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  1. Right, so, this will be where i store all my rp/character/whatever ideas that i can't currently implement so that I don't lose track of them.

    If anyone wishes to give feedback or otherwise discuss these ideas please do not post in this thread. Instead, just message me directly. I would like to keep this specific thread for my personal use as a storage space, thank you.
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  2. FTE REPORT -002-

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    7:23PM, Janurary 15th, 20XX[DATA REDACTED]
    Location: Sigma Base, HQ
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    EM emissions are dispersing, contact with Sigma base located outside [DATA EXPUNGED] city has been restored. On-site personel are still gathering event data, however General R.T. Baker has forwarded this innitial report:

    "At 1837 hours today an explosion occured in [DATA EXPUNGED] city that seems to have wiped out approximately [DATA REDACTED]% of the population. Current intel suggests that the explosion was caused by activation of [DATA REDACTED] unit, likely activated by one [DATA REDACTED] cell that intelligence has suspected was opperating within [DATA EXPUNGED] city over the last [DATA REDACTED] months.

    While specific measurements are impossible to make at this time, most of the city seems to have been destroyed in the explosion. Innitial conerns were that nuclear weaponry had been involved due to the large amounts of EM radiation, but subsequent analysis shows no nuclear radiation present. This increases the likelyhood of one or more [DATA EXPUNGED] untit(s) being the source of the blast.

    All synthetic material present within the blast radius seems to have been atomized, however organic material was left untouched. Innitial survey teams have reported no survivors.

    Further reports will be sumbitted as more information is gathered"

    Sigma base has enacted CODE:K-Tex protocols in responce to possible M-scenario threat levels. No resources are to be spent on Media Control Tactics at this time.

    FTE Report -017-

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    7:51AM, January 16th, 20XX[DATA REDACTED]
    Location: ISM Outpost Echo
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    "Jesus... Jesus Fucking Christ [gasping noises, followed by choked sobbing, quickly interrupted by forced recomposure]. My... My name [sudden throat clearing] My name is agent [AUDIO DATA REDACTED], of ISM Outpost Echo, located 3 clicks outside of [AUDIO DATA EXPUNGED], Germany. As of the time of this recording, I am the only agent stationed at this outpost confirmed alive and fit for duty.

    Approximately 3 hours ago, an explosion all but leveled... fuck I won't even bother mentioing the city's name, Brass'll just erase that part of the recording anyways. A lot of fuckin good that'll do, you can't just hide the fact that [DATA EXPUNGED] souls were just snuffed out in a fucking second... god damn...

    [There is a pause several seconds long before the agent again clears their throat and continues] Anyways, the city is gone. Not destroyed, gone. Everything.

    Well, everything except for all the... wood. And grass...

    Organic things are still there, completely unharmed as if the explosion never even happened. but the people, the animals, everything in the city, including my fellow agents who were in the city limits at the time of explosion, everything with a heartbeat dropped dead as far as my observations...

    ... shit, I... no.. god damn, I have to be prfessional about this. Fuck!

    Not... everything, there was one confirmed life form that remained active when i went to investigate. Agent [DATA EXPUNGED].

    When I found him, he was lying unconscious, just outside of point Echo-07. I approached the agent his breathing was shallow, but he was woken up by 'mild auditory stimulation' [the subject mumbles the next part bitterly] 'course i can't just fuckin say i shouted his name a few times and he came to... god fucking... why am I even bothering with this...?

    [There is another pause before the agent resumes] Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] seemed disoriented at first, and wasn't responding to any questioning on my part. Instead, his first action was to roll over on all fours and proceed to regurgitate what seemed to be the entire contents of his stomach, accompanied by profuse perspiration and severe diareha. Basically, his body seemed to just be rejectingeverything that was inside it prior to the explosion.

    I attempted to resume questioning so as to gain a better perspective of the situation, but Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] remained unresponsive, opting instead to hold his throat by both hands and breathing heavily, as if severely dehydrated. I wouldn't be very fucking surprised if he was considering all teh fluids he just finished pumping out of his own system. at least at the time I wouldn't have been. Now.. now I just don;t know what teh hell was going on with him...

    Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] began repeatedly stating that he was hungry, and that he wanted to eat, often simply repeating the word 'hungry' in a low voice. I attempted to further question the agent, offering to provide food in return for his cooperation, however he continued to disregard my presence, seemingly not even realizing I was there.

    That was when I drew-... That was when I began questioning what level of sanity agent [DATA EXPUNGED] was opperating under. Out of precaution I slowly distanced myself from him and cautiously drew my side arm, this was precicely when he took notice of me. Agent [DATA REDACTED] immediately turned his attention towards me and took notice of my weapon. Becoming visibly enraged, Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] quickly got to his feet and ran at me, growling furiously and baring a set of deffinitely inhuman teeth. Instinctively I raised my weapon and placed two shots between... Actualy, come to think of it, it wasn't me he was running at, it was my gun. sonofa-...

    Anyways, I placed two shots in his head at near point blank range, causing him to topple over and crumple to the ground. Believing agent [DATA EXPUNGED] dead, I holstered my weapon and surveyed the area, attempting to discover any evidence as to what had transpired. However, a few instants later i heard agent [DATA EXPUNGED] growl back to life. I...

    Christ i watched him get up. I watched him, two bullet holes fresh in his skull, growl like some fuckig animal and rise like a god damned zombie...

    He looked at me, square in the eyes, and i saw the bullet wounds close themselves. Did you hear what i said? Without leaving so much as a sracch, the holes closed up like nothing had happened, even his blood was just... reabsorbed into his head.

    then... then he got up again, and ran at me, again. So i shot, again, but i didn;t leave it at two shots. I emptied my whole fucking clip into that son of a bitch. He didn;t even go down again. The shots made him stumble and lose his balance, but he was back on his feet faster than ever, and still coming at me, at my gun.

    I panicked.

    I didn;t have time to reload so i just tossed my weapon asside and reached for a fragmentation grenade i brought with me. you know, just in case.

    I mean, fuck, a whole city just went up in a flsh of light, and communication was knocked out. I damn well knew that anything i found down there might need a little more than your standard fare if i encountered opposition, right? so i grabbed a few extras before heading out. Fucking saved my life too.

    Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] he... he ignored me at first. when I threw my pistol away he went for it instead of me. He jumped on it like a lion catching a gazelle, and did pretty much the same thing. he put it in his mouth and stared eating.

    Christ, the soundit made was just... unnatural. Like it was being shredded and crunched up by a machine, or like... bu a dozen machines. i can;t fucking describe it, but the sound of him... 'eating'... with those sharp, metal teeth.... It's like i can still hear it in the back of my skull...

    anyways, that gave me the time I needed to grab that grenade, and when he was done eating i snaapped out of it and pulled the pin before tossing it at him... the bastard turned around and jumped up to catch it in his mouth.

    I hit the dirt and a second later the upper half of his torso was blown away.

    Worried that there might be more of where he came from deeper inside the city, I quickly regained my vehicle and made my way back to the outpost in order to make another attempt at contacting command.

    Onc I arrived, however, I was horrified to see that I wasn't alone. Sometime after i left, agent [DATA EXPUNGED} started regenerating. Yeah, from having everything above his abs blown clean off...

    It musn't have taken long either, because he followed after my jeep afterwards, all teh way to the outpost. when i stopped my vehicle in front, I was finaly made aware of the fact that he'd been tailing me when he slammed headfirst into the vehicle and started eating it like he did my gun earlier. that's when i finally caught sight of what he'd become.

    the parts of his body that had regenerated didn't look human anymore. Fuck they didn't even look like they belonged on this planet. He looked like a machine, silvery and shiny, with blades sticking out of every concievable fucking angle on his head and shoulders. Every time his mouth opened his jaw would unhinge like a fucking snake and it woudl show how inside it was nothing more than rows, upon rows, upon row, upon more fucking row of small blades. not teeth, fucking blades, spinning and grinding, ready to take any chunk of metal introduced into his mouth and turn it into fucking dust.

