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  1. This is not so much 'I need help' but more 'clarification' on bumping threads. While I travel through the various 'looking for role plays' areas I some times see a mod delete someone bumping their search thread with the explanation 'bumping is spam'. But I have also seen many threads where the thread owner has bumped and no mod has deleted the bump post.

    I would like to first say I'm not trying to argue but I'm just curious on this. I completely agree that constant bumping is annoying and should be considered spam. I'm also thinking that some of the bumping I have seen has yet to be seen by a mod and they just haven't caught it yet. But is there a point where bumping is okay? Say it has been a week since someone has last replied to your search, and you are still looking. Can you bump then?


    ...And would like to know for future search threads.

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  2. This is how -I- deal with bumped posts! Some mods may be stricter about it, but this is the basic standard:

    - No bump posts in the In Character threads. Period.

    - Bumping can be done in OOC/Signup threads once a day/every few days. But NOT with say things like "bump" or ambiguous posts like smilie faces or random gifs, that can get flagged as spam. Stuff like "Hey, I am still needing new players!" or "This roleplay is still open!" is good, because it's constructive and lets players know what you need.

    - Same goes for bumping in Partner Request threads, but we generally dun care about too many bumps in those. Some mods will be stricter about it, and some will let it slide.
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  3. That makes so much more sense, thank you for responding Diana. I always felt like typing 'bump' was kinda derpy when you could simply say 'still looking' but there you go. XD
  4. Basically what Diana said. Personally I delete any spammy bumps (like "bump" or posting song lyrics/quotes that have nothing to do with the roleplay) and usually leave more constructive posts if they're not ridiculously frequent.

    Sometimes spammy ones slip through; Iwaku is a busy site and everyone tries their best to clean up spam, misplaced posts and other honest mistakes, but we can't see everything.
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  5. That's what I was thinking Mini, that the majority of the "bump" posts I see are ones you guys just haven't gotten to or seen. This site is CRAZY huge and I know you guys can't be everywhere to see everything....... Or can you? >_> ... <_< ... >_>
  6. Of course we can't...



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