Bullets&Booze- A prohibition RP

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  1. Alright, so stated in the Roleplay Talk section with my interest check, I would like this roleplay to be fairly simple, but at the same time, have enough effect to it to be mentally satisfying. I would like for it to be historically correct, but NOT for it to be a timeline. It's not a school project, but a fun thing for all of us to do.

    Basic Setting:
    1925-1926 in Chicago.

    Opening Plot:
    -The 18th amendment prohibits the consumption, sale, and manufacture of alcohol.
    -Due to this, the Mafia were able to monopolize alcohol in uses such as speakeasies*.
    -The mafia, in wanting to be the only source of alcohol, has split into different groups
    and fight against each other for the right to claim theirselves number one.

    Character Sheet Skeleton:
    -Age [Approximately]
    -Social Status**

    October was kind enough to write up a segment about the two Mob cliques:
    With Prohibition rearing it's ugly head, teeth barred, making the rising masses of drunks cringe with sobriety, violence has erupted on the streets of chicago. The police have their hands full with the Mobbed up under world, and day after day the headlines are awash with robbery, extortion and bootleggers found dead, their bodies riddled with bullets.

    Everyone wanted a piece of the action, and in Chicago, two factions of the Mafia reigned supreme.

    The Ricardo Family - Maintaining a steady control of the docks and bootlegging operation. They deal in illegally imported rum as well as what local booze hounds call 'bathtub gin', made in the hills. They control east/southeast portions of the city with an iron hand.

    The Giomi Family - Maintaining a steady control of the Canadian whiskey trade and local speakeasies. The fine grade whiskey from Canada flows across the borders and directly into the hands of the Giomi family, who then distribut it to the highest bidder. They control the West/northwest portions of Chicago.

    With tension nearing a boil, the borders have been blurred, like lines drawn in the sand. The Ricardos and the Giomis are neck to neck, east to west, in a constant battle for territory and control of the illegal alcohol trade. The police are little help, those that haven't already been 'bought' by the Mafias are more or less caught in the middle of a violent uprising.

    *Speakeasies are Mafia run bars which have alcohol on one wall behind the bar. If threat of police intervention was alerted, all that had to be done was flip a switch and the wall would turn to hide the alcohol.

    **History: Please describe a brief section of your character's history. Tie in their occupation, what brings them to it, etc. Create 3D, Plausible characters to the best of your abilities, and please refrain from mary sues!

    **Appearance: For this, describe what your character would wear, depending on their social status. If your character was a flapper, for example, their hair would be cropped, they'd wear make up, and might even have stained teeth from smoking. If you had a mafia character, or boss, they would probably wear the finest suits available.

    **Social Status: There is an allowance for a wide variety of characters in different social status from being a normal bar-goer, flapper, mafia hitman, boss, or other high end person in society.

    **Occupation: Their occupation is not a necessity, but would help you to create a 3D character, what brought them to said occupation, and what they do specifically.

    This RP will be an open RP for people to enter as they please. But in doing so, I would like for people BEFORE JOINING to send me their Chara sheet and post it -here- so that everyone knows who you are, and most importantly, myself, knows who you are.

    There is potential that your characters may be killed. If you do not want your characters hurt, maimed, captured, tortured, or KILLED, do not use your precious character!

  2. Example Character Sheet:

    Lola Baramo


    History: Lola's parents ran a bar to keep theirselves above water, being in the low income spectrum of the city. But since the prohibition act, her parents had to sell their bar to the Mafia and now live in poverty. Lola herself met with the Mafia, and was recruited as a waitress and also as the Mafia's whore. She has her uses, and often helps to smuggle alcohol from across the boarder, and getting 'favors' from the Good Doctor for an extra bottle or two of alcohol.

    Personality: On her free time when she's not busy entertaining the men in the bar, or the mafia, Lola enjoys herself a quick cigarette. She doesn't much fuss with her current occupation, but holds a slight resignation for the government stealing her family's livelihood. Her tongue is faster than her wit at times, and she catches herself rambling in thoughts and sentences which do her more harm than good. At necessity she has no qualms in using her fleshy tool for destruction, verbally immasculating any man who rubs her the wrong way. Literally.