    Thankfully for me he seemed more interested in the car than me, so i got out and bolted for the outpost. i think that the quick moevemnt caught his attention though, because i barely had time to close the door behind me before he came and slammed into it, quickly ripping it up. I didn't waste any fucking time, terrified like i was. I got to the trap door and got into the bunker beneath the outpost and sealed myself in before he could get to me, and it wasn't long before i hear him... clawing, and scratching, and... screaming. god what teh fuck was that even? you wouldn't expect something that looked like that to make any human sounds but... god damn that screaming turned the blood in my veins into ice.

    Anyways, the scratching and clawing continued for a while, but it's stopped now. If i'm lucky it means he's gone back to eating my jeep and just forgot about me. but after everything i;ve seen I'm not gonna believe in luck anymore, that's why i'm making this recording.

    I'm currently holed out in the communications room of the bunker, and i've barricaded the entrance with anything i could find that wasn't critically required to contact HQ.

    I'll upload this recording to the outpost uplink so that if worse comes to worse, at least command will know what the fuck happened here.

    Afterwards, I won;t be leaving this room till can get into contact with HQ and find out just what the fuck happened here.

    I only pray to god that someone comes to extract me before that thing finds its way in here and gets me.

    This is Agent [DATA REDACTED], signing out."

    TECHNOPHAGE - Of Oil and Bones

    Sometime in the early 21st century, there was a mass terrorist attack carried out simultaneously across nearly thirty major cities all across the world. within minutes of each other, bombs went off in over 15 countries wiping out hundreds of millions of human lives.

    The bombs all had the peculiar trait of seemingly attacking only synthetic materials. That is, materials with no organic base, such as concrete, or steel, or even heavily processed products like plastic. These objects would get completely destroyed, seemingly atomized by the blast. But organic things such as wood, plants, fruits, and most foods didn't get a scratch. That being said, living things were not spared by the blast; autopsies would later reveal that all animal life found its neurological functions disabled once caught in the blast. In other words: once the blast wave hit, it would have forcefully shut off all functions in the brain, killing the victims instantaneously. It's speculated that this effect is related to the incredibly powerful electromagnetic interference that also characterized the explosions. Together, the blasts generated an EMP force powerful enough to knock out almost all communications across the world for several hours.

    either way, what little of the cities were left to be considered their rubble was filled with the corpse of all the cites' now deceased inhabitants, including all the animal life. However, they would not all be dead.

    Some few -whether they be fortunate or unfortunate is for one to decide themselves- survived the attacks, and made their way out of the rubble and broken bodies. However, out of the carnage they came... changed. Almost every individual cell in heir bodies had been replaced by nanomachines fulfilling the same functions.

    These would-be refugees were also severely psychologically unstable, prone to bursts of violence, and were plagued with an insatiable sense of hunger. However they could no longer consume normal foods, their bodies rejecting almost anything they consumed if it could be considered even close to what humans call food.

    What they hungered for were machines. They needed to eat synthetic materials to sustain themselves, especially metals.

    Everything from toaster ovens to machine guns to computer chips were fair game as far as these 'survivors' were concerned. These people and animals were no longer what they were before the blast; they were now capable of rearranging their bodies at will, materializing blades and claws to kill anyone or anything that stood in the way of their feasting.

    The more they ate, the more they grew, the more powerful they became, and the more they needed to eat. Thus the monsters known as Technophages were born.

    Humanity was forced to flee the advancement of these literal killing machines, as most had no way of fighting back. Melee weaponry and most firearms were more than useless, instead just providing more materials for the technophages to devour, and even explosives had limited effect in damaging them, since they could simply regenerate whatever parts were blown off. The problem was that as long as even a few nanomachines were left and they still had access to synthetic materials, the machines could eventually reconstruct the entire body. Thus to destroy them permanently one had to destroy them completely, down to the last nanobot.

    Acid showed to be effective, but had little use outside of traps.

    Advanced plasma weaponry did have some effect in letting humans strike back, since the intense heat completely destroyed any nanobots it came into contact with, but it was still a chore to completely destroy an entire technophage down to the last nanite.

    The only effective weapon humanity developed for striking back were EM weapons. By harnessing electromagnetic properties and creating what were essentially EMP guns, humans created a weapon that could destroy an entire Technophage in one or two shots (for the bigger models of guns anyways) since, unlike plasma rounds, the electromagnetic pulse fired by the weapons were not limited to only destroying the first layer of machine they came into contact with. The EMP would pass right through an entire technophage and short out every nanobot it came into contact with,

    However, these guns were both difficult and expensive to make, so there were not incredibly many floating around with most of the major factories of the world gone with the cities. Most now are hoarded by hunter guilds, small groups of trained soldiers who perform routine raids on known technophages, attempting to slowly turn the tide of their invasion.

    Despite all this, there was one truth that most people were not aware of. Not all technophages had gone feral.

    Some very few of the human technophages retained their sanity even after being transformed, and were able to resist becoming mindless killing machines. However, these few sentient technophages are now on the run, constantly fighting against the human hunters guilds who would wipe them out like any other technophages. They also have to fight against other technophages, because when a feral gets hungry enough, it is far from above eating its own kind for sustenance. And most tragically they must fight themselves constantly. They must resist their violent impulses and find a way to sate their hunger for machinery, lest it drive them insane and they go feral as well.

    However, unbeknownst to most, even them, these sentient technophages would soon be revealed to be humanity's best shot at survival. The best chance humanity had to be rid of the Technophage menace.

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  3. Name: Auron Borus (a romanization of his true name pronounced as 'Ouroboros')

    Age: 5 sheddings and 8 scales (Naga, being cyclically immortal, measure age and time differently than humans. A shedding is when a naga's corporeal body withers away and they are reborn in a new body. A naga can tell how close they are to their next shedding by how many scales have grown in a line down their throat and towards their chest. Upon their first life, a naga will 'shed' soon after growing their ninth scale, but an extra scale is added to every new incarnation they take. It takes approximately 3-5 years for a scale to grow. This would put Auron somewhere between 189 to 315 in human years. By his own admission the later number 'sounds about right')

    Race: Naga
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    The Naga are a race of powerful serpentine warrior mages. First generation Naga are born when the egg of a snake is dipped in molten silver, then fed to a cobra, who must then be drowned in a pool of water purified by flakes of white gold and blessed with Snakefang root extract. The result is a pure white, scaleless snake with emerald eyes slithering out of the pool sometime later. This form is what several Naga would consider their 'embryonic' form (though it is closer, biologically, to an infancy stage) and the white snake must survive for 108 years before transforming into a true Naga.

    Naga are at both times great warriors, and erudite mages, being gifted with strong bodies and sharp minds, as well as all the time in the world to master whatever techniques and spells they may apply themselves to. They are traditionally masters of the spear, and have refined its usage to an art form. Naga are also powerful shape shifters who can seamlessly transition between their snake form and a human form, though the state most of them feel most comfortable with is a gorgon-like form possessing the head, arms and torso of a human, with the tail of a snake.

    Every time a Naga undergoes a shedding, they are reborn as a young adult with different physical features from their own (similar to a time lord's regeneration) but retain all of their past memories and abilities. The only physical characteristic that will stay completely unchanged throughout each of a naga's sheddings will be the colour of their hair/scales, and the Naga use this fact in order to separate themselves by rank in their culture. The lowliest in their culture are the black naga, followed by red and orange naga, then green and yellow naga, then the blue naga, and finally with the rare white naga at the top of the social hierarchy. It shoudl be noted however that, as naga are typically solitary creatures who only very rarely amass together in large groups, these social divisions are rarely present in their day-to-day lives.

    While a Naga cannot use their shape shifting change their physical characteristics in order to copy another's appearance, they are free to shift between any previous form they have taken during a former 'life' and it id not uncommon for naga to favour one particular appearance over another. Though it is rare, a naga will sometimes be reborn as a different gender when they have shed, allowing them to shift between male and female forms at will. This has led to the misconception that Naga are genderless or hermaphroditic creatures.

