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  1. A cold wind blew for the first time that summer and everyone knew what it meant. The wind wiped down the streets and the tight alley ways making moaning and groaning sounds that could make the bravest of men shiver and freeze to the core.

    The streets were bare that might but for one, red haired 17 year old girl. The child rolled her eyes at the
    emptiness of the streets "just because there's some cold wind" she muttered "HE doesn't come till the middle of summer". HE was a cloaked creature that traveled with the cold wind, no one knew who HE was but HE was always the first to come before followed by other. Most of the towns folk thought HE was a demon so they never names HIM or the others from fear. Kia, on the other hand, didn't believe in such rubbish though she really should have
  2. This was a new place he often found himself traveling especially after a long stint of work and given the fact that he made it hard for too many people too see him too often they don't really notice that he doesn't age. He was a tall man, around six foot two inches, clearly very young looking possibly 17 maybe older. It was hard to tell just by looks as his were deceptively young. This was a new town for him knowing nothing of it he still found it odd that he needed to pull on a coat in the middle of winter, something didn't seem right with this place. Granted no where was really right so long as he was there. He often gave people an unsettling feeling and it was only something they normally felt subconsciously. The man would walk down the streets looking around a bit seeing that the place was empty...well at least the streets, more odd he thought idly.
    His ears, mostly covered by his black hair which fell to his lower earlobe in length, picked up the sound of foot falls. "Well it seems I'm not the only person out and about" This made him curious as too who, besides himself, was out and about when the town seemed to be tucked away safe in their little houses. He chuckled a little at the thought...Silly humans.
  3. Kia hummed a tune to herself as she walked, her eyes fixed on the bright stars in the sky rather then where she was heading "such a nice night. Everyone's really missing out because of some stupid 'curse'" she sighed and looked at a near by house were a woman was glaring at her. Kia wasn't well liked in her town, not because she was horrible or anything, they didn't like her because she wasn't scared and that made they scared of her
  4. He would have made his way to what he now saw was a young girl she was humming to herself and looking at the stars. He was intrigued when she spoke and full knowing he was probably going to startle her, he prepared himself for a scream before he spoke. "A nice night indeed. What kind of curse?" His voice was a deep tenor and soft. Though just by the sound of it, it seemed like it could probably be quite intimidating if he was trying to be, though he was not. If she turned around she would see a man six foot two inches in height, medium length black hair that almost looked like silk, what seemed like sharp black eyes (Though it could be the night), and fairly pale skin. Adorning his body was a simple black pea-coat buttoned up, black pants, and black leather shoes.
  5. Kia swirled around, her deep blue trench coat flying behind her along with her long red hair and stared at the other with big blue eyes before sighing with relief "thank god. You scared the living day lights out of me" she laughed and ran a hand through her hair "Just some stupid myth this towns created to try and explain some events that they can't figure out" kia shrugged casually "it's why they've all locked themselves away"
  6. He laughed softly. "My deepest apology I did not mean to frighten you. So this is that kind of town, interesting. Maybe I will stick around for a while then. Oh and I apologize my name is Reien it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. So can you tell me more about their made up story?" When he spoke he seemed older than his appearance as if he were raised out of the timeline. He was quite curious to learn more, not only that but if the 'curse' was real it may be something that could potentially be a danger to himself. "And why don't you seem to be afraid of it?" He prodded. It was unusual for one person in a shut-in town like this to be unafraid of something that literally made fear so potent he could smell it through the house walls.
  7. Kia waved over to her "the names Kia, nice to meet you. There isn't an inn or anything around here so you can stay with me if you want, I'm no stranger to strangers" she laughed and turned to head back but looked over her shoulder at Reien "if you don't mind staying with the towns outcast and well know 'witch'" she rolled her eyes at the word
  8. Reien would raise a brow as he made himself walk in stride next to her. "I don't really mind I've met a few witches before all of them good, most of them healers. Though I have to say I've not met many a people so comfortable with letting a strange man in their home. Though as much as you must take my word for it I assure you I mean you no harm." Just because he was what he was doesn't mean he was 'evil' or into killing things. "Stereotypes aren't my style so I am assuming they deem you a witch because of your looks?" Yeah it was definitely this kind of town so sheltered they aren't really a harm to anyone but themselves, but that unfortunately also made them ignorant and possibly the old pitchfork and fire kind of town.
