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  1. She sat at her desk, staring at the teacher that continued to ramble on about algebra. A sigh escaped her lips, and she glanced out the window, then jot down some notes. It was the end of the day, about five more minutes before school would be let out, then it would be the regular routine. Her mind settled into the panic mode when she realized that she forgot what the teacher said, and couldn't keep up. She was just about to raise her hand to ask for a repeat, when the bell rang. Just her luck. She sat there at her desk in complete shock, then went into an upset state of why she was letting her grades slip. That was something her father wouldn't be too happy about, and would hire her a tutor, so she quickly stood up and went to her teachers desk. She asked for him to repeat what he just told the class, but instead, he had a print out of today's lesson already printed out. Her eye would twitch at that, but she would bow and thank him before going off to her desk and gathering up her things.

    Her blue hair fell over her right shoulder, as she quickly stuffed her bag full of binders and papers. She was rushing at this point. If she was late home again, her father would have their personal driver come pick her up, and that was the last thing she wanted to happen. She wanted to prove to her father that she didn't need help doing every little thing in her life. This is probably the part where you are wondering what is up with the tutor, and driver. The heroine of this story comes from a rather rich family, living in Hiroshima. The father being a wealthy business owner, and older brother who planned to take over the business in a year, along with the stay at home mother who did all the shopping and donating to the city, while speaking at public show casings. Some may say she was a spoiled brat who got what she wanted all the time, which in the most part, was true. Though this girl didn't see it that way. She saw it as a reason for people to try and take advantage of her.

    She threw her back over her shoulder and turned around. She cracked her fingers then walked out of the classroom, the short skirt to her school uniform was bouncing on her legs. She walked the hallway rather fast, looking around to see hardly anyone was in the hallway anymore. That sort of irritated her. She turned the corner and went to the lockers. She found hers and entered in the combination. It failed twice, and the third time. she just found herself punching the door, then turning quickly on her heel and walking back the way she came to the main hall. She turned the same corner faster this time, and was almost at a full sprint down the hallway to reach the front doors. It appeared that no one was in her way. She let out a sigh of relief, but we all know how this story goes.
  2. The black haired youth walked slowly down the halls, his bag hanging off one shoulder and ear buds screwed into his ears blasting loud music. It was evident that he was in no hurry to leave the school, unwilling to go to his home and deal with his siblings. Not yet anyways. Haien was always watching his brother and sister; being the eldest of three left him with a lot of responsibility concerning them. His sister, May, would have to watch their three year old brother, Tyson, for a little while.
    Haien reached over his shoulder to make sure his old, scuffed up skateboard was where it should be; sticking out slightly from his back pack. He planned on going to the park and skating for a few hours before going home to cook for his siblings. His parents worked until late, so he was often stuck with this chore. His family didn't live in poverty but they were high class either. They got by with his parents working, his dad even having two jobs, but they often didn't have the money for luxuries. What ever luxury Haien had, like his iPod and his skateboard, he had bought himself by working odd jobs around his community.
    With music blaring in his ears, and his eyes turned down to the ground he wasn't able to avoid being collided with when he turned a corner. All he saw was blue hair and he was on the ground with someone on top of him. His ear buds had been knocked from his ears, and his bag from his shoulders.
    "What the hell?!" He shouted, not in anger but in confusion and surprise, rubbing the back of his head where it had collided with the tile.
    He looked up to see who had knocked him to the ground and saw a pretty girl with blue hair. He was caught off guard once again and just sat there with his mouth open slightly for half a second before pulling himself to his feet.
    "I'm sorry. I didn't see you", Haien apologised before sticking his hand out to help the girl up from the girl as well.

