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  1. WELCOME CHILDREN~❤ This will be a treat to you! This is BUMU ACADEMY, THE BEST SCHOOL IN ALL OF EARTH... We wish. but with you, our new set of ninth year students, we want to rise to the top of all schools by taking the ULTRA MEGA CHALENGE!... Other wise known as passing a test. Many faculty and staff Positions open For all ages~ BUT WAIT THERES MORE WE SEPARATE CLASSES BY DIFFICULTY~!... that is also known as strength separations A class to E class PLEASE JOIN US!! We really need staff members, our principle quit on us last year.. And feel free to open as many clubs as you want! WE WILL SEE YOU THERE! (PLEASE MAKE THIS RP AS COMICAL AS YOU CAN!)
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  2. I'm interested! ;u;

    Will there be any romance or no? ;3;
  3. Oh ABSOLUTLY! Please do join! :D
  5. I'll gladly join! Is there a form or something? ;u;
  6. Katy Kat, you would post here until the roleplay started. Not on the IC thread. We still need characters and such.
  7. (picture)
    Student or teacher etc. :
    Three likes:
    Three dislikes:
    Short backstory:
    Best skill (Art, Math etc.):
  8. (picture is profile picture)
    Chocolate, romance, archery
    Milk, the color orange, math
    Very calm, cool, and collected. Can be boy-crazy at sometimes and outgoing. She can be very rude at some points and she isn't afraid to speak her mind.
    She comes from a very rich, wealthy family, but her parents died in a car crash so she relies on the house servants to take care of her. She had a crush on a boy, but then she had to move schools because of rumors. She has been trained and being trained in archery and sword skills since she was 6. Every day, she comes home, then leaves after homework is done. Her lifestyle is almost royalty, yet she doesn't want to be called that. Her prissy mood can get in the way, but she is a very sweet girl.
    English Literature
  9. [​IMG]
    Student or teacher etc. : student
    Name: Hana smith
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: Heteroflexible
    Three likes: Melodica, Sweets, Cute things
    Three dislikes: Sour things, Mean people,
    Personality: Sweet, kind, cheerful, Moe
    Short backstory: Hi! My name is Hana. Nice to meet you I'm from America.I Moved here for family and money management I hear this school Is nice and my parents really want me to go there so Its all going to be a new school year for all of us. I might be A little younger than you but please lets get along! <3
    Fears: Lighting, getting wet
    Best skill (Art, Math etc.): Arts-Including Musical performances.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Student or teacher etc. : Student
    Name: Bastion Grove
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Three likes: Tuna, Milk, bells
    Three dislikes: teasing, mocking of him, and swimming
    Personality: Shy, cowardly, open minded, afraid, feminine
    Short backstory: Grew up in an abusive family, and then family got arrested and got sent to foster care. Then got picked on by foster kids, next got sent to a living grandma's house, who is very disabled, but Bastion lives in her mansion run by her butlers. He starts going to this highschool.
    Fears: Drowning, being alone, being hated.
    Best skill (Art, Math etc.): Art
  11. IC thread or rp here?
  12. [​IMG]
    Student or teacher etc. : Student
    Name: Phoenix Austin
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Three likes: Anyone that can make her laugh, sweet fruits, rain.
    Three dislikes: Country music, children, preachers.
    Personality: Careless, manly, provocative, musical, humorous.
    Short backstory: Grew up with an irresponsible mother, her father was her inspiration. He encouraged to do right but didn't judge her for the choices she made. Her mother never wanted to have a child, resulting in her limited contact with Phoenix.
    Fears: Dying, extreme heights.
    Best skill (Art, Math etc.): Wrestling, math.​
  13. Bastion got off his bus and slowly walked into the school. Everyone rushed around him, they made him feel anxious. He had no idea where he was to do. Seeing everyone corrugate in the cafeteria, Bastion went over as he got inside. He rubbed his hands together not knowing what to do and sat down at a table. She took his backpack off and looked around. Everyone was talking, they all knew each other Bastion was new, he was surprised no one noticed his ears yet. Then a brown haired kid looked at him with disgust. "Hay! Are you one of those gay cosplayers," the boy insulted looking at him not noticing his ears and tail were not a costume. The boy laughed, and Bastion looked down at the table and reddened with embarrassment. "Cunt," he said sticking his tough out and walking away.
  14. Phoenix trotted off the bus and into the lunchroom. Upon entering, she noticed a boy with ears and a tail. 'Weird cosplay perhaps.' Was her first though. "Hey kid, are you new here?" Phoenix asked as she sat down next to him and ran a hand across his ears, noticing that they were, in fact, real. "Nice." She chuckled after retreating her hand. He looked much younger than herself, much shorter as well. Although, she knew with all of the clods in this school, he would surely be picked on.
  15. Bastion didn't say anything as the masculine girl asked her the question. He didn't want he to think he was new, it would only make her want to tease him like the others. But when the masculine girl petted her head and touched his ears, she streaked quietly and put his head into his bed hoping for her to go away. "Please to touch me.." he muttered inaudible.
  16. All though Hana was a ninth grader now: she was still afraid to get of the bus. More than that she was afraid of what the other students would think of her. Hana with her first step On to campus, Immediately felt sick to her stomach. She slowly walked to the cafeteria. Trying to seem invisible.
  17. Phoenix placed her elbow on the table and cocked her head to the side. "You didn't answer my question." She said in an amused tone. He was very feminine, and it was interesting. "Why do you have ears?" She wondered, shrugging her bag off and setting her guitar case on the table begginning to open it. She typically practiced at the lunchroom in the morning, as did a few other people.
  18. "Hmm, why are you a girl?" Bastion asked jokingly, but he say it in the toon that made it seem not like one at all. He slightly less looked down still a bit afraid, Bastions eyes wandered up to the girl and her guitar. He was interested could she play, how did it sound. It was pointless because he probably couldn't even hear the music well. He signed and looked at her completely, "hmm- h.. hi" he studdered his ears going flat. Bastion scratched the back of his head and blushed, it was extremely obvious that his ears were living.
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