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  1. Burning Forever

    "Welcome to Burning Forever! The top of the line virtual reality game, with tons of features for you to choose from. In Burning Forever you have many different races and classes and paths for careers in-game. Burning Forever isn't your regular virtual reality game either, one week in game is actually thirty minutes in real life so you can stay in-game even longer! Plus with that we have endless quests and worlds for you to explore since you can play for so long. I hope you enjoy Burning Forever, you can find it in your local video game stores for $499.99 including all the virtual reality gear"

    - Plot -

    Burning Forever was just released, there was no beta tests that are known of and no one really knows anything about the game. Although there is a huge hype for the game all over the world people are lining up at stores days before the release. You were lucky though, you may or may not have even heard of the game but on your doorstep was a box and in it was Burning Forever with top of the line virtual reality gear. Well don't let $500 go to waste, try it out.

    So basically there aren't any major plot twists yet..you are entering a virtual reality game that somehow makes time slower for you while you're in it. Have fun and explore, level up, craft, level up skills, or create a guild.


    Water - Water magic specializes in healing spells, usually stronger at night. Although water can be used offensively as Ice it is hard to control and if you can master offensive water spells you are one of the top mages.
    Fire - Fire magic is mainly offensive and is used for explosions and many other spells although it lacks defensively it is mainly a front line magic and it's high damages also have some minimal armor penetration.
    Air - Air magic is mainly used to mobility and aiding allies in attack quicker and running faster. It is used to also attack by slow enemies and harsh winds pushing them off cliffs etc. To use air magic to fly is very hard to do, must be a top mage.
    Earth - Earth magic is mainly defensive and used to shield or create barriers. Often shielding from the other magics as they do not pierce the earth. It is also able to be used offensively but it is also a hard MP killer. Top mages who specialize in earth are used to mine materials for guilds.


    Light magic is used to heal, often mistaken for not being strong although the crowd control it enables is very strong. Able to blind enemies is a strong power and the ability to cleanse darkness from NPC's helps with taming. Light magic combined with Water magic creates amazing healing spells. Top light mages are used in dungeons to try to tame different creatures.


    Dark magic is a very offensive based magic although it is quite strong it consumes HP along with MP. Some of the most powerful dark magic spells will kill you to send out very large amounts of damage. This magic is usually found in adventurers who don't mind waiting to respawn and who like the thrill of fight.


    Nature magic is a versatile magic, often being see used offensively with massive plant growth and thorns it is also very defensive. Using thorns to create barriers and trees to guard. Nature magic is very strong and should not be messed with. The downsides to nature magic is it draining your MP and it limit your HP bar. Top nature mages are usually found in the jungles of the world and are known for making potions.

    One handed
    Two handed
    Battle Hammer
    Battle Axe
    Large Sword



    Want to create a skill? Sheets below.


    Red Rose Guards

    Strongest Guild.
    Hard to get into.
    Run by creator.
    Average level 50.
    Specializes in running hard dungeons with strategies and goods being split evenly. Known to escort the high ranking officials through PvP areas. Hard to kill known to home many people with unique skills.

    Want to create a guild? Sheets below.


    The regular race, humans are simply for vanilla players. Simple and nothing to worry about that's different, recommended race for beginners. The humans are the dominating race of the games population, mainly running the major guilds and clans. Humans are in the middle of the races for their strength. They are an average race, usually relaying on large groups and brute force rather then strategy.

    Helistics are creatures much like fairies although they don't aren't nearly as small as the woodland creatures. Helistics are human sized with bizarre colored hair that matches their wings. They are ranked high on the strength scale, but not for their sword skills, although some are very well trained in weaponry, they are ranked high due to their magic capabilities. Helistics can control the four elements easily and effectively. They are also very good at ranged attacks as they are able to fly, although without training they cannot fly for long. Even with years of training they cannot pass a certain elevation and cannot fly for too long.

    Sylvani creatures are beings made from nature itself. They are made of leaves and sticks, breathing and living thanks to their tree of life. They are known for their amazing nature magic, which is not to be mistaken with earth magic, and their amazing healing and fighting capabilities. Although they are amazing at fighting they are extremely fragile and have low HP bars. They can call upon nature to help them though with it's animals, although this may not always work and is a luck system.

    Want to create a class? Sheets below.


    The mages are specializing in magic, they are found usually carrying a wand or a staff but some high level mages can channel their magic through their hands. Mages are able to select a path of magic to learn, and are allowed to follow another once they have max leveled the one they originally chose. Although most choose to not do this and to instead make new spells and control the first choice strongly.

    Light Armor. Wand / Staff. Low HP. High MP.


    Archers are a class that specialize in archery. Crossbows, bows, and daggers are the main weapons of an archer. They are able to hide well using their minimal MP to cloak themselves. They usually are found with high beast taming skills to have their pets attack the target and take agro as they send barrages of arrows. They are also found with high vision skills and able to see far away.

    Medium Armor. Bow / Daggers. Medium HP. Low MP.


    High Attacks, front line.

    Heavy Armor. Most Weapons. Medium HP. Very Low MP.


    High defenses, defensive spells.

    Heavy Armor. Sword / Shield. High HP. Low MP.


    Very strong, cloak spells.

    Light Armor. Dagger. Low HP. Medium MP.

    You may choose any weapon for any class but it won't be as effective.

