Bump in the Night

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I think the best way to put it, is just to come out and say it. Monsters are real. Every monster you've heard of is true to some degree. From the Big Bad Wolf in your fairy tales, too Dracula, hell you humans even got Bigfoot right!

First lemme tell you about our little group. MHI, or Monster Hunters International, is made up of some very talented Mundanes, Fairy Tale Hunters, and you guessed it! Us good monsters. We originated from Fairy Tale books, specifically in Little Red Riding Hood, but the story got twisted, and hundreds of years later, Red is walking around with your humans.

It started with the Big Bad Wolf lurking around the woods, looking for something to eat. Well you know the story, Red was about to be the wolfs seconds (after that old grandma of hers!) when the Woodsman came through with that axe of his and split the monster into two. Well sorta. It takes alot more than a lumber axe to take out Big Baddy.

After the story book closed, and the fairy tale ended, Little Red went with the Woodsman, where he introduced her to MHI, a Monster Hunting group ranging from Hansel and Gretel witches, to werewolves, and even Pinocchio coming to life!

Not that Pinocchio was a monster or anything, just that old puppet maker of his put alittle magic into his strings!

After a while, Red and a few other youngins were seasoned agents, taking out monsters before any stories could be made about them. Thats when our worlds collided. A witch got alittle crazy with the magic, and soon we found ourselfs knocking on the door of Earth, leaving our fantasy world to fight monsters in your world.

We are kept secret from the normal people, those untouched by Fairy tale magic, but if you were one of them, why would be contacting you? Well let me say this; Welcome to MHI.


Hello! Thanks for reading!
I got this inspired from Wolf Among Us, various Movies, and Grimm. The basics of it, we are in Monster Hunters International, and we hunt the things that go Bump in the Night. Things located in fairy tales, creepy stories, and movies to be precise. I'm only looking for a few others, and you can play as any fairy tale character (excluding the Headless Horseman and the Big Bad Wolf, they are mine :) ) a human touched by magic, or hell if you want just a really skilled human!

Any questions are welcome!
Interested. :o
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