    Another misconception of the Naga is that they are Hematophagic, that they drink blood for sustenance. It is actually their close cousins the Lamiae (separable from the naga by the fact that a Lamia's scales will never be monochromatic, but rather copy the patterns of a real snake) who feed nearly exclusively on blood. For a Naga to consume the blood of another is a very sacred act, as it is how they reproduce. As they consume the blood of their partner, they also consume part of their essence, resulting in them soon falling into a deep hibernation state that will usually last approximately 48 hours. Naga tradition demands that none besides the naga's partner (or, in the case of medical complications requiring a physician's aide, another naga) lay eyes upon the dormant naga during this time. When the naga wakes, they will regurgitate a small egg from their mouth, the approximate size of a baseball, red in coloration and flecked with shimmering white speckles (The egg 'laying' process is so sacred to the naga that none other than the parent are allowed to bear witness to it, no matter the circumstance). The egg is then placed in a prepared nest near a heat source (traditionally between an open flame and a running stream of water) and hatches anywhere from 2 to 6 days later, spawning one to three white, scaleless snakes. It is customary for the Naga parent to then offer a small portion of their own blood as their offspring's first meal, a symbolic gesture that is believed to impart some of the parent's soul onto the newborn and bless them with good fortune. This is done primarily because soon after hatching the infant Naga (referred to as Nagini) will quickly slither away and, like their parents before them, be tasked with the challenge of surviving for 108 years before becoming a true Naga. It is a severe social taboo for a naga parent to attempt to keep their child nearby after the hatching, and to ensure that they live to see the full 108 years of their 'infancy'.

    Because of this unique form of reproduction, it is possible for both male and female Naga to lay eggs. It should be noted however that a naga, upon exiting the nagini stage, will always have the same hair/scale coloration as their parent. because of this it is considered incredibly taboo in Naga culture for Naga of different colours to mate with one another. It is said that such unions to give birth to monstrous and demonic offspring and it is believed in Naga culture that the Gorgon and Lamia races were created by such means, leading to the vast majority of them treating Gorgons and Lamiae as inferior sub-races to their own.

    It should be noted that, in the case of male naga, it is possible for them to reproduce with females of other species in the more 'common' form. However, such unions will only create offspring of the mother's race, never another naga.

    As an interesting aside, when a Naga becomes aroused, their venom actually becomes a potent aphrodesiac. This is theorized to be an evolutionary reaction to the fact that, being solitary creatures, they must frequently mate with beings of other species. The aphrodisiac is most likely a tool they developped at an earlier stage of their evolution in order to sedate their mates with pleasure while drawing the blood necessary to reproduce. In modern days, it isn't uncommon for Naga to engage in self-stimulation in order to become aroused, and then collect the venom from their fangs, which can later be processed and distilled before being sold as a popular 'love potion' in most markets. For many naga, it is possible to make a comfortable living from the sale of these potions alone.

    While naga cannot die of natural causes, being reborn every time their bodies whither away, they can still be victims of murder.

    Class: Master Spellblade

    Title: Sect Master

    Sect Study: Dominus

    Appearance: Auron's appearance is variable, due to him being a naga, however he has 3 'preferred' forms that he is most commonly seen in. his current physical form is that of an older man with a cross-shaped scar on the left side of his face and short, combed-back hair atop a balding head. This is the form he is most frequently seen in when walking around campus, as he finds it is the one most befitting his image as a sect master.

    When Auron is demonstrating potent magic or complex physical techniques, he changes shape to a younger form, that of his 3rd shedding. In this form he is notably quite handsome, with wind-swept hair and piercing crimson eyes, and is a few inches taller than he is in his normal form. If he had to say, he woudl call this his combat form, as it is the one in which he has spent the most time wielding his spear.

    His third most common form is his full-sake form, which has remained relatively unchanged throughout his different incarnations. His 'true' form is that of a great sea serpent several kilometres long, but thanks to his shape shifting arts he can restrict the size of his snake transformation to only being about a dozen feet long. This is the form he typically takes on when he relaxing in his personal quarters.

    It should be noted that, for either of his 'human' forms, he is equally likely to be seen with two legs as he is to be seen with a long, white snake tail extending from his abdomen.

    Normal form
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    combat/young form
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    Full serpent form
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    Personality: Auron is a stern old man who takes much pride in all his work, especially raising the students under him to their highest potential. As sect master of Dominus, he embraces the values of versatility and creativity on the battlefield, espousing the virtues that form and technique, while important, are only steppingstones to martial perfection. The true warrior transcends form and technique, and the limitations they impose, and lets his movements flow freely according to the needs of the battlefield. He considers the pursuit of martial perfection as both a deep science and the greatest of artforms, and has little love for those who bring technology to the battlefield, considering it a sacred place for warriors to pit mind body and spirit against one another's. With his students he is tough but fair, and disparages none regardless of whatever fighting style they adopt. Rather than profess one almighty form of battle, he embraces how each student must discover the path to their own perfection and how to best utilize the skills and traits they have studied and inherited.

    Of course, being familiar with both magical and pysical combat, he values the training of the mind and soul as equally as he does the training of the body, and thus is a giftend academic and avid artist (by virtue of poetry) on top of a proud warrior.

    It's often been said that his greatest personal flaw is that he is incredibly hard to please, as he often expects that everyone around him give their utmost to whatever task they have chose/are assigned to.

    Weapon(s): While Auron has mastered dozens of styles of martial craft, and is proficient with the use of hundreds of weapons, the two weapons he has the most love for are his Talisman deck and serpent spear

    Show Spoiler

    Abilities/Magic: (Self-Explanatory. Keep in mind your rank and title. Also give a small description of what they do.)

    History: (Self-Explanatory. Try for at least three paragraphs here.)
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  5. Voodoo Blade

    Loa: powerful spirits, sometimes referred to as gods or angels, who serve as arbitors between the spiritual and mortal realms. Their duty is to ensure that balance is maintained on both sides of the veil no matter the cost. While they have no 'right to rule', their great powers ensure that they are feared and respected both by the dead, and by the few living who know of them. They exist in opposition to Ashura, but cannot fight them directly, hence why they recruit Puppeteers into their service.

    Ashura: sometimes refered to as 'mad gods', Ashura are corrupted Loa who seek to destroy the balance keeping the spirit world and mortal world separate. It was through their design that the first demons were created, and thus all demons can be considered an extension of the influence of Ashura, making them untouchable to Loa. Just as Loa are not necessarily good, Ashura are not necessarily evil. They are simply the force of chaos that contrasts the order maintained by the Loa.

    Puppeteers: Spiritualist mortals of all kinds (shamans, necromancers, onmyouji, witch doctors, to name a few) who have entered into the service of the Loa. They are tasked with fighting the influence of the Ashura in the mortal realm, primarily by hunting down their demon spawn, as well as any practitioners of demon magic. Undying, they all had their souls taken in contract by the Loa upon entering their service, and as a result are now effectively immortal. Their pact with the Loa has granted them a portion of the Loa's powers, as well as a doll, a partner from teh other side of the veil that also serves as the main weapon of the Puppeteers, granting them the ability to exorcise demons and purify corrupted souls. When their service has reached its end, the puppeteers will be given back their souls and granted final rest. The conditions of servitude vary from puppeteer to puppeteer

    Dolls: Spirits of the deceased with strong attachments to the mortal world. Each doll had one great regret that haunted them even after they passed on, making them wish to return to life. The Loa took these spirits and brought them into their service under a contract. The spirits would have the memory of their great regret taken from them (but not the emotions surrounding that regret) Dolls would serve as a puppeteer's weapon until the puppeteer's service was at an end. In return, once the task was complete, the doll would be returned to the world of the living, taking their puppeteer's place, free to have a second shot at life.

    Crowne 72: The largest group of demonologists in the world. The Crowne only have 72 official members, each one having entered into a pact with a specific demon, but each member him or herself has anywhere from two to a dozen to several hundred adepts underneath them who serve the member in return for being able to use their partnered demon's magic. The group is more of a 'club' than a coherent organization, they are bound together by a few core rules and shared resources, but not necessarily by any overarching ideals. Because of this, it is quite common for members to have opposing goals and develop bitter rivalries, but one way or another the group itself remains a powerful entity that is currently the largest threat to the balance between worlds. As such, they and the puppeteers often find themselves at each other's throats.

