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  1. "This is going to be troublesome." A suave looking gentleman in a suit muttered under his breath as he loosened the tie around his neck a bit.
    "Stop complaining, Reeve." Another man in a suit spoke beside him, "This is a mission. A reconnaissance mission, but still a mission nonetheless."
    The man named Reeve stopped in his tracks and looked at his comrade.
    "Couldn't we just do recon another way? Like bug the place or something?"
    "Look our target this time isn't some lowly schmuck okay?" the other man retorted, "He's the CEO of some big posh company, so we gotta play this right. Else the big boss will have our hides."
    "Meh." Reeve snorted, "So what's the security detail on this guy?"

    The other man pulled out a tablet and swiped through several documents, "Hmm...seems like he's gone and hired a few secret agents. We still have no idea who they are though."
    "So we're here to find out?" Reeve reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a cigarette. He was about to light it when the other man swiped the cigarette from him.
    "Oh, geez Max!" Reeve growled, "That was my last one!"
    "No smoking!" Max admonished, "Be serious about this okay? We don't wanna stand out too much!"
    "Why would smoking make me stand out too much?" Reeve argued, grumbling.
    "Because the hall they rented is a no smoking zone, you douche." Max shook his head.
    "But the balcony?" Reeve wanted to continue his case but Max stopped in his tracks and looked at the big door before them.

    "Okay...here we are." Max said as he looked at Reeve, "Don't mess this up."
    Reeve crossed his arms across his chest and smirked, "I should say the same to you."
    With that both men put on their best demeanor and strode into the hall confidently.

    There was classical music playing in the background and all the people there were dressed in formal attire. Some of them looked middle class while others looked like they were of the elite. It was a company function, a gala night of sorts, to celebrate the hard work that the employees have done for the year. Reeve and Max looked around, they spotted the CEO way in front mingling with some people and they both noticed that there were some armed bodyguards around the room too.

    "5 in that corner over there, watching in the shadows." Reeve said as he signaled the direction to Max by tilting his head.
    "And another 6 or 7 over there," Max lowered his voice, "This place is jammed packed."
    "Well those are the only ones that we can clearly see. What about those in casuals?" Reeve said as he looked around the room some more.
    "Good point," Max nodded, "Well, let's enjoy the party."
    "Ok." Reeve grinned but before he went off Max tugged on Reeve's sleeve and said, "Remember. This is a recon mission."
    "Alright, alright. I won't do no crazy shit." Reeve raised both his hands up and chuckled. Both men went their separate ways to gather information on their next target.
  2. "Two more men just entered the hall." A woman spoke quietly into a small earpiece. She had a glass of red wine in her hand and swished its contents around. She was wearing a fancy blue dress, one that didn't stand out too much, sitting at a table along with a man across from her, wearing a black suit.
    "I can see that, Vanessa." A voice answered back, but one that wasn't nearby in anyway. "You two look suspicious like that. Why don't you both get your mingle on? I mean, it's a party after all."
    The man that was sitting across from the woman sighed. "Seems like too much of a hassle, it's more better to just lay low like this, y'know?" Vanessa shook her head at his answer and stood up, putting her glass of wine on the table, standing over him and leaned her face towards his. "Come on Damien. It'll be fun. Plus, we'd blend in more that way."
    Damien blew the hair that was in his face and stared back at her, debating on if he should dance with her or not.
  3. Reeve was walking around the hall, watching people mingle and of course looking out for the target and his security details.
    "Not bad..." he muttered, "Pretty standard procedure kind of security. A little tight but nothing I can't handle..."
    "DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!!!" a voice screamed into the earpiece which was disguised as an earring. Reeve twitched his face in pain at the screeching sound that lingered in his ear.
    "Geez Max! I was just talking to myself you didn't need to shout like that." Reeve's face grimaced as he inserted a pinky finger into his ear and started to scratch, "I could've gone deaf!"
    "The frequency is not strong enough to make you deaf." Max replied cynically, "This comm-tech is high grade okay? Only you and I can hear each other regardless of frequency and no one else can hear it. So I can shout at you as much as I want."
    There was a slight pause from Max's end before he continued, "Anyways I think there are quite a few casuals. Let's gather more info before we scram."