  9. Kia nodded as she began to walk "kinda. And the fact the 'curse' is basically about my mother and grandmother" they weren't around any more and Kia didn't blame them for what the town had become since it was the towns fault in the first place. Kia suddenly stopped walking and took a step back as a rock came towards her but missed "morons" she muttered then looked at her new house guest "sorry. This is nothing new"
  10. He was now definitely intrigued more now then he was before. When the rock came whether it was to miss or not he would have caught it before it came near her. When you have fast reflexes it is quite hard to suppress them. "At least it would have missed." He would chuck the rock back in the direction or at possible said person who had thrown it and not hard but enough to leave a sting if it landed. "People are jerks its why I tend to move around more often than not. I normally can't stand the people. The fear what they do not know, but when they have an option to know and find out that the person they bully and discriminate is actually a pretty awesome young lady the refuse. They are stuck in a cycle of ignorance and unfortunately thus is the fate for most human beings." He would suppress the growl that wanted to come forth now was most certainly not a good place to lose composure. "No need to apologize if you have done them no wrong then they are ignorant fools who probably deserve whatever fate they have made for themselves. Let's just hurry on inside so we don't have to worry about them."
  11. Kia blinked in surprise Reien caught the rock and had to smile at the little speech "I have to say you are one of the few people I have ever met to actually have a realistic view of people. I'm impressed" she smiled then nodded and hurried to her small, cottage like home on the outskirts of the town "well this is me. Not much but it's home" the only sigh someone lived there was the bike that rested against the wall but if it wasn't for that it would seem as if it was abandoned "they're scared idiots that have grown up with scared parents that told them horror stories and were punished for asking questions. I feel sorry for them"
  12. Reien chuckled at her being impressed with him, it was something he was used too. He would follow her to her cottage and smile at it. "I find it perfect. It's better than big cities and large hotels. I much prefer cozy cottages in small towns...Though albeit the people are normally more friendly." Reien didn't seem to have anything on him other than his clothes a black canvas messenger bag which was barely noticeable. His clothes stated that he had money, but he seemed to not care too much for luxury. "When we are inside, if you are comfortable, I would like you to go into a bit more detail about their horror stories and what not. I find it fascinating, besides it might make for a good story, who knows." He smiled gently.
  13. Kia pulled out her key and unlocked the door, she pushed it open and headed inside "sure. I'm probably one of the best people to talk to about it since my family is kind of slap bang in the middle of it" she said as she turned on the lights "make yourself at home. What's mine in yours, I might not used to having guests but I know how to be a good host" she laughed, heading in to the living room to light the fire
  14. Reien would make his way inside her cozy little home and shut the door behind him, lest more stray rocks try to find their way inside. He made his way into her living space while she started to light a fire unbuttoning his pea-coat revealing a black, satin, button up shirt underneath. If there was more than one seating space he would take a seat in a chair, if there was only one space he would make himself perfectly comfortable on the floor. He would remove his messenger bag and set it next to himself. "I wish for you to tell me everything about it, if it isn't prying too deeply, start from the beginning. You have me far too curious and captivated by this 'curse' I might never stop bugging you until I know." He chuckled softly as he camouflaged rearraigning his hair by scratching his head. He had to make for certain that the slightly pointed tips of his ears were covered. The only thing odd noticeable right away were his nails. A bit longer than normal nails...Almost claw like...then again that could just be how he likes to keep his nails or a trick of the like perhaps.
  15. Kia laughed and headed in to the kitchen "want a drink? It's one long ass story and there's a few side stories that go with it and you're going to have a lot of questions I can tell" she said happily, it was nice to talk to someone who didn't hate or fear her "mind me asking why you're so curious? Most people hate things like this and try to stay away from it"
  16. He grinned, "water would be lovely thank you." Reien would rummage through his bag momentarily before producing a black pen and a note pad. "Of course you may ask. Tis only fair that you get to ask me questions as well. The answer to that is simple I am a writer. If the story is something I can work with I will probably use some kind of similar plot in my next book. I like hearing stories and then drastically twisting them to suit my needs." A writers work is never done.
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  17. Kia nodded and came in with a glass of water for Reien and a can of red bull for herself, she held out the drink to him as she sat down on a chair just opposite him "it started over 80 years ago. The town had only just stated up back then and they wanted to expand so they started cutting down trees. They believe that one of the tees they cut down had been the prison to a great evil"
  18. Reien took the water with a smile and took a sip before jotting down a few notes in his pad as she spoke. "Sounds right. Nature is often seen as pure and therefore capable of holding evil beings since they can't fight something pure." It was pretty normal the whole humans releasing evil because they can't properly respect nature.
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  19. Kia nodded "I thought the same. It was around then when they started cutting down the trees that things started going wrong. Healthy people becoming suddenly sick and dying, weird accidents, you know the normal evil stuff but then a man came in to town. This man kept his black hood up all the while he was there and never said a word but for some unknown reason he caught the heart of the local beauty, my grandmother"
  20. A soft knowing smirk played at the corners at his lips as he jotted a few more notes. "Hm seems he is is some form of supernatural creature who of course doesn't wish to be found out...granted hiding yourself so obviously kind of gives it away." Hence why he kept himself in plain sight. When he looked up at her this time his black eyes seemed to glint in the firelight. His irises just as dark as his pupils, but just for a second it would seem like the black around his pupil seemed to swirl and dance like black magma held within their iris confinement. It was seen for only a moment as his eyes flicked back down to his paper.
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