anyone joining at least has a wolf form but it is not required to be in your wolf form at all times. I may talk to the Alpha Male Omega to open other branches of Burning Shadows to include other creatures but for now, until we get somewhere we'll stick with wolves.

    Now then, to border our pack I ask that the leader or a representative come to the OOC thread so we can sort out where you will be and all of that. This is also the same if you'd like us to join in with your RP as part of the story only I'll ask the others in the pack if they'd like to join in and if so we'd be happy to, if not then perhaps it's not the right time or it's not the right RP story for us. Now to become an ally I ask that I meet with the leader somewhere, weather it's and RP thread or OOC thread it doesn't matter then I will talk with Omega and the deputies and together we will make the decision.

    Now with allies comes enemies and we all know this. They make the RP more interesting and it gives a goal for the pack so don't all ask to be allies lol. Give us some trouble if you'd like and keep us from hitting our heads against the wall out of boredom, we'd like to see how everything turns out.

    That's really all I have for now so here come the links and thank you for at least clicking on this thread and checking out what I had to say and what we're looking for. I hope to make many more friends here and build a successful pack.

    OOC http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/burning-shadows-pack-ooc.21735/

    RP http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/burning-shadows-pack.21713/