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  1. Roleplay between Isaki and @Tone 6th
    Strangers of Fortune--CONGRAGULATIONS--

    The message popped up abruptly after finishing off the last enemy. Esma brushed her hair out of her eyes, sheathing her blade. Her rewards consisted of a rather large quantity of Krn, the currency of BBO, and a few new misc items. She jumped in joy as her new balance pretty much said she had the money to buy a new house. There were plenty of starter homes in almost every town or city, and she had enough for three of them combined. The house she had in mind was in her races' hometown. A nice and simple, two-story mansion-type house, right by a lake, which was also part of the package. Beside the lake was a cliff that had an amazing waterfall flowing down into it.

    "Warp, Kitsu Village!" The fox warrior yelled, pulling up a small crystal from her pocket, which suddenly exploded into virtual shards, and sending her to her destination. Her friends were already waiting at the house when she arrived, standing at the porch in suspense as Esma walked straight to the sign, pulling up the purchase menu. Her instincts told her to pull up her inventory, just to be safe. "YES!" Everyone jumped, startled as she jumped up and down relentlessly, yelling and screaming like crazy. She pressed the button, and confirmed her purchase, receiving the key and running up the steps. Esma wasted no time unlocking the door, and running inside. A fully furnished house, even a chandelier. A fireplace, a kitchen big enough to house a room for three.

    "It's finally mine.." Esma exclaimed, sitting on the couch, and sighing in relief. "A whole year of constant grinding.. Has it finally paid off, Etsy?" She asked, tilting her head and looking at Etsy, a Neko in the game, and a good friend. Etsy couldn't verbally speak, but smiled happily instead, nodding softly at the Kitsune.


    Message To Eligible ParticipatantsTHIS IS NOT A COPY MESSAGE
    if you've received and are viewing this message, you've been pre-selected to join the massive gaming community within the world of Bullets and Blades Online, more commonly referred to as BBO. Just select <ACCEPT> at the bottom of this email to have the free download of the game queued automatically in your active downloads. We rarely hold drawings like this, but you have been selected to play for free in BBO. If you are {Username-Jack Rever}, please accept this email to have the ability to select one of the new sub-classes which will be included in tomorrows update. Upon accepting this, you should be prompted with a pop-up directly from the game itself, allowing you to choose from the sub-classes {Gunstorm/gunblade warrior}{Swordmancer/mageblade warrior}{Archmage/heavymagic warrior}. Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you soon, in-game!

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  2. It had been awhile sense Robert even touched his Nervegear, a thick layer of dust was caked on it. He was quick to stop after the series of killings involving GGO, having been in the same tournament as the killer. When the message popped up on his computer Robert was a little hesitant to start another "game". What if it just ended up like the last one? What if someone else would try and pull something more horrific then the last? Robert sighed "Well best give it a shot any way. I mean it is free." he clicked the "accept" button. The game was placed in his downloads, and then started to install itself.

    Before long Robert was starting at the character creation page, and an option in the corner read "Port Character". He clicked it and found that he could port over his GGO build. However, when he clicked on it a notification came up reading "Warning! Build will be modded to fit BBO limits. Continue? Yes. No." Robert shrugged and hit yes. There was a small load time then a message came up "Please connect and activate Nevergear to finish process." Robert looked to his headset for a moment, and then picked it up. He wiped the dust off of it, hooked it up, and put it on.

    Welcome to Bullets and Blades Online


    An arid desert town stretched out before Jack the heat was heavy, and dust flew through the wind. He looked himself over and saw that game did a pretty good job of porting over his character, though there were a few differences. His beam sword was replaced with what seemed to be a katana. When he looked over it's specs he found it was wind elemental. His magnum was now a very ornate revolver, but held the same stats. His outfit was the biggest change though, what was once a heavy black trench coat with head band was now a nicely decorated brown leather duster and cowboy hat.

    "Well I recon this could be worse." his voice was deep and gruff. "Stage one right? Well let's see what the tutorial has to offer." ​
  3. After buying the house, Esma and the others ended the day with everyone logging off. She had taken a shower, eaten, but couldn't get to sleep. Esma pulled out her phone and messaged Etsy. Hey, if you're not already asleep, might I bother you for a bit of midnight dungeon crawling? I can't seem to get any rest. Her friend quickly responded, hopping onto BBO as well, stating that she couldn't really sleep either. Esma put her headset on, jumping straight into the game. As per their usual, when the two exited their rooms, they welcomed each other with a hug. The game was fairly small for being alive for how long it was, around twenty-thousand or so. Esma never changed her player notifications, which mainly kept track of friend requests, accepts, deletes, and a welcome list of every member who joined into the game for their first time.

    PLEASE WELCOME User{Jack Rever} TO THE WORLD OF BULLETS AND BLADES. The announcement message read, and as usual, the fox was already on it. Welcome Jack! If you happen to need any help with anything at all, please don't hesitate to message me! Esma clicked send, and was off through the front door. She was confronted by a group of people, most of which looked very displeased.