    Demons: Children of the Ashura, it is said that the first demons were created by twisting the souls of humans into monstrous entities suffering eternal torture, but even the oldest demons alive today could not say whether this is true or not. What is true, however, is that they swear no loyalty to the Ashura or to one another. They are eternal creatures with will that seem almost incomprehensible to mortals, and they have a tendency to see mortals either a pawns or as food. Indeed, they must consume the souls of mortals to sustain themselves, and as a result their mere existence brings unbalance to the world. The vast majority of demons inhabit a world called the 'nether realm', a dream-like world that exists 'within the veil', that is to say: somewhere in between the world of the mortals and the world of spirits. Usually speaking they are incapable of crossing into either world through the vigilance of the Loa, but by making pacts with humans they can sneak into the mortal realm where they are free to consume any souls they come across. The magic that they use is similar to the powers of the loa and ashura, but usually not as strong. It does, however have the unfortunate property of causing holes in the veil that separates worlds when concentrated too highly, making any human 'blessed' with their powers a threat to the balance whether or not they are directly contracted o the demon, or simply serving as its vassals (the adepts of the Crowne 72 are examples of such vassals). Demons, like their Ashura parents, are not evil by necessity, but very rare are the instances where their existence is beneficial to the lives of mortals.
  6. Corinith

    -Humans, Shifters (source: Zacharia Sun), Demons

    -Flooded southern half: The southern hemisphere of the planet is nearly entirely flooded. (source: Bobby)

    -Greater Northern continent: The Northernmost continent is the largest. (source: Orin)

    - Southern Islands Continent: A mass of hundreds of small islands located in the southern hemisphere of Corinith. It is and aggregation of several small islands each holding one town or city (and rarely, two) taht are grouped into 'countries' when several islands join under one governing body/ideology. The islands and their respective towns/cities often share a name (unlessthere is more than one town/city on the island).

    Show Spoiler
    One of the southern islands countries, not much is yet know about Mnoral other than the fact that it is populated almost exclusively by mages. It is the 'birthplace' of the shifter race, and where racism against their kind is highest.

    Nameless Country (Menshclok)
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    The island of Menschclok is situated here, part of a yet unnamed country. The country has a steampunk theme with a level of technology about teh same as late 19th century early 20th century earth. This country has built railroad bridges between its island city states. Stilled craftsmen (especially metal workers of all types) are highly valued and sought after here. It seems that very few shifters live in or ever visit this country, and thus racism towards their kind is notably less pronounced as most of its residents have never even heard of one. This could suggest that relations between this country and Mnoral are not the best, further enforced by their different cultures and how one favors technology while the other favors magic.

    - Hibernis: Northernmost Continent of Corinith, as well as the country with the largest geographical mass. Home to the demons of corinith, its culture is largely feudal as its individual countries (kingdoms) are mostly led by demonic monarchies. The kingdom of Gelida at its center is teh kingdom of the Incubi and the most powerful nation on the continent

    Show Spoiler
    Most powerful nation in the continent of hibernis, it is ruled by the Incubus king and queen (females of this particular breed of demons are called succubus plur. succubi). This nation once put much importance on the powerful offensive magic innate to their people called Destruction Magic. This is evidenced by the gigantic collection of tomes, grimoires and scrolls devoted to the study of Destruction magic that is found within the Royal Library. Said Library is annexed to the royal castle which can be found in Nyx, royal capital of the kingdom, as well as geographical center of the entire continent. There are woods that surround Nyx, implying the capital does little trade with the other cities of the kingdom.

    - Shifters: An artificial race of half-elementals created by the humans of Corinith, originally created by the human mages on Mnoral. The first shifters were the result of a catastrophically failed transmutation spell that left them with the ability to change the composition of their bodies so that they took elemental traits. 'Shifting' between elements like this is how the species got its name. Shifters are heavily discriminated against on Corinith because of their artificial nature and forced to live in slums (they can be found in the slums of almost every major settlement across the planet). In the worst parts of the world, they are victims of violent and often lethal anti-shifter riots. Even in the places where they are 'accepted' they are largely forced to work the worst (and usually most physically intensive) jobs.

    - Incubi: Residents of the kingdom of Gelida. The Incubi are a race of demons almost indistinguishable from humans save for their unnatural crimson eyes. Legends amongst Corinthian humans make them out to be creatures of pure lust and sexuality, but these are simple exaggerations on their somewhat sensual culture. They were likely once a powerful and warlike people who used great destruction magic to cement their position as the most powerful of demonic races on Hibernis. However, millennia of peace have made them complacent and solitary and the artforms of desctruction magic and scytheplay (the scythe being their ancestrial weapon as it is the one most conductive to destruction magic) are forgotten by most of the populace. Few, if any, masters of destruction magic still exist, and the few scythemasters that remain have taken to living hermetic lives, one such inhabiting the woods of the capital. Incubi live in a monarchy and are ruled by a single king, though they also have a queen they must answer to. Their culture seems to have mostly forgotten their warlike past in favor of the more sensual image under which it is represented today


    Species: Humans




    Species: Manu


  7. Name: Professor Daniel Warren Peace, AKA 'Peacemaker' ( though he prefers to be referred to as Professor Peacemaker. Reference how this makes him sound like a comic book supervision at your own risk.)

    Age: 43, though he seems to have physically stopped aging sometime around his late 20s

    Race: Metahuman (anatomically perfectly human, but he's undergone substantial if not overly apparent genetic mutation thanks to his experiments)

    Class: Alchemist - Peacemaker actually can't perform any 'real' alchemy as he's never studied symbology, or the science of transmutation. His powers just give him the ability to break down any non-magical, non-living matter and then reform that matter however he wishes. In his words, his abilities are a 'perfect alchemy that transcends the need for preparation of alchemical symbols or magical energy supply'. Ignoring, of course, the fact that regular alchemy can affect organic matter while he cannot.

    Title: Sect Master

    Sect Study: Ultris

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    It should be noted though that hhe is always surrounded by a 'haze' which is, in reality, the individual particles of hundreds of materials he has broken down and keeps in suspension around him. He is also usually wearing a lab coat. His blond hair is actually a wig, or rather, a form of plantlife that he created that looks exactly like blond hair, grows at about the same speed, and that he wears like a wig. The nature of his powers makes him unable to grow hair or fingernails. or maybe that;s just a side-effect of his self-experimentation, who knows anymore?

    Personality: Peacemaker, in short, is a mad genius living in his own deluded version of reality. The annoying thing with mad geniuses being that when reality conflicts with their fantasy, their typical reaction is "I know just how to fix that" and they aren't talking about their delusions. Peacemaker is no exception. He's always working on some insane project or another and trying to push the limits of science, magic, physics, reality, his own body or whatever other 'arbitrary' limitations are placed before his 'genius, unparalleled mind'. Doubtless to say he is also quite egotistical and selfish. He took the job of sect master mostly only because it granted him near limitless resources, but is smart enough to handle all of its duties in a timely and professional manner first and foremost, if for no other reason than because he is smart enough (duh) to know that if he 'goofs off' too much that he'll lose the job and all the freedom it grants him to continue his research. Students to him are little more than potential lab rats, but can appreciate when he sees the same thirst for knowledge in them that he himself possesses. Lately he has been pushing for the addition of a fifth sect centered around technology and science, as he feels that ultris should be reserved for the meta students with natural powers and abilities that wouldn't let them fit in arma, magis, or dominus (like the ones who can shoot lasers from their hands, or turn into smoke). Needless to say, the fact that he hasn't been getting much headway with this request has made him severely annoyed, as he tends to be when others do not listen to his 'obvious and incomparable genius'.