    "What? We're gonna leave soon? But we just got here." Reeve chuckled as he picked up a glass of wine from one of the passing waiters, "I haven't even picked up any cute looking ladies."
    "Our job is just recon." Max's voice sounded irritated from the other end, "I've already place several bugs in key places in this hall. We can watch from a safer distance."
    "Man you work fast," Reeve said as he sipped his wine.
    "I'm just efficient." Max replied sarcastically, "Unlike someone."

    "Ooh...I like this song." Reeve's ears perked when the hall suddenly played a more upbeat ballad. "I need a dance partner."
    He looked around, scanning the area for a potential date. And when he spotted the lady in a fancy blue dress, sitting across from someone with a sourpuss face, he couldn't help but approach her. The woman had already gotten out of her seat when he arrived and it seemed like she was asking Mr Sourpuss for a dance.
    "Heey~" Reeve cut in, putting on his most charming smile, "Care to dance with me instead of ol Sourpuss here?"
    He gestured at the seated man and chuckled softly, "No offense guy, but with that kind of frown, it looks like your face is going to fall off."
    He then turned back to the woman and bowed, "So milady, would you honor me with a dance?"

    From the other side of the hall, Max was groaning. Reeve was flirting again and each time he starts flirting he forgets the mission's objectives. He was about to reprimand his colleague when an incoming signal patched in through his earpiece.
    "Huh?" Max was confused as he listened to the command, "Enjoy the party?"
    "Yes." a woman's voice could be heard from the other end, "You two have been working so hard lately and I want you to enjoy the party as well as do recon. The target's not up for termination anytime soon."
    "You know I don't do well in these kinds of events..." Max pouted as he looked around, thinking of a way for him to 'enjoy' himself.
    "I know." the voice at the other end giggled, "You need to learn Max. You can't just bug a place and get recon that way. Sometimes you have to be social."
    "Fine..." Max shrugged, "If that's the case, I'll do a recon on the menu, I'm starving."
  4. Vanessa turned around and looked at the man that was asking her for a dance. She stared at him for a few seconds before she smiled. "I didn't think anyone would ask." She looked over at Damien and grinned before looking back at the man in front of her. "I would love to dance away with you."
    "Oooo kill'em," The man said through both their earpieces, "If you don't do anything soon Damien, Vanessa is gonna be whisked away from you like a petal in the wind~" He joked.

    Damien scowled and turned his head to the side. "I was just about to answer you until he showed up." He responded in a disrespectful tone.
    Vanessa laughed slightly. "Oh please, you were gonna make me fend for myself on the dance floor."
  5. Reeve took the lady's hand in his gently and with a bow he kissed the back of her hand softly.
    He smiled at her as he led them to the dance floor.
    "Hope your boyfriend doesn't mind." Reeve said with a playful smirk on his face, "Just one dance and I'll return you to him, milady."
    He started to lead the lady in blue in a dance around the dance floor. They were dancing in bliss, along with everyone else, a sort of jitterbug kind of dance since the song was more upbeat.
    "So, do you come here often?" Reeve smiled warmly. He did a spin before continuing, "I'm sorry. I should introduce myself. The name's Reeve. And you my fair lady...will you tell me your name?"

    "Ick...this sandwich is stale..." Max said as he spat out the piece of sandwich he bit into. He looked at the dance floor and saw Reeve dancing with a young woman in a blue dress. She was definitely a looker, but Max already had someone else in his heart and he's the type to stay loyal. Even when his love was unrequited.
    Suddenly there was static coming from Max's earpiece and a jumbled voice spoke.
    "Huh?" Max touched his earpiece, tapping it a few times, "What's going on?"
    "...g...e...t....o...t...." the jumbled voice of the woman he was talking to earlier spoke through static.
    "What?" Maxed asked, "I can't hear you."
    The static faded for a moment and that was when he heard it.