    Appearance: Lola is your typical flapper. Her hair is cropped short, dyed black and smothered with make up.

    Social Status: The "lowest" social class possible. A whore and a flapper, both a controversy in society's eye.

    Occupation: Mafia's messenger girl, whore, and waitress.
  3. Name: Ren Cavallone

    Age: 32

    Ethnicity: Japanese-Italian

    History: Italian father, Japanese immigrant mother, both deceased. He inherited his underground club from his father, who was a member of the Giomi Family. He was taught about his Japanese heritage by his grandfather, about traditions just as much as martial arts. He was thirteen when his father was murdered. Not much else is known about him other than that his mother one day disappeared and he has a strong dislike for physical contact.

    Personality: Cold-shouldering, calculating, mistrusting, chain-smoking, quiet. Does as he's told by the boss and his underboss only, never talks about his past. He shows an unnerving, slightly psychotic side of himself when torturing information out of someone.

    Appearance: A pretty face that rarely holds a pretty expression. Usually always seen glaring, frowning, or looking utterly uninterested. Light brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, five feet and five inches in height, almost always wearing a fitted suit with a cigarette in hand.

    Social Status: Publicly, he's just an average man running his father's business. Mafia-wise, he's a very valuable Associate for the Giomi Family with a specialty for collecting information from stubborn minds.

    Occupation: Club owner, topside. Speakeasy owner and torture expert, underground.
  4. Name: Joseph 'Rocko' Rugario

    Age: 28

    View attachment 5693

    Born just before the turn of the century to moor, Italian immigrants. When Joseph was still a baby in arms his parents fled southern Italy in the middle of the night during a fire fight between the structured government and local rebels. They were able to safely make their what by train to the coast, and from their to Ellis island. Joseph, or Rocko as he lovingly nicknamed by his father, grew up on the streets of Chicago. He dropped out of school at an early age and took odd jobs to help support the family. While his formal education was poor, Rocko made up for it in street smarts, watching local 'hustlers and gangsters' make their way in post war America.

    When Rocko was 17 both his parents caught the scarlet fever. It ravaged their bodies, and before long they were both too sick to work. Rocko had no choice but take matters into his own hands. The family needed money, that much was certain.

    Working with a group of chicago mafia associates, Rocko played his part in an armed robbery. The hi jacking of an armored car… that ended in bloodshed. Three guards died along with several of the gangsters. The headlines read 'Michigan street Mayhem'. Although Rocko made it out alive, he failed to get any money and was now wanted by the authorities. They didn't know his face, however, and the Italian youth was able to join up with the army. Next stop, war torn france.

    He left a young man, running from the law, he returned a hero who had spent night after night fighting the germans in muddy trenches. The things he saw 'over there' would haunt him until his dying day.

    one year prior to Present date: Unable to find work, Rocko began working for Chicago's main Mafia syndicate. After proving his worth he was made, and on the front lines of Chicago's battle with the authorities on prohibition.

    Personality: Openly friendly, inwardly judgmental and hatful. Sincere and straight forward, dedicated to his work. As a made man, Rocko has developed a taste for the finer things and has become greedy, often putting monetary gain over friends and family.

    Social Status: A Made man in the Mafia underworld, to the public eye he is a private business owner. In the public eye, Just another American in trying to make his way in the world.

    Occupation: Proprietor of a local restaurant that doubles as a Mafia owned speakeasy.
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  6. Name: Viola Cosenza

    Age: 26

    History: Born into a poor family, Viola first dealt with the mafia when she was a young child. Her father had been a heavy gambler and had borrowed money that he could not pay back before running off, leaving Viola and her mother alone to take on the debt. Viola's mother became a maid for one of the wealthy men in the mob and worked for him for many years before the two were married, her mother having filed for divorce from her father who had not been seen since he left. After taking on her step-father's name Viola was treated like a little princess, wearing only the best and eating the best. As she got older she started to dip her feet into the Mafia water's helping her step-father by delivering messages and lying to the police to take the heat off of him. Now she is an asset of sorts, a messenger and a voice in her father's work as well distraction for when the law decided to stick its noes where it didn't belong...