    Weapon(s): Peacemaker's abilities and vast intellect allow him to materialize nearly anything he desires in order o suit his current situation. Due to his memorization of the blueprints of several complex machines (many of which having been of his own design to begin with) he is not limited to materializing only simple objects either. If he wanted he could make a fully functioning car for himself as long as he knew to put each individual nut and bolt in its proper place (which he most certainly does). Some of his trademarks are cybernetic armor for his arms, thruster packs, floating drones to assist in a variety of tasks, robot duplicates of himself, and a wide variety of plasma or energy-based firearms. Again though, he adapts to whatever situation he is in.


    Eidetic Memory - The only ability peacemaker was actually born with. His brain works on a level that is usually unheard of in humans and he has the ability to perfectly and permanently memorize, categorize, and recall any information it records. This goes beyond simply recalling facts and data, and allows him to perfectly relive any of his memories exactly as they have occurred, independent of later alteration via additional memories or emotions. Should he be asked to recall the date of a certain event in history, he will not simply remember the number asked of him, but even recall the very moment where he first read the date of said conflict in a history book, and then tell you about any minute detail about the page on which that information was contained. His brain has previously been compared to a WORM (write once read many) data storage container, due o the 'perfect' and unaltered state his memories are kept in, but this is unfaithful as he can freely 'delete' any information that he considers unnecessary whenever he so chooses, so as to not let his genius be 'polluted' by misinformation that he would never be otherwise allowed to forget.

    Unlimited Microadaptive Physiology - The first and, arguably, most important of the genetic modifications he has made to his body. While his larger anatomy is undisputedly human (he possesses all the required organs and no extras) on a cellular level he is something else entirely. Each individual cell of his has the ability to regress to a state much resembling a stem cell, and then completely change its designation and composition so as to survive whatever environment it is put in. His body instinctively coordinates all these shifter cells so that no amount of exposure to any lethal substance or environment will kill him. This doesn't mean he is immortal of course, he will still die (after enough time has passed) from things like decapitations, severe injury to the brain, removal of the heart, or extensive bodily deconstruction. However, he is effectively immune to any disease, poison or radiation he encounters, can survive in an environment where the heat is anything above absolute zero, he can survive any amount of heat that will not completely obliterate organic matter. He can adapt his cells to a low-energy mode and gather energy from other sources such as light and heat shoudl he ever be in an environment without oxygen, this does not allow him to survive in no-oxygen environments indefinitely (this would require him to develop entirely new organs, which is beyond the limits of his body's adaptability), but does allow him to survive them and retain mobility for an extended period of time. should he need to, he can enter a deep hibernation-like state in which his cells in his body will degrade to the lowest energy consumption from possible which will allow him to survive an area completely devoid of oxygen or any alternative from of energy for several years, though he will not be aware of anything going on around him in this state as he will essentially be turning into something akin to a plant.

    Needless to say, this high level of cellular adaptability also makes healing from physical wounds an easy feat for his body. This is also considered to be the primary cause of his agelessness. The cells allowed his body to age until he reached his physical peak, and then kept him at that peak, explaining why he does not seem to have aged beyond his late twenties despite being well into his forties. Time will tell whether this has granted him functional immortality, but the current theoretical consensus is that it has.

    Limited Molecular Deconstruction and Reassembly (AKA 'perfect' alchemy) - Likely Peacemaker's 'signature' power, he first came across it when he studied the Iwagom, a sluggish plantiform creature that inhabits Eritainian caverns. The creature possessed no digestive tract to speak of, and was originally theorized to survive through the absorption of small minerals and nutrients through its skin, but was discovered by Peacemaker to actually be capable of emitting electromagnetic signals from small nodes in their hands that could be used to destroy the bonds between molecules and weakly bonded groups of atoms. The Iwagom used this ability to erode away the surfaces of the caves they lived in by 'vaporizing' them and then inhaling the residue, their highly specialized filtration organs separating the individual molecules and atoms and incorporating the necessary nutrients and minerals into their bodies before they exhaled the refuse.

    Tinkering with Iwagom genetic samples, Peacemaker was able to figure out how to modify his adaptive cells to each hold a microscopic node similar to those fond protruding from the flesh of the plantiforms. His, however, were a fair degree more genetically advanced and specialized than those of the Iwagom. Their small size made their individual output nearly nonexistent compared to the natural nodes, but the incredible number of nodes that Peacemaker has (approximately 37 trillion cells in a human body) allows him to deconstruct nearly any matter within instants (the Iwagom would have taken several seconds to completely 'vaporize' a small pebble). He has also modified the nodes to work as a grid rather than individual transmitters, allowing him to create more refined energy fields which can not only deconstruct matter, but also reassemble it according to his will.

    The only limitations of his powers is that powerful counter-currents will act as a barrier to his ability to dematerialize substances. This means that he cannot dematerialize things animated by lifeforce, which is to mean living organic substance. He could tear down an entire house in an instant, wooden beams and all, but couldn't destroy even a single blade of grass if it was still alive. Similarly, things that are enchanted with magic or are sustained by magical circuitry are much more difficult for him to 'eat' through and a strong enough magical current or enchantment will block his ability completely the same as lifeforce will. Needless to say, his power has no effect on objects or being created entirely from energy, be it electrical, magical, spiritual, or otherwise.

    anything that is non-living and non-magical though is fair game, including hair and nails, which is why he has found himself incapable of growing either ever since performing the modification on himself. The usage of the ability, also, understandably requires a fair bit of energy, thus peacemaker has been found to eat and drink in much greater volumes since the procedure.

    The ability makes it impossible to receive cybernetic implants since any synthetic material begins to slowly erode away as soon as it is introduced in his body due to the small amount of energy constantly being given off by his cells even when not in use. He's found that this small factor also makes his clothes wear out more quickly.

    Enhanced Body - Peacemaker's regular genetic modifications to his body have endowed him with several attributes that go beyond human limits, such as more durable frame, greater well of stamina, and a much higher power output from his muscles. This being said, when compared to other species and beings that walk Eureka's halls, Peacemaker's physical attributes are not anything too out of the ordinary. His alchemy allows him to construct whatever tool he needs to manage any given situation, while his intellect allows him to nearly always figure out what the best tool required for a certain job is, so he has not felt the need to mess with his anatomy in any great way. The vast majority of his modifications have been superficial, aesthetic, and hardly noticeable by anyone but him.

    History: (Self-Explanatory. Try for at least three paragraphs here.)
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  8. Pantheon

    God and Vassal types

    Physical: Physical type gods will focus on granting their vessels boosts to their physical stats such as speed, strength, and stamina, well as weapon skills. They are generally the most straightforward gods who will grant favor easily, however the amounts they grant are usually much smaller in comparison, requiring their vessels to prove themselves several times before granting them much power. The source of power of physical type vassals is Rage. Rage begins at 0 and increases as the vassal trades blows with their enemy (whether attacking or defending generates more Rage depends on which god the vassal is partnered with) and can be spent to unleash punishing techniques on the Vassal's opponent, often allowing them to either finish off an opponent for good, or suddenly turn the tides of battle to their favor if the enemy started out with the upper hand. However if more rage is not accumulated for too long the Vassals's already accumulated rage will begin to decrease over time, limiting the window of time wherein the vassal can use their strongest techniques. Physical type vassals will usually try to end the battle quickly before their opponents can pull any tricks out from under their sleeves

    Magical: Magical type gods are the polar opposites of physical type gods and provide little in the ways of physical enhancements to their Vassals, instead endowing them with access to several magical abilities or sometimes increasing their vassal's already present magical capabilities. The requirements for obtaining favor from magical gods are typically the most complex, often involving completing complex rituals of some sort, but conversely offering the most favor as well, sometimes allowing their vassals to use their Divinity after favor has only been granted once. The source of power for magical type vassals is Mana, magical energy that allows the vassals to cast their spells. Magical types begin a battle with 0 Mana, however it will slowly be accumulated over time. A vassal can increase the rate at which their Mana increases by meditating or chanting but the focus this requires will leave them open to attacks if they are found by an enemy in this time. Because magical vassals are usually the most physically weak type they generally do poorly in head-on confrontations with the other types and must rely heavily on their magic in battle. In return for this, the techniques they can use by spending Mana are the most varied, suiting both offensive and defensive capabilities and, at their higher echelons, can easily be the most destructive. Because of this a Magical vassal will usually try to make a battle drag on so they can gather enough power to play their trump cards.