    "GET OUT!!!"

    "Wha?" Max was surprised. There was a mix of static and a panicked voice from the other end.
    "Tro...ble....!!! Un...known....g...t....ru...n...a...way!!!"
    Max turned pale, something was jamming the frequency of the comm-tech. He looked around and noticed that some of the bodyguards were also holding onto their earpieces, looking slightly troubled.
    "Shit." Max tapped on his earpiece to signal Reeve that something was wrong. He then switched off his earpiece, the static was getting too loud. He looked up and noticed that some of the lights were starting to flicker.
    "What's going on?"

    Reeve was having a good time when he suddenly heard the weird static in his earring earpiece. He made it look like he was scratching his ears, but he was actually switching the earpiece off. Something was wrong. Suddenly the building shook and the lights flickered non-stop. The crowd inside the hall started to scream and panic.
    What's going on?" He asked under his breath as he looked around. He turned to make sure that his dancing partner was alright.
    "You okay?"
  6. Vanessa smiled slightly as he led her away to the dance floor. "Oh, he's not my boyfriend. He's just a really close friend as you would say." She giggled as the both of them danced around the dance floor in harmony with the others.
    "Hm... Not really, I was just invited here." She answered as he twirled her around. "It's a pleasure to meet you Reeve, my name is Va-" She began to say before the sound of loud static in her earpiece interrupted her.

    Damien watched in envy as Resse took Vanessa to the dance floor.
    "You should of danced with her man. Not even, you are the one who was supposed to ask Vanessa to dance. Not her."
    Damien scowled. "Whatever man. We're just here on a mission and that's all. As soon as this night is over I bet Vanessa won't even remember his name."
    The man over the earpiece chuckled. "That's wha...t y....ou th...i...nk.."
    Damien noticed how the static was getting progressively worse and he tapped his earpiece. "Hey, what's going?" He said before he quickly turned his earpiece off, as the static got so loud it was just upon instinct that he had too. He quickly sat up in his seat and looked around. "What the hell is going on?"

    Vanessa took the opportunity of the flickering lights and turned her earpiece off, looking over at Reese and nodding. "I'm fine.." She told him.

    "Not good, not good..." The man Damien was talking to over the earpiece said. He began typing furiously on his keyboard to find out what the source of the static was coming from, and what was currently going on in the hall.
  7. The lights continued to flicker but fortunately the shaking had already stopped.
    Reeve looked over at his dance partner for a moment, making sure she was alright. He then took her by the hand and led her back to where her friend was seated, he too seemed to have a confused look on his face.
    "I think it'll be safer for you to be with someone you know." Reeve grinned softly at the young woman, he was about to continue talking when Max suddenly appeared behind him screaming.

    "Something's happened!" Max cried out.
    "Yeah, I can see that." Reeve replied curtly. He bowed before the young woman and her friend and dragged Max to a corner.
    "What's going on?" He asked, his voice low, making sure no one would hear him. But then again with all the screaming and panic, that wasn't much of a problem.
    "I got a warning from intel." Max said as he pointed to his now defective earpiece, "She said to get out. Some sort of unknown trouble. That's all I know."
    "Hmm..." Reeve thought for a moment, "Whoever it was, they've managed to jamm not just our signal but the others as well. The bodyguards look as confused as us, and so do the casuals."
    "Do you think-"

    Before Max could finish his sentence, the entrance door burst open and several men dressed in black suits and armed with machine guns stormed into the hall.
    "No one move and nobody gets hurt!" the leader shouted, "We're taking all of you as hostages!" The other men started to swarm into the hall, herding the people into groups at gun point. The leader of the shady group then walked towards the special guest, the CEO and aimed his gun at him.
    "You too, no sudden moves and make them stand down." he said gesturing to his bodyguards.
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