    (Ooc: I just realized I never put pronunciation for Haien's name. So here it is.
    Haien(Hi-N) silent a; silent e)
  3. She almost made it to the door. She didn't realize the person coming around the corner from the hallway by the front door, and as a result, they both collided. They toppled to the floor, her bag being sprawled everywhere. She heard a males voice yell in surprise. She was sitting on the ground, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, with one hand on her head, as if rubbing it. Her legs were folded underneath her, and spread out. Her eyes were closed before she looked up and opened them, to see the already standing boy before her.
    She stared at him for a moment, wondering who he was. She had never seen him around before. Her blue eyes sparkled almost as she gazed up at him. Her long blue hair, having fallen out of the bow it was in, now rested gently on her shoulders. That didn't bother her. She was almost taken away by the appearance of this male. Black messy hair, and greenish to yellow hues. He offered her his hand and she adverted her gaze to it. She stared at his hand almost stupidly, before her brain actually processed what had happened. That was when it hit her.
    She smacked his hand away and stood up herself, "You should watch where you are going! Pay attention more often and you might see that you are not the only person in the halls!" She snapped at him, giving him a light glare. She was upset about the fact he did just run her over practically.
    The blue haired female looked at her bag and binders on the floor. She sighed softly and began to pick them up, stuffing the binders back into the bag. She was rushing, trying to get all her things picked up before her father sent for the driver to come find her.
    She glanced over at the young male, then pretended to not notice him anymore, as if he had already walked away from her. Once she was finished packing, she tossed her bag over her shoulder, and headed for the door again. She held her ribbon in her hand, and she began trying to put her hair up once again.
  4. Haien was completely caught off guard when she slapped his hand away, and he shook his head when she chewed him out. He picked up his bag and the skateboard that had rolled out of it. He picked him iPod up off the ground as well and turned off the music that was still playing through the connected ear buds.
    "Are you crazy? You were the one running down the stupid hallway like something was chasing you! I was minding my business until you smacked into me", he called after her as he shoved his skateboard roughly back into his bag. His eyebrows pinched together in irritation that she would have the nerve to chew him out after what had just happened.
    The black-haired boy simply shook him head at the ground and there his bag back onto his shoulder. Hesitating when she picked up her things and started to walk away, a soft sigh escaped him. He didn't want the only conversation between them to be a shouting match.
    "Look, im sorry. I wasn't paying attention and ill admit that, but you weren't either. Can we start this over? My name's Haien", he told her as he jogged to catch up with the blue haired girl. He didn't want to leave off on a bad note, he liked to be friendly whenever possible, but he irritation often got the best of him.
  5. The blue haired girl rolled her eyes when he shouted his name, and caught up with her. She bit the inside of her lip to keep herself from being entirely rude. She stopped at the front door and looked him over. She studied him a moment, as if liking what she was seeing. She looked out the door and popped her jaw.
    "Alright. Hello there Mr. Haien. Tamagi Shiro. Just address me as Shiro. Now if you excuse me, I best be getting home. I don't have time to chit chat." She opened the door to the school and walked out, allowing him to follow since it appeared he was leaving too. She trotted down the stairs and gripped her bag tightly. That was when an expensive car pulled up to the lot. That made her eye start twitching. The driver stepped out and pointed to his watch. Shiro stopped walking then. She turned around to the boy who called himself Haien.
    "Hey...I'm sorry too. Just...watch where you are going next time. I'll be at the tree in the lunch area tomorrow. Come if you're willing." She gave him a smile then turned back to the car after the horn honked a few times. She waved back to Haien and ran to the car. The driver opened the door for her, and she pulled herself inside.
    The driver shut the door behind her, and she looked through the window at the young male. She sighed softly, as the car pulled away from the school.
    "Stop the car." She spoke. The driver insisted that her father wanted her home, but she told him just to stop the car. She got out and closed the door. She ran back to the boy, "Haien!" She ran to where the car was once parked.
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  6. Shiro. A nice name but one that he had heard before. She was the daughter of a wealthy businessman, one of the wealthiest in Hiroshima. He didn't care though, but he figured she would when she realized he wasn't from that part of town. But he had to push that thought out of his head, think positively. Boarders could always be breached right? It didn't happen very often but maybe.
    He listened as she spoke and reluctantly agreed with what she had to say, but followed her out the doors his hands still shoved into his pockets
    "I might come", he chuckled when she offered for him to sit with her during lunch, maybe they could be friends after all. It was worth a shot anyways, he sat on his own usually because most of his friends usually got into trouble.
    The black car that pulled up caught his attention, and his blue-green eyes slid over the glossy vehical before watching her climb into it. Perhaps a chauffeur or something of the like. He brought up his hand and waved goodbye to Shiro before starting to walk down the sidewalk once again. Haien was about to put his music back on when he heard his name called again and turned this head to see the blue haired girl running back towards him. Surprise ran through him but didn't show on his face, didn't she say she was late or something like that?
    "Yeah?" The black-haired youth inquired in a slight confusion. He turned so that he was facing her once again, pausing only to reposition his back pack on his shoulder because it had started to fall. He shoved his iPod back into his pocket so that it wouldn't look like he was ready to be rid of her, which he wasn't.
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  7. Shiro caught up with him and looked up at the blacked hair boy she soon would have relations with. She gave him a shy smile and looked back at the car that was driving off.
    "My father can wait. I want you to walk me home instead. Isn't that how friendships are maid?" She titled her head then walked ahead of him. Shiro was one of those girls who loved cliché plots, but with a little twist of her own. The whole meet me at lunch thing was too middle school for her. Her friends had told her to use that instead, but she enjoyed her ways better. Plus, this boy seemed like he wasn't the type to just meet some girl at lunch. He wanted excitement. She smiled mischievously while biting her lip.
    She stopped and looked back at him
    "You men are so slow. I don't live far, so hurry up." She motioned for him to come on. She wasn't one who liked to be kept waiting. If you took her time, she didn't need you. She was the girl who always moved at a fast pace, and get things out of the way in a heart beat.
    She turned back around, and continued to walk along the sidewalk. He might actually be someone she would wait for.
    Her hands clasped behind her back as she played with her fingers, reaching for the tips of her hair. She looked up at the sky, and having left her bag in the car, she was able to move more freely.
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  8. Haien gave her a soft smile where one side of his mouth was slightly higher than the other; his signature crooked smile. He liked the way that she said she wanted him to walk her home, and found himself glad that she did.