    Spiritual: Spiritual type gods are often considered the middle ground between the physical and magical variants. The methods of gaining favor diverge wildly from god to god, often seeming much more personalized to the gods in question, making it difficult to assess which strategy one should take when combating a spiritual type. The source of power for spiritual vassals is Focus. Spiritual Vassals will begin a battle with a set amount of focus already at their disposal which will neither increase nor decrease as time passes and it is unused. Focus can be increased by either engaging in combat or by meditating, however unlike rage receiving damage will almost always decrease focus, and a Spiritualist's meditation is not as efficient as a Magician's. Techniques that require Focus almost always revolve around empowering the vassal's own body in some way or another in order to give them an unexpected edge in battle, adding to the versatility of the type which can make them unpredictable opponents. Whereas Focus techniques are not generally as impressive or tide-changing as Rage and Mana techniques, it should be noted that high-end Focus techniques are the only non-Divinity abilities that have been seen to cause their users to ascend to a more powerful form.
  9. Name: Dafeng Chunji
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Hails from: Air Temples
    Bender: Air
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Background: Daefeng had always been a very rowdy and rebellious young boy. Something of an air bending prodigy, he far outclassed his peers when it came to mastering his chi, but lacked any interest in the lessons of meditation and spirituality. The way he saw it, all the instructors' talks of being at one with oneself and achieving peace of mind were only tools used by normal people to get a batter handle on their chi, he was already great at it so he didn't need to wast his time on those things. He would sneak out by himself often to amuse himself with bending,flying around on spheres of wind that could zip around entire court yards, taking to the skies with his glider to perform gravity defying tricks. He especially liked using his abilities to pull pranks on the other air nomads such as directing precise and small gusts to blow out random candles a monk was lighting on the other side of the room, seeing how long he can amuse himself before they realize what is happening. He wasn't afraid to target more than one person at once either, often doing things such as dispersing a cloud of pepper in the air above a meditation group, directing the flakes into their nostrils and laughing as the group erupts in a flurry of sneezes.

    Many of the elders demanded the youth be subjected to harsher disciplining so he become more serious and respectful, but one Monk Taiyang suggested that perhaps the problem was that the young Daefeng did not feel challenged with his current curriculum, and that perhaps he could focus the creativity he displays in his acts of rebellion towards a more constructive cause. At first they introduced him to sand painting, showing how the monks would spend hours in silence, pouring and shaping different colored sand on the marble floor to create breath taking portraits. He found the whole thing boring, bland, and ended up using his bending to draw up a crude self-portrait within a matter of minutes. The elders grew angry again but Taiyang had one more idea. He introduced the young prodigy to something that his bending couldn't help him with. Taiyang had happened to be quite fond of the Sitar when he was younger and had p even formed a band with some other monks of his age that had regularly entertained the nomads with their performances. He played one of his older tunes for the young boy and was pleased to find that Daefeng was interested in the musical style. It was more energetic and faster paced than the other music he had been exposed to because Taiyang band had taken some of its musical influence from earth nation drummers performing at a festival. They'd called the style 'boulder music' in honor of this influence, and also because it was so much 'bolder' than other styles.

    As the old monk had expected, Daefeng's energetic personality found the sounds very entertaining and wished to learn how to play as well. Taiyang warned the boy that his chi control wouldn't help him here and that learning to play the sitar would be a long and arduous task even for a clever boy like him. Predictably Deafening only became more determined to learn upon hearing this, wanting to prove that he could do anything easily. Taiyang agreed to teach him, and the two started having daily lessons. As the elder monk said, learning to play the chords of the instrument was an entirely different skillset than bending required, and it was slow work for Daefung to learn all his proper finger placements and play even the simplest tunes, but he would not be deterred, and as everyone had hoped the young man's pranking and rebellious nature subsided with his growing interest in the musical arts.

    After two years passed, however, Daefeng had made an interesting discovery. After learning to play any song he wanted on the sitar, the young man had moved on to learn to play other instruments and was now in the process of learning to play the flute. Moving from a string to a wind instrument meant starting over from scratch again and Daefeng had finally gotten Taiyang to swallow his words and admit that Daefeng had done a much better job of learning to play the sitar in two years (thought not without effort) than the old monk had in five when he'd begun. Fumbling with his notes on the flute while he was still struggling with the instrument frustrated the impatient young teenager and at one point he used his air bending to blow into the instrument as hard as he could, immediately regretting it when the high pitched squeal that came from the flute. He had expected it to be loud of course, but the pitch had been completely off from what he'd expected. It then struck him that since he was using his bending to affect the air passing through the flute, it only made sense that the sound coming from inside would be altered too. Taiyang's old words came to Daefeng's mind, his warning about bending not being able to help him cheat at music, and Daefeng suddenly became very serious about his musical training. He studied harder and was more focused about learning to play the flute properly, then, once he'd become experienced at that, began incorporating his air bending into the playing. He experimented with altering the airflow in specific ways, feeling the sound pass through the air he was manipulating and making it come out of the instrument different than what it was supposed to.

    He practiced this in secret for a year without telling anyone, finding hidden places in the temples where no one would hear him. Then, on his fifteenth birthday, he said he wanted to treat everyone to a musical performance to show them how good he had gotten with his flute. He confused everyone, however, when he stood in front of them, blew into his flute, and played the sitar for them. Which isn't to say that he grew an extra pair of arms and played the sitar simultaneously to the flute, or played the notes to one of the songs he learned on the sitar using his flute. While he was blowing into one instrument, the noise that was produced sounded exactly like that of another. At first everyone assumed this was just another one of his plans and that he'd gotten a collaborator to hide nearby and play the sitar while he pretended to use his flute, but Daefeng quickly explained that he was in fact sound bending (he has clued in about three months into his training that bending the sound itself was a lot more efficient than bending the air it passed through, and had trained the rest of the following year teaching himself to do exactly that and make his flute sound like his sitar). To prove it he placed his lips to the instrument again and this time did actually play the flute, but went though a whole piece without moving his fingers once.

    He had expected everyone to be amazed at his genius, but while some of the younger nomads were genuinely impressed, most of the elders and monks met the reveal with derision, chastising Daefeng for not taking his training seriously and making a mockery of air bending by learning how to make silly noises with his flute instead of pursuing greater spiritual maturity and applying his bending talent to mastery of the actual craft. It was apparent that now that he was no longer ten, the elders weren't satisfied with him just being distracted enough to not cause trouble anymore. They had wanted him to start 'living up to his potential' since he had been blessed with such gifts and Daefung, deeply vexed at their reaction to his incredible discovery, began doing exactly that.

    Despite Taiyang's attempts to meditate and his personal confidence in Daefung that he believed sound bending to be an incredible discovery, Daefung was a young teen angry at society and his appreciation and affection for his old mentor wasn't going to be enough to outweigh his desire for retribution. The pranks started again and now they were more elaborate. Daefung continued to hone his sound bending to make it more and more intricate, learning to disorient pursuers with music, throw his voice and sounds coming from him to make them seem to come from elsewhere, envelop himself in an aura of silence to move by undetected, and more in conjunction with his creativity and bending abilities to regularly torment the stodgy old elders but rarely get caught in the process.

    Things came to an end when a year later Taiyang fell ill. The old music lover's age was finally catching up with him, and in the following months his health slowly deteriorated. Daefung had spent most of his time tending to the old man's needs since he had no family to look after him and felt he owed a debt of friendship to him. He had been by the man's bedside to hear his last request. The old monk had no fear of death but did wish for Daefung to make peace with the rest of the nomads and the elders so he could live a happy life rather than continue on his path and eventually become hated by his own people.

