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  1. Yeah I am still looking for partners in role-play. I will take any idea's I like seriously. To make up a good plot you just need to give me a bit of what you like in roleplays and in around ten minutes viola I have one! My general postling length is a small paragraph if I am into the roleplay I can do two large ones. I will try to copy your length if you do bigger ones I am adaptable. At first I'll struggle but after a little while it will come naturally.

    idea's I have..ish
    Wolves.. bears.. animals of some sort.. dont know why but I really want!(I mean plain animals.. no shifters.)

    DragonxDragon. (Shifters or otherwise.)

    Shifterx shifterx what ever you want.

    Supernaturals getting tested x another supernatural/ Lab worker

    Boss X employee

    Mages in school

    Mad hatterx whom ever.. even your own made up character.

    Fairy tale matches. ex Red Riding hood...Boogie man.

    Adopted child x adopted child.. Foster home romance even adopted child x house hold child
    Two people in the psyche ward..

    Anything you want.. I will have you know my chars can be bad asses or sweethearts but I'm always a sub... Unless you get my playing a guy then I can be a dom.
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  2. I would like to do a fairy tale match with you!
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  3. Sweet pm me Miss!
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