    "So, this is what you were doing, while we were fighting that raid boss." Kyne said rather firmly, as if they lost and it was all her fault. "We beat it, in case you were going to ask, but after all that, after you said you'd be there.." He stated, looking toward the lake. Esma walked up to him, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Listen, Kyne, I thought I had enough time to get one quest done, before coming to join up with you guys. What's done is done, and I can't help that I misjudged the time. But between a raid commander, and my friends, I will always choose friends first." The fox said, before continuing her walk. Etsy pinged Esma in her page tab, and pointed at the item list that commander Kyne was showing when she turned around.

    "I.... I can't.." Esma stopped dead in her tracks.
    Dual Katanas{equipped}
    Armor of the Firebrand{equipped}
    Fang of the Void
    The twin bladed sword Esma had been searching for since rumors of it spread, was in Kynes' inventory. The only sword in-game that had less than one percent chance of dropping was there, in his list. She looked down, disappointed that she hadn't gone with the commander instead. "Hey, Esma.." Kyne said as Esma began to walk away. She heard the game's weapon manifest sound, and was greeted to the unique sword coming her way, before it disappeared and pinged in her inventory. "Oh my goodness, thank you, thank you, thank you, Kyne!!!" The fox said, as she ran and jumped on him, hugging the commander endlessly, full of energy.​
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  4. It wasn't long before Jack completed the tutorial, it was pretty similar to GGO's combat system. Gun mods, weapon mods, but magic was new to him.

    A notification from the tutorial read. "Almost everything could have an element attached to it guns, swords, and magic. All players have the ability to cast level one magics, bolt, fire, ice, ect. Level two and above required a magic skill above 7, but that's were things started to get interesting. At level two players have the ability to combine level one spells for different effects and different damage. From level 3 and above magic just gets better and better, more versatility, more power, and more fun. However, the higher the spell rank the harder it is to cast, so be careful when using it in those tight battles. Spells can also be deflected by weapons with a high enough elemental ranking. If an opponent attacks with rank 2 spell and you defend with a rank 3 magic weapon if will deflect the attack. Plus if you have a weapon that is the same element as the attack, not only will you block it, but absorb it for a small HP recovery. So know your opponent, and know your magic."

    "Wow that's... that's a lot to take in..." Jack sighed.

    *BEEP BEEP* A message popped up in his inbox for an Esma.

    "Welcome Jack! If you happen to need any help with anything at all, please don't hesitate to message me!" her message read.

    "Thank I recon I will need a big load of help to understand this new world. It's been awhile sense I've played a VRMMO. Seems pretty close to GGO, minus the magic. It be mighty nice to meet up with you somewhere, games are more fun when you have a party." he hit send and wandered out of the town, but not before stocking up on supplies.

    Purchased Items:

    5 Potions
    2 Return Crystals
    2 Round of Ammo (Total of 48 in inventory)
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  5. Esma thanked Kyne once more, before they parted ways, as well as apologized for forgetting what quest reward Kyne had agreed to help her get. After all, he had been paid a bit in world currency and health potions for his trouble, so it wasn't like he'd skip out on beating the quest. They said their farewells, then Esma and Etsy set off for their late night gaming. The fox heard her notif jingle suddenly, and due to the quietness of the night, it startled her just a bit.

    Jack Rever:
    Thanks, I reckon. I will need a big load of help to understand this new world. It's been awhile since I've played a VRMMO. Seems pretty close to GGO, minus the magic. It'd be mighty nice to meet up with you somewhere, games are more fun when you have a party.

    Okay, sounds like a plan! I've already added you, and I see you're not too far from us. Myself and a friend couldn't sleep, so we got back on for a bit more gaming. :D Anyway, we'll be warping to the town gate, if you wouldn't mind waiting for us nearby.

    Esma sent the message, and pulled up her map, but noticed that she couldn't travel to that town. Etsy had not been there either, and so the two had to make their way on foot. Esma knew it might be better, to get her equipment and personal levels up on the way, but being a game with real life measurement values and IRL time, it would mean fifteen minutes of walking. Sorry, we might be a minute, we're actually going to have to hoof it to you. We've never been there before. The foxy warrior sent her message and continued of her way with Etsy in tow.
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  6. Jack did as she instructed, and waited by the gate to the town. This game felt so much different, it felt more alive then GGO. Everything was so bright and colorful, even the over touch and feel of the world felt more advanced. He could see and feel the dust and grit in the wind, he could feel the blare of the sun beating down on him. What's more he could feel the weight of his gear on him, was all part of some new system? It felt so real.

    *Beep beep* He looked to his notifications.

    "Sorry, we might be a minute, we're actually going to have to hoof it to you. We've never been there before." Kitsu responded.