    On Taiyang's passing the then sixteen year old Daefeng honored the man by making a formal apology to the elders for every prank he'd ever pulled on them (he listed them off in order). However after his friend's funeral rites the young man also announced his departure. Daefung felt nothing tying him to the nomads now that his mentor was passed, and Taiyang had also asked him to live a happy life, he would go find his happiness somewhere else in the world.

    As with any wanderer who leaves home without having any real destination, republic city seemed as good as any destination for him to go learn new things and meet new people, so the young nomad made his way there, changed his clothes, and stopped shaving his hair. In the three years since then Daefung's established republic city as his home base but never sticks around too long. He makes his money both by playing instruments in the street for passers by (he only left home with his flute and sitar but purchased or acquired more once he got settled in the city) and also by engaging in various cons. He rarely ever gets caught because he only sticks around to gather enough case for his next trip before skipping town and going out to see other parts of the world, but living in his part of republic city: if you don't go find trouble it usually comes to you instead. So in these three years he's learned to defend himself with his bending for the instances where running isn't always an option. He's found that if you compress enough sound and release it all in one direction, it can make for a very effective shock wave that can knock others back (especially if you throw some traditional air-bending into the mix) as well as disorient them (more effective if just done with sound bending).

    notes: last name and first name mean 'spring' and 'gale' respectively.


    Name: Yin Fu-ma
    Age: 73
    Gender: Male
    Hails from: Earth Kingdom
    Embodiment: Fire
    Appearance: [​IMG] (It is through the mastery of his inner chi control that he has retained such a youthful appearance despite his old age)

    Background: Yin was born from the marriage of prince Fu Mao of the earth kingdom and princess Ma Himei of the the fire nation, a political union between the two kingdoms in an attempt to foster good faith, as neither were heir apparent to their respective kingdoms. As such, while technically of royal blood, Yin was so far down the inheritance line that people didn't pay much attention to him beyond treating him like any other noble child, nor was much more expected of him. That is, of course, until it was discovered that he was a fire embodiment at the age of 12. This was discovered when he was witnessing an earth bending duel that had dragged on into the late evening and a launched boulder landed close to the guarded pavilion from which his family was watching the event, causing a lit torch to topple over and set the delicate fabrics of the young prince's robes on fire. The fire spread quickly and had eaten through all of Yin's left sleeve and a portion of his collar by the time they managed to put it out. To everyone's surprise, however, yin was completely unharmed; his hair wasn't even singed. The flame had refused to consume him. This news was met with mixed reactions.

    Fire embodiments were arguably the hardest kind to detect because many of them did not know they were embodiments themselves if they did not come from a family strong in them. Earth embodiments were basically born with markings that showed where their skin woulds start turning into stone once they reached puberty. Yin had heard that Air embodiments could turn invisible from the time they were children and actually had to learn how to not do it on impulse in reaction to their emotional states and stay visible by will. Water embodiments didn't have any visible features that set them apart when not using their powers, but they usually discovered their powers naturally during adolescence, same as water benders, so they ran the risk of exposing themselves. Fire Embodiments were immune from the touch of fire since birth, but people generally tended to keep their babies away from fire anyways, so unless you wanted your kid to be an embodiment, there wasn't really a reason to test it out. And unlike water embodiments, fire embodiments could go for most of their lives without discovering their powers since the very first transformation required a strong and often negative emotional trigger. Unless someone was put into a near-death situation, suffered a terrible and sudden loss, or was consumed by rage, they usually wouldn't be able to turn their body into flames for the first time.

    His father found the whole thing quite intriguing, as he'd personally never met a fire embodiment before, but his mother showed clear reservations about the subject and had a hard time staring her son in the eyes. At first Yin was terrified, fearful that his family may disown him for being abnormal, but it was eventually decided that this would be a good thing. That there was nothing wrong with having a child who couldn't be hurt with fire since that was one less thing to worry about, and that since he couldn't ignite anyways he wasn't a danger and so no one would have to find out.

    So for the next three years Yin did exactly as told. Lived his life normally and hid the truth about what happened that day to everyone around him. This would all be changed, however, when one of his cousins from his mother's side came to live at his family's mansion for a summer. His family had wanted him to 'experience different cultures' and had thus arranged for him to spend the better part of a year living in the different countries while the international tensions were still low enough for this to be possible (what with the cease fire agreement of the current avatar and exemplar seemingly coming to an end soon, and the peace that had been granted to the 4 nations for the last few decades with it ). His cousin Hoji was himself a promising young fire bender and a typical hotshot character that has always been common in strong fire nation youths.

    When the two would be around each other, Hoji would often brag about his fire bending abilities and tease Yin about not being able to bend, claiming that even if he could: that throwing rocks would never be as cool as making fire shoot from your hands. Yin, not being the confrontational type, had tried to simply ignore his cousin for the most part, but since they were the only two in the palace of their age group they found themselves having no one but each other for company many times. Eventually the young man's patience ran out and he challenged his cousin to a no-bending wrestling match, claiming that 'a real man and soldier should be able to do more than just hide behind a wall of fire'. Hoji, having been trained since youth in martial arts as an alongside to his fire bending training was confident he would be able to win even without using his flames and accepted. What he hadn't considered, however, was that Yin was the son of an earth nation prince. It had been expected of him to learn how to defend himself in hand to hand combat even if he wasn't a bender, and unlike Hoji he didn't have to split his training between fighting and bending. Yin won the first match, Hoji challenged him to a rematch, claiming he;d gone easy, and proceeded to win as well. After a heated and exhausting tie breaker match, however, it was Yin who came out victorious. Hoji, letting his frustration get the better of him after having lost, blasted yin with some of his fire, not enough to cause permanent damage or scarring, but enough to singe him in an ill-thought-out attempt at establishing dominance again. It was then to his great surprise that he found out his cousin's secret and saw that his body wouldn't burn. It was to Yin's great surprise when Hoji reacted with joyful excitement, and then a quick apology for having tried to burn him, but then more excitement at the 'super blazing' fact that Yin had a fire-proof body, relating how the most annoying part of his fire bending training was that he always had to be careful not to burn himself.

    Almost instantly and to yin's mild confusion the mild enmity that had been maintained by the two cousins was turned into a budding friendship as he had managed to earn Hoji's respect both or his fighting skills and for his fireproof skin.


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  10. Warriors of Aios


    In this roleplay we will be playing as champion disciples at the Aios Atlantean Divine Martial Academy (AADMA for short), humans who have partnered with a god or otherwise divine spirit and have come to the academy to learn how to fight Champions, mortals who embody the powers of god in the physical realm. The reason humans and deities are collaborating like this is due to a previous catastrophic incident (that is elaborated on in the Lore section) that almost led to the destruction of both the moral and divine realms, and they are now training their forces to avoid a second, greater calamity on the horizon. Under the tutelage of the Atlantean gods -an ancient pantheon of predating all that currently exist whose gods have ascended to beings of pure energy- our pairs of gods and their mortal champions will compete with each other at this battle academy, the student body divided into five different houses each embracing a different aspect of warfare. The competitions between these houses will be the main and central focus of the rp. This is exclusively a battle academy, we won't be learning any ABCs here (though i will make sure to leave some time in between the action for character development and relations obviously). Also just because it's an 'academy' don't think your character has to be a teenager. The gods pair themselves up with whichever champion best suits them, not who would look best in a bishonen lineup lol. Though, of course, if you choose to have a really really old champion, you'll have to explain why someone of that age would be desirable in fighting against the oncoming threat as a Champion despite their advanced age.

    The two main inspirations for this roleplay have been the MOBA game Smite, and the anime Kill la Kill(though thankfully not for its fashion sense lol). For any of you who may not have watched Kill la Kill: it's made by the same guys as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, that should tell you everything you need to know. What is should be known first and foremost about this rp is that I want it to have a huge scope. Anyoen who has played Smite will know what i say when i tell you that while the game is perfectly enjoyable as a MOBA, never once does the game really make you feel like a fierce deity locked in a cosmic war between gods. Hell the game constantly reminds you that you;re not even the biggest and baddest thing on your own team since you consonantly have to protect your titan, an being looking far more cosmic and divine/apocalyptic than yourself (that hits harder and is much bigger too). What i'm aiming for is to have a setting that brings the high octane insanity of KlK's honnouji academy and transplants it in a divine battle to make an RP where we really feel like we're controlling (in our cases) demi-gods. Of course we won; be throwing mountains and raising oceans at each other in every post, i don;t want this to be 'god mode: the rp', but our characters will be fighting at a level where you can expect the rules of physics to be often bent/broken during conflicts pretty much just for rule of cool. If you've been having an itch to go all out with a crazy idea recently, this rp is the place to put it in motion.



