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  1. Hello I am Bunny, searching for a few roleplays to fill my time. I can write up to two or more paragraphs but I normally just do one. It depends on what you give me. I am kind of horrible at getting plot going but I am trying to get better, just sometimes you have to be patient. I always have an idea that I am trying to make work. Anyway to my idea's. I do love my romance!!!

    The idea I am most looking for is a gay one. My character is a person who generally hates people, loves drinking and works mostly with training animals to be actors or soldiers. I am hoping they will first meet at a gay bar and my character gets into a fight either where yours tries to stop it getting hurt or my character has to fight to get yours out of an awkward situation. (Like attempted rape.)

    Another Idea I have is for my character to be a ditsy almost seeming to be crazy girl runs a bookstore cafe all by herself. She seems to always be in a happy mood. Even though she has a small gang come in always just before closing to take most of her earnings. They say its for a good cause so she lets them but one day your character sees this and decides it should stop. (This can be after many days.)

    Idea three, Two male shifters meet and fall into eachothers beds though it is not exactly what others of their kind accept. Even if it is natural for animals. So while they are trying to hide what they are to humans and hide what they are doing from other shifters. One of them gets caught and either put in a fight ring for humans entertainment (hoping that will be mine.) Or they end up getting caught to be hunted down and killed by humans. (This can be either of ours.)

    Idea four lesbian, my character acts as a mommy at a orphanage and she works basically all the time only going away when the kids were asleep for the night or had visitors to amuse them. One of the children broke their arm so "mommy" went with the child to the appointment. Your character can be a doctor, nurse or just a woman seeing them on the way.

    ghost X monster or human

    Animal saver X Business man or scientist

    Rodeo girl X Ranch owner

    Dark mage X Light mage

    Bad girl (guy) X Shy girl (Guy)

    Please tell me any idea's or pairings you may have these are all the ones I really want to do but I am desperately searching for some roleplays. I like basically all genre's in some way. Just ask and I will see if it interests me!
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  2. I would love to do idea one with you ^^
  3. Pm me when ever theb
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