    "Yeah no prob, I'll be here but the gate. Might wonder out a bit to try out this combat system." he sent the message.

    The cowboy started to wonder out of the town a bit, so that it was just barely out of view.

    "RAAAACK!" a roar came from behind him.

    "Hm?" Jack spun around to see what was behind him.

    There was a rock behind him and a small creature ran out from behind it.

    "RAAAK!" it roared again. Jack looked at it and his HUD said "Flame Salamander Lv1." The creature shot a small fire ball at Jack, but thanks to Jack's jacket it didn't do much. Jack pulled out his gun and fire at the lizard *BOOM!*. The bullet connected and the little thing collapsed to the ground.

    2 XP
    1 Salamander hide

    "Hah Piece of cake." he holstered his gun.

    "RAAAAAKKKKKKK!" there was a louder roar and a burst of sand flew up in Jack's face. When the dust settled a huge lizard like beast was staring at him.
    Jack looked at the beast and his HUD read "Salamander Mother Lv 5." "Well shit." he shot at the beast, but the bullets didn't seem to much damage. It retaliated with a large fireball, this time Jack took damage. He went from 100 HP to 90.
  7. Esma and her companion continued on their way to meet up with the newbie. more or less most of the journey was to be straight-forward and fairly untraveled. A fourth of the way there, however, was a spawn trigger, which would spawn a random enemy type based on the terrain-type. The fox took to the trees while Etsy continued on foot down the path. They did this mainly to keep any and all potential threats off-guard, seeing as Esma's sneak skill was high enough to remain undetected from most enemies, and half the player base.

    monster encounter.png

    Seeing as Etsy triggered the enemies, they were a lower level than Esma, low enough to be dispatched easily, but the downside was that sneak skill couldn't hide the spawn count. A plethora of skeletal warriors warped into view, and Etsy darted off into battle immediately. The fox held back, pulling a spell tome out and reciting the words. "...Ento, Naato, Ceve, Cortis!" As she finished the spell, all the enemies were aware of her presence, but it didn't negate the sneak bonus applied from starting the spell preemptively. As a few started to target the fox, Etsy moved into position to stop them. Esma held the spell for a time, but it was running out fast, as high level spells could only be held on stand-by for a limited time. Etsy gathered them all in a group, before boost-jumping herself far enough away to drop the enemy aggro, just before a burst of flames in the form of a dragon swallowed them up, and exploded in a shower of fiery pixels.

    Etsy and Esma worked best this way. They were well aware of most of the game mechanics by obviously watching the game closely as they played. They knew a vast amount of knowledge on numerous enemies unknown to half the info brokers in-game. However, they were strategic enough to gather info on actual bosses with only two members, so their knowledge on most bosses was on the same level as other players. With the only enemy spawn dealt with on their path, Esma continued along the path, rejoining Etsy on the ground.

    "I'm so glad they didn't make me as soon as I started that spell..." Esma said as they ran. Etsy simply nodded her head, knowing that for each minute in combat, the chance of another enemy spawning increased slightly.
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  8. Jack stared down the lizard "Maybe a spell then?" he looked through his hug. "Uh Ari Will!" a burst of wind shot the enemy up into the air.

    "RAAAKKK!" it screamed as it flew through the air. *Thud* it landed on it's back and struggled to get back up right. Jack noticed that the bell of beast seemed to be pinker and softer then the rest of it's body. *Shing* he drew his blade and came down full force on the salamander. It gave a small roar then stopped moving, it's body went black then crumbled into dust.


    10 XP
    Large Salamander Hide
    Salamander tooth

    Jack sheathed his sword and breathed a sigh of relief "Looks like this place is going to be one hell of a ride." ​
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  9. The air was gradually getting thicker with dust the closer they got to their new-found friend, and seeing that the area he was in was a desert-like town, it likely meant a dust storm was coming. Esma and her companion hit the edge of a cliff, and stopped abruptly. "Well..." The fox stared down, scanning for the player they were to meet with. "This'll be fun.." She said with a smirk, as she found the target, and backed away from the cliff casually. Etsy began turning to follow her when the mischievous Esma stormed over the edge, grabbing her companions arm as she went. The speed at which she bolted meant they'd make it close enough, if not land on Jack, if they were lucky. If not, it'd be a rough landing through a couple of trees, but that was fine also. The problem with her plan was that players new to a town would be awarded with a toss chance of spawning enemies.

    Esma's HUD flashed with a set of three large coins. each spun and spun as they neared their landing zone. The first landed on heads, the second, tails, and the last didn't stop until they'd almost landed. "Yes!" Esma exclaimed, and the young man turned just in time to break their fall. The last coin had landed on tails, which meant no trouble with enemies near the town gate. Esma landed on Jack first, with Etsy right behind her, each with a consecutive thud. :Recording Saved:, her HUD notified, and Esma smiled once more with a satisfied look on her face.
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