    "I'd love to walk you home, Shiro", he chuckled as he watched her start to walk away down the sidewalk. With another chuckle he jogged to catch up with the blue haired girl. It was obvious that she was one to like things direct and quick, but the sight of her mischievous grin made his heart thump.

    I could get used to this girl he thought pleasantly as his blue-green gaze fell onto her lithe form. He couldn't help but notice that she was absolutely stunning. Easily one of the prettiest girls in the school, and possibly of the ones he had the pleasure to have known.

    "Do you have to go straight home or will you get in trouble if you were a bit later?" He asked out of curiosity, not knowing that else they could do rather than go stat to her home. He wouldn't be missed by anyone but his sister if he didn't come home to later, so he was okay with that. She would have to survive. He figured they could go see a movie or got get coffee or something; take a lots detour as he thought of it.

    "If you have to be home, maybe we could hang out sometime soon?" He added quickly to the end of his previous question. He fought hard to keep his face from flushing, which was unusual for him. He was usually so calm and collected, even around pretty girls, but something was different about her.

    He also couldn't but think about how their chance meeting could have ended much different. After their collison in the hallway they could have enter up hating each other, and turning their own separate ways. Funny how things happened like that.
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  9. Shiro glanced over at the boy that now caught up with her. She could tell she was going to have a little fun with him down the road. Also, though, she couldn't help but wonder what actually gave her the courage to get out of the car and go after him? She was going to leave him alone there at lunch, and not have anything to do with him again. She had boys barking up her tree almost everyday.

    Sometimes I can't believe how much of an idiot I am, she thought to herself. Looking away at the buildings to their left where he couldn't see her facial reactions. She was biting her lip in a completely nervous manner, but all her thoughts and nervousness was taken away when he asked her if she really had to be home so soon. She looked over at him, and before she could answer, he spoke another sentence. Then, she could tell that he was nervous too.

    She thought for a moment before speaking up, "Father can wait on me. He's probably too busy talking to my older brother about the business then worried about when I'll be home. I can hang out with you for a good two hours before he realizes." She smiled up at him, liking where all of this was going. She hadn't been out with a boy since middle school, for the fact that she could never find the right one. Now some boy has practically trampled over her, and is picking her back up again. In the movies, the best and long lasting relationship is always a collision somewhere at some point.