    Personality: A sweet and polite women surprisingly, considering her situation. She enjoys a good smoke and a better drink when she can. She's rather bubbly considering her occupation and loves a great party, dancing being one of her favorite things. She isn't much for wit and nasty insults, preferring to just let her angry sit and meld together before letting it dissipate into nothing. On a rare occasion she might insult someone openly but she'll need to be extremely mad for that to happen.

    Appearance: Tall and blond with the typical flapper hair style. She usually wears more elegant clothing than what a common flapper would and shamelessly flaunts it all.

    Social Status: Wealthy and powerful, thanks to her step-father's position in the mafia.

    Occupation: Messenger and Distraction for the Law.
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  9. I added some more information to my Starting post, so please keep that in mind for your character. : 3 These are RIVAL mob gangs and anyone can be pitted against each other in this RP.

    I'll have Lola be part of the Giomi family.
  10. Working on a character sheet, should have it in tonight
  11. -Name: Tony “Smugs” Ridaggio

    -Age: 28


    Born to Irish parents in Tuscany, in the year 1897 he was the third of four siblings. Their father, a butcher by trade, immigrated their family in 1902 to Chicago. After arriving, his father opened a small butcher shop in the notorious 43rdward, his hope was for his son to follow in his footsteps; how ever the idea of living in the small downtown apartment, with nothing more than that to look forward to was something he grew up to despise. By the age of10 he'd found a place as an errand boy for the Giomi family mafia,over time he picked up the necessary skills required for dodging thelaw, or even disguising his efforts.

    By high school he'd dropped out, to the dismay of his father who thendisowned him. But why go to school when the money you're already making is better than what you'd make if you finished school? He didn't care, a local boss rented him a back room in a speakeasy, and he continued his errand boy position as well as general cleanup around the speakeasy. He was 20 when he decided it was time to make his mark. He began his life as a smuggler, working slowly and steadfast; he worked his way through the ranks of the underground, by the age of 25 he was was the head manager of all shipments coming in for the Giomi family mafia. He used his connections in the local Chicago PD to ensure his shipping routes either remained hidden, or untouched. After all, the authority was usually apt to look the other way for a few choice bottles.

    Business first, he learned early on that if one became lax andfoolish in the game, one could easily find himself staring down the business end of a Thompson, that being said; he rarely lets his guard down. He's decisive, quick witted, and holds grudges against those who make costly mistakes. Sometimes to lethal ends.

    Single breasted suits with a fedora are the norm.

    -Social Status:
    To the public, a shipping and transport mogul. To the underworld a guaranteed connection to booze.

    To mask his clandestine operations, he deals in the import/export of dry goods and textiles. This gives him the public appearance of a law abiding citizen,
  12. Hey guys,

    Sorry for not posting. I'm currently out of town and it's hard to RP or do anything really when you have no time to yourself or any quiet time to really sit down and plot.

    Feel free to carry on the story, I'll try and post bits and pieces when I can.

    Sor and October will be busy throughout the month, so they, too, will be sparse. Let me know if anything else happens on your guys' end!
  13. Alright. I did a bit of browsing, and I found this link: http://local.aaca.org/bntc/slang/slang.htm

    It has the slang of the time, and I think it'd be fun to try and mix up the language a bit with something historical.
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  15. So October and I have come up with the idea that I'll send Lola off to get the shipment of booze, and she will come across an advertisement, and decide to send someone else on their way to gather the shipment [An NPC]. From there, the group kind of conglomerates together at the party, and then after a few posts, a shooting will break out. [Because there aren't any players for the opposing family, for now it will only be NPCs].

    And that's all we got for now. Whatcha think?
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  17. There is a slight twist to the plot. I am thinking that Viola could have second thoughts about the evening, and run after Lola before she goes anywhere fast. She then shares an idea to start a party, considering that her family is in the higher class.
  18. I'm game for that! I'll wait to post though, I don't want to mess with the cop scene.