Bullshit Easter Egg Hunt?

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  1. Not sure if this is....a thing done by many but a couple of friends of I do this every Easter. We hide eggs in the most BULLSHIT places ever, whether it be in a grave, in an actual birds nest, stomach.

    I specifically remember one of my friends went so far that he covered an egg in his own feces. We get crazy. So what's the point of this thread? What's the most bullshit Easter Egg Hunt you've participated in or put together? Mine was of course, putting it in the back of a random pickup and watching friends drive around looking for it.
    ((This is a stupid thread but its so fun making these <3))
  2. Y'all are disgusting.
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  3. Yeah, no.
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  4. I'm beginning to think

    its just that my friends and I

    are crazy
  5. Everyone is crazy. The land mine field of Easter eggs and random holes. Crack a beer and see how long it takes them to rage from not finding the eggs
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  6. ... And people say OUR ways of celebrating Easter are weird :D I for one prefer being beaten with wooden whips over this, thank you very much.
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  7. <. <....

    My family just hid eggs in the grass, potted plants, window sill, maybe a tree branch...

    Don't know what dafuq y'all are doin hiding eggs in shit.

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  9. Yeah and pink eye.... jussayin' lol
  10. This is true
    but i didnt get that egg ^^
  11. You're a fucking broken mess of a person, y'know that?
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  12. I knooooooow.
    But its fun anyways. I like to think of it as being...interesting.
  13. ... Why the hell would you do that?

    Who in their right mind would want to dine on the deliciousness of candy in easter eggs if it's been buried in shit?
  14. o.o

    I hide eggs for my kids....the last place I'd hide them is in a pile of crap.
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  15. We do traditional egg hunts in this family instead of bullshit ones. For my kid. He loves them, therefore I do too.
  16. You guys are weird
  17. We just eat the eggs. No hunting or hiding them. Just cook them and put them on the table and eat them together with potatoes, fish and other stuff :D
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  18. We don't do Easter egg hunts, lol. Though I got more chocolates again, I can't eat it because my asthma is acting up again. >_>


    'AW SHIT NIGGA' sounds perfect
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  20. My primary school made it a big deal, hiding eggs in the toilets, the plants we grew and whatnot. It was stupid.

    But worth it.
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