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  1. Tegan is making burgers tonight.

    Let's talk about burgers, and slide casually into chauvinism.

    Five Guys is my favourite for cheese, and the Wendy's Baconator for bacon. I like it when the toppings become indistinguishable from the meat. This is the problem with most "Gourmet" burgers - it's a just a rubbery piece of shit dressed with aioli. And people buy it. Because they're tools.

    Also, the practice of putting barbecue sauce on a burger... I kinda like that.

    And even after all these years, it's hard to eat a burger without fries. I guess that's the world God created.

    Also, if your burger is so big that you have have to cut it with a knife and re-enact the ending of The Ring just to eat it, you are a cunt. So don't go posting pictures here of giant burgers that some redneck paedophile dreamed up just to get in a magazine. I will disparage you insatiably.

    Thou shalt not put mayonnaise on a burger, lest thou alsoest be intendering to dippeth yon burger in ketchupe of the tomatis-root.
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    *Gets the fighting started early*
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  3. I am?

    *Puts nothing but pickled jalapenos and sriracha sauce on burger*
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  4. Well... I was hoping for a casual slide into chauvinism. But so be it.

    *drags Tegan into the kitchen and starts beating her with a block of cheese*
  5. Getting Five Guys today. Glad we can agree on some things.
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  7. Burgers are delicious. Get some cheese, bacon, gherkins, barbecue sauce and mayo and you have a winner. XD
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  9. I see this thread has a music prefix. Have some burger-related music.

    Anyway, I like my burgers without that veggie nonsense most people like to throw on them. Lettuce and tomatoes and similar shit can stay the hell away from my burger, I want stuff that'll clog my arteries before I'm done with my meal. The best burger I've ever had was a homemade one with two patties, both cheddar and American cheese, bacon, onion rings, and barbeque sauce on it. Simple, but delicious.
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  10. Fatasses.

    *Continues to eat his burger*
  11. You sir, have my respect. I'll have that except minus the onion rings. Not a big fan of them. Just me though :P I'll substitute with fries though.
  12. I feel like a pleb because I've never had Five Guys.

  13. In-n-Out is king.

    The hierarchy is:

    In-n-Out > Shake Shack > Five Guys >> Carl's Jr / Hardy's >>> Everything Else
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  14. The best burgers are the ones you make out of late night desperation: a greasy meatball with chunks of green pepper and onion wedged between two pieces of rapidly disntergrating wonder bread.
  15. Whataburger or In-N-Out?

    Ohhhhhhh man.
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  16. You know damn good and well the answer to that.

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  17. Fuck you. Fuck everything you stand for. Die.
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  18. Well, since all we got around here is McD and Max, I'm gonna go with home made. Throw lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkin, cheese and some ketchup on it, and voila.

    Making them yourself also means you can stuff your face without people judging you, because goddamn those burgers are good.
  19. I prefer Five Guys, it's somewhat pricey but hell anything is better than McDonalds.
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  20. I quite enjoy Wendy's Baconator :D