    "There's no need to wait," she added on, "What did you have in mind? I'm up for just about anything. Just letting you know. If it's boring~ You wont be seeing me again." She laughed a little. If she was going to go out with a guy, he had to keep things interesting and to her liking, or what was the point? Boring and complicated doesn't equal the perfect happily ever after. There had to be those bumps in the road, yes, but a lot of laughing and goofing off.

    She walked a little slower, trying to match his pace and foot steps. She stared at his feet, but her eyes gazed up his body. She caught herself looking at him again, but didn't care. In a way, she was proud of herself. He was tall, handsome, and obviously had a sense of humor if he could laugh like that. She was wondering why he would be walking her home and not some other girl. He could easily get the prettiest girl in school in a heart beat. Guess that makes her lucky. If things worked out this afternoon, she was going to have him all to herself for sure.
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  10. To be completely honest Haien hadn't expected her to accept, figuring that she would turn him down. Surely she already had someone, especially with a face like hers.
    "Hmmm..... let's see. I was on my way to the skate park if you're interested in that? Or we can go do something else like get coffee or see a movie?" He replied, turning it into a question for her. He wasn't sure what would be interesting for this girl, she seemed mischievous and seemed like she would be hard to figure out. But he liked that in a girl; most of the girls in the school were shallow with little more personality that flirting and giggling.

    Sorry it's short :( ))
  11. [It's alright ^^]

    Shiro put a finger to her lip, looking up at the sky, she looked over at him and smiled, "The skate park seems fun. Lets go there!" She flicked her hair back and popped her knuckles as if ready for a good thrill. She had never done anything fun. She always stayed up in her room doing nothing. It was nice to finally get out and do something. She didn't have a boyfriend to take her out anyways, so might as well hang out with friends instead.
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  12. "Let's go then", Haien grinned. Shiro certainly was interesting, he'd give her that. He lead the way in the direction of the skate park, which was only a few blocks away, and told a few jokes along the way. When the concrete of the ramps and ledges came into view he turned and walked backwards so that he was facing her.
    "Do you know how to ride a skateboard? Cause I could try to teach you if you don't", the dark haired male offered as he occasionally glanced back to make sure he wouldn't run into anything.
  13. "Please! I know how to skateboard." She crossed her arms over her chest and looked to the side. In her mind, she was pounding her head against a wall. Why did she just lie to him? She had no clue how to skateboard. Was she trying to impress him or something? He'll find out as soon as she even tries that she doesn't know how. Then what will that tell him? Not only is she a liar, but also a loser who can't skate or anything? She glanced over at him, and watched as he walked backwards, and kept watching his steps. She bit her lip as her eye started twitching with guilt. She wouldn't give in. She would try to skate. It couldn't be that hard? She walked past here once or twice and saw guys doing it all the time.
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  14. Haien grinned in response and spun on his heel so that he was walking normally again beside her. He was interest in watching her skate, having not caught on to the fact that she had lied, and was happily ignorant to it. When they walked in he told her to hold on a moment and went and got a spare board, a simple brown thing, from one of his friends before jogging back and offering it to her.
    "Here you go", he smiled as he dropped his backpack on the ground and pulled his own from it he black bag.
    Holding it in the crook of his arm he turned back to her," you ready?"
    The sound of people were all at them, and he found that comforting. There was only about five others at the park, but they stuck to the other side of the park where the larger ramps were at. He hoped that he wouldn't fall and make a fool of himself or something, because he could be a bit of a show off in front of girls, and often times he didn't even notice when he did it.
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  15. Shiro took and board and laughed nervously, "Yeah, I'm ready." She looked around at everyone there. 'Great.' she thought, 'Now I can make a fool of myself in front of everyone here.' Her blue hues got attention by him admiring all the people around them. That interested her. She mentally jotted down that he obviously liked being around a big group of people. Or maybe just his type of personality people.
    She looked around at the boys and girls that were there. A few of them looked like the type of people she would normally avoid, or make jokes of. Then there were a few guys that she could see herself hanging out with.
    The blue haired girl looked at Haien. He was who she wanted to be around. At least...she thought so. Then remembering that she would be wasting her time at home, she took his hand and pulled him along, "Stop acting like a loser and get on the ramp already." She said, and walked towards the ramps. She honestly didn't know what she was getting herself into.
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