    Character Sheet

    IRL = In Real Life
    IG = In Game

    IRL Appearance:
    IRL Name:
    IRL Age:
    IRL Gender:
    IRL Job:
    IG Appearance:
    IG Name:
    IG Race: You may use any race but attack a race sheet if not listed.
    IG Class:
    IG Weapons:
    IG Skills: [Spread out 10 points]

    Strength [0/10]
    Magic Strength [0/10]
    Wisdom [0/10]
    Speed [0/10]
    Health [0/10]
    Mana [0/10]
    MP Regen [0/10]
    HP Regen [0/10]


    Guild Sheet

    Can people join:
    Average level:

    Race Sheet

    Population on Server:

    Skill Sheet

    Max Level:
    Min Level:
    About it:

    Class Sheet

    About it:

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  2. I'd like to join! Sounds like fun ^.^
  3. Awesome, since it's late I'll be editing more information in tomorrow. I'll be posting again once it's all up to let you know :)
  4. Cool! *gives thumbs up*
  5. @Angel_hearted__demon
    Hey most of the information is up if you'd like to make your CS now you can and then I'll copy and paste it if we get enough interest to make the OOC. Any questions ask away :)
  6. Yes I have this is based off of SAO haha, and if you don't mind I sorta have a character sheet up in the main post to follow haha, I'll post it here :)
    I know it's a bit long but I'm sorta basing stats off of this just so yeah we know who's stronger in different areas and if a fight does happen it'd be easier to determine the winner off of that.
    Also I may not be making the actual thread until we get more interest just because this type of roleplay isn't something I'd see as a 1x1.

    Character Sheet

    IRL = In Real Life
    IG = In Game

    IRL Appearance:
    IRL Name:
    IRL Age:
    IRL Gender:
    IRL Job:
    IG Appearance:
    IG Name:
    IG Race: You may use any race but attack a race sheet if not listed.
    IG Class:
    IG Weapons:
    IG Skills: [Spread out 10 points]

    Strength [0/10]
    Magic Strength [0/10]
    Wisdom [0/10]
    Speed [0/10]
    Health [0/10]
    Mana [0/10]
    MP Regen [0/10]
    HP Regen [0/10]​
  7. Oops sorry I didn't see that XD ok I'll start over.
    Yeah, I agree with that completely :)

    5'4. Dark brown hair (pixie style). Normal weight. Green eyes. Toned muscles. Strong jaw.
    Heather Garrison
    Student, music store employee
    Same thing.
    Two iron swords. Emergency back-up pistol, limited ammo.
    Strength: 4, Magic Strength: 0, Wisdom: 1, Speed: 1, Health: 1, Mana: 1, MP regen: 2, HP regen: 0
  8. I wasn't going to add guns into the RP..but eh why not.

    Your stats are looking like this.

    Player Name: Heather
    Level: 1
    Health: 365
    Mana: 115
    Attack Damage: 20
    Skills: Dual Wielding
    MP Regen: 10 HP5
    HP Regen: 10 HP5
    Defense: 25 (10%)

    Now if we get more players I can start the IC and OOC​
  9. Hope you don't mind, I made a roleplay banner to promote the roleplay CX
  10. Nope I don't mind :)
  11. IRL Appearance: messy brown hair, light blue eyes, he does look like a bit of a mess, but since he is a gamer so not surprising. He normally wears a t-shirt of some kind and a pair of jeans.
    IRL Name: Matthew Brett
    IRL Age: 20
    IRL Gender: Male
    IRL Job: Store clerk
    IG Appearance:
    IG Name: Aust
    IG Race: Human.
    IG Class: thief
    IG Weapons: A rapier (it's a weapon he could use since it finesse please) and a dagger he duel wields (if you allow me to if not the just one at a time).
    IG Skills: [Spread out 10 points]

    Strength [3/10]
    Magic Strength [0/10]
    Wisdom [0/10]
    Speed [5/10]
    Health [1/10]
    Mana [1/10]
    MP Regen [0/10]
    HP Regen [0/10]

    (edited a bit)
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  12. Can't wait for the it to start
  13. 1 more person and we can start. You'll earn more points overtime don't worry :)

    Player Name: Aust
    Level: 1
    Health: 290
    Mana: 230
    Attack Damage: 18. (30 When your first hit from Invis)
    Skills: Dual Wielding
    MP Regen: 5 HP5
    HP Regen: 10 HP5
    Defense: 10 (5%)
  14. I would have hoped for a bit more reagular attack but invisible will do.
  15. In Real Life

    Name| Kastia Rose
    Age| 16
    Gender| Female
    Job| Student

    In Game

    Name| Coral
    Race| Human
    Class| Archer
    Weapons| Long Bow, Dagger.
    Guild| Guardians of Gaia

    Strength [2/10]
    Magic Strength [0/10]
    Wisdom [1/10]
    Speed [2/10]
    Health [2/10]
    Mana [0/10]
    MP Regen [1/10]
    HP Regen [2/10]​
  16. Trust me these aren't going to effect you a lot only in PvP fights. Which mainly will be effected by how both of you guys type it out and your strategy not just raw strength so far you can easily beat both me and Heather due to your invis attacks and speed.
  17. i do quite like speed
  18. I will be joining later today. Making a custom char, guild race class skill^^
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  19. I will have my char up on monday, thought I would be done but got a lot to think over, so it's perfect. I will have it up on Monday for sure.
  20. Could you PM your class and skill and race? Or what's done I want to approve them before you make a whole character with it if one of them isnt accepted
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