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  1. I'm just gonna stick this here...

    In your town, supernatural occurrences are the norm. A ghost being sighted is a normal thing, and most of the beings are friendly until provoked. Well, you’ve recently gotten a new neighbor in your apartment complex. She’s a bit strange, but no stranger than the Jersey Devil who plays pool in the town’s pub every Friday night. She’s got spectral blue eyes that make you wonder who she really is, and she’s always carrying around one of her rabbit dolls. They’re creepy as heck, but you try not to mind them. After all, how bad could they be in the hands of an innocent girl who hardly knows that just a sweater isn’t appropriate outside wear? You think all is fine, all is normal, and then you find one of her bunny dolls in your home, just sitting up on a shelf. You’re quick to return it to her, not wanting her to be without one of her dolls, though you soon find yourself trapped in her apartment, bunny dolls everywhere and the girl clinging to you in a stalker-like way. She’s obsessed with you, and you’re trapped with her until she decides you can go home.​
  2. I'll Roleplay this with you if you want.
  3. Well, you're the first to take the offer.
  4. Yep. I'm interested.
  5. Ok, so how is this going to work? Would you be the bunny girl or?
  6. That was the plan, yes.
  7. Ok :)
  8. Is there anything you want to add to the setup?
  9. Should we do character sheets?
  10. That we should.
  11. Okay, here or on the actual thread?
  12. Ok

    Name: Richard Thomas
    Nickname: Rich
    Age: 21
    Appearance: (one minute)
    Personality: pretty tough, he likes this city's differences. Um...he isn't very quiet, you can hear his boots stomping, but he's a nice guy really.
    Job: military soldier (age 19-20, quit last year due to his mother getting ill so he could care for her [by the way, she's okay now])
    History: normal guy, born here and pretty confident he's going to die here now he's no longer in the military. He was on the sports team when he was a kid and is pretty proud of a trophy he got.
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  13. Is this still open?
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