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  1. Greetings! I have for the last while been subject to depression, which led to my inability to roleplay, or even read. It was slowly killing me and I am elated to feel the itch again. I need a roleplay so bad its not even funny.

    My post length is normally a paragraph or two though if you give me enough and get me into it I can go to four. Plus I have the ability to adapt to your style. You will notice that if you allow my characters to have pets I really do go nuts with details of the pets. I am an animal fanatic... it is a quick way for me to add more depth to my character.

    If you have any idea's that can make me feel like a woman then please tell me. I have been roleplaying as a male for too long though I do enjoy it its starting to just destroy my love life.

    Animal TrainerXBoss
    Unicorn shifterXDragon shifter (possibly both royals)
    Controller of maddnessXController of Time
    Serial killerx Lackey or fan.
    Policeman X gang member
    Moose shifter X Wolf or other shifter

    Also I would love to do any kind of animal roleplay! Mostly North American animals and a few others. I actually really want to try these kinds.

    Police or Military Dogs
    Trail ride horses
    Zoo bears.


    Character one is a new mage who is still learning. Character two is a dragon who has been alive for hundreds of years. his/her job has been to protect the old spell books of mages of the past. Magic that has been long forgotten but sought after considering its power. Character one gets taken by scientists to be studied where Character two has already been taken while they were hibernating. (Would prefer mxm)

    My character is the goddess of the animals your character is the god of what ever you would like. They were lovers of the past, destined to be together. Though in the past something (we can discuss what) happened in the past. Sending her to live on the earth and care for the animals there. Anti gods are rising and the gods send your char to find her and protect her.
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  2. I'll do the Mage x Shifter
  3. Maybe the dragon and unicorn shifter would be fun.
  4. Controllers of madness and time? Do tell~
  5. Well I kind of meant Gods but not with so much invulnerability. So almost the caretakers of those two things. The ones that control it make it happen in the world.
  6. Ohhh that would be interesting. if you don't mind I'd love to give this a shot.
  7. I'm interested in a human x Shifter if your still looking.
  8. Sure just pm me love.
  9. Still looking!
  10. Still looking
  11. Interested in Royal x Servant!
  12. Beautiful photo!
  13. Aww! Thank you! :)
  14. Wolves or the police dogs, sounds interesting.
  15. Pm me! X3
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