    First Book
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    -The Unbegining

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    Never was there a beginning, nor will there ever be an end, but at a point in existence there was a time before Time had yet to be created. At this point all that there was and all that there ever would be was eternity, the infinite possibility for all hat could and could not be. This vast sea of nothing yet everything was the natural state of reality, possibilities for innumerable universes simultaneously being born and dying all within, creation hanging on the cusp of coming into being. This state was shattered with the birth of the first thought Penso. The first thought that ever occurred in the sea of eternity was 'I am'. How it ever occurred to begin with is a mystery, and it is often agreed to simply have been a fluke (and therefore an inevitability) of the then ever changing and randomizing state that was non-reality in the sea of eternity, but the birth of Penso set off a chain reaction that would lead to the undoing of the yet undone.

    For those first fractions of an instant, Penso was alone in the sea of eternity, surrounded by nothing more than infinite possibilities with no concrete form, and thus had nothing to contrast itself with save for all that could, would, could not and would not be. Thus, as it thought 'I am' so did the sea of eternity resonate with this thought, and Penso the first god died in (or, by some accounts, was transformed by) a metaclysmic explosion that arranged the sea of eternity into a single being: Aio, eternity incarnate.

    -Eternity and Its Children

    Show Spoiler
    As the sea of infinite possibilities was now governed by will, several more Primordial Spirits were simultaneously born of Aio as it conceived them within his mind and within her womb (to try and list them all off would literally require an eternity itself). One of the most notables of these Primordial Spirits was Etero, the concept of time divided into chronological order. When Etero was born he took his mighty scythe and split the sea of eternity and all its creations, forever separating it into past, present, and future. With order born within eternity, the realms of creation began taking form. An infinite number of realities sprang into being, islands in the sea that soon became continents in an ocean.

    The children of Aio, refereed to as the primordial spirits (not to be confused with primordial gods), claimed these realities as their own, shaping them to their wills and whims, becoming gods, spirits, demons and more, and then siring their own children and creating yet more spiritual life. All creation in all its forms flourished under the watchful eye of Etero and his consort Ordo (order) while Aio sat back contently, freely giving of its body to her children, looking on contently as they took part of him and made so many wondrous new things out of the stuff of eternity and creation.

    However, not all of Aio's children were happy with reality. The youngest of Aio's children wanted nothing of reality and its boundaries and rules and limitations. It cried out against the mutilations of its parent by its siblings, and even bemoaned its own state (since being an entity of its own meant that it too was just a fraction of Aio that had been cut off from the rest of eternity).

    It renounced all the islands and continents of reality that had formed within the being of its parent, and instead, in its bid to be rejoined with its parent, made the waters of the sea of eternity its domain. And so Aio's youngest child became Khaos, a perversion of the primordial void from which all that was and could be sprang. Kahos was what was left when all the possibilities for reality had come into being, the nightmarish and unimaginable aggregation of all that could not and should never be.

    - Reality Besieged, Alliance in Heaven

    Show Spoiler
    Kahos, as a perversion of Aio, turned the sea of eternity into a torrential mass of chaotic winds that ripped and tore at the edges or reality in all its forms, at once laying siege to the islands and cutting them off from one another. Only Etero, Aio's first born (not by virtue of being the first of a billion billion entities to have been created simultaneously, but instead by virtue that were it not for him, the concept of 'first' would not exist) could freely cross the streams of Khaos. As Khaos raged and attempted to tear reality after reality apart and rejoin all to Aio, Etero rushed to link as many worlds as possible under the same timeline, uniting them under his domain, and then joined with Ordo to sire the primordial spirit Spaco and grant dominion over the concept of space and distance ( the primordial spirit who had previously fulfilled such a role was, sadly, one of those that Khaos had been able to consume before Etero could save him).

    Through this act Etero created spacetime: the joint dominion of he and his daughter. An ordered sense of reality that bound the realms under his dominion, not only allowing travel between them again, but further protecting them from the ravages of Khaos. Those of Eteros's siblings that were saved and brought under his and his daughter's protection banded together, wishing to protect their creations from chaos and to resist the loss of their identities, not wishing to return to Aio before their time. The mightiest amongst these were four who had consolidated the greatest realities.

    Beno the Regal: Lord of Lords who governed over the concept of nobility, power, and divine right to rule; one of order's strongest proponents.

    Malbono the Corrupt: inventor of pain, suffering, and perversion of the natural order; at first believed to be a supporter of Khaos, Malbono recognized that without order to bind the world there could be no disorder to contrast it.

    Korpo the mundane: father of the mortal races, the first who had thought to breathe the spark of life into the elements that made up reality, creating organic life as it was known, culminating with his greatest creation Sentient life, which all agreed was a close as beings created from matter rather than energy could ever come to being divine.

    Animo: mother of souls and spirits, who had sought to sire as many children as Aio, and wished to see them spread over all of reality and shape the world to their desires. It was she who crafted the 'souls' that Korpo had designed as the instrumental key which could breathe life into matter. She and Korpo treasured the living beings they had jointly created and the lands they lived on, and wished to protect them from Khaos' destruction.

    With these four powerful allies, and hundreds of millions of other primordial spirits and their own children behind them, Etero, Ordo and Spaco declared war on Khaos, swearing to forever protect all realities from his ravages.

    -A Secret Hope
    Show Spoiler

    Despite his new alliances, Etero knew that this could not be a war to be won. Though he and his siblings were rightfully eternal, being children of Aio, their fallen sibling Khaos had become anathema to eternity and creation at its very core, capable of tearing away at their essence with his winds and pulling even eternal beings back into the sea of eternity, robbing them of their identity. Yet there were no primordial spirits who could do the inverse, none who could take from Khaos as he could take from them, all they could do was resist, and though they were primordial, they were not perfect, for perfection is a concept that escapes form and is as free as the chaos itself. They would eventually lose, slowly but surely.

    To combat this inevitability, Etero looked back through time and saw the moment in which the being that would become Khaos was born. He could do nothing to stop his brother's birth, or to destroy him once he was created, but once Khaos began corrupting the sea of eternity, Etero extended a hand out and plucked a fragment of Aio out of its time before it could be reached by Khaos. He left this fragment of eternity untouched, unaltered, and uncorrupted and bound it in a sphere of spacetime so it could be protected from the hands of Khaos. This World Egg was the final bastion of eternity pure and true, and as long as Khaos did not posses it, he could never truly attain victory. Etero then went back to his own domain: a reality, a universe made entirely of spacetime, wrapped in around itself as many times as there were atoms within it, and placed the egg within a small speck of dust found in the exact centre of his realm, using the entire reality he had constructed with his daughter as a fortress to protect the world egg, the resting place of Aio.

    Etero then enlisted the aid of Korpo and Animo in creating a new breed of organic life, one yet more perfect than any yet made by the two. A pure balance of spiritual and physical. They created this race, and the city that it would inhabit, to serve as protectors of the World Egg. They named the city Atlantis, in honour of the precious primordial spirit of space and counterpart to Etero, Atlanto. Thus its people were the Atlanti (or, more colloquially, the Atlanteans). The Alanti were tasked with protecting the egg, capable of travelling anywhere within their cosmos at will so that they could fight back any force of Khaos that may find its way into the universe before it could alert the fallen primordial himself to the presence of the egg here.

    With this final measure taken, and with the final hope of the multiverse resting in the pure power of the egg, Etero took the primordial spirits, and led them to the front lines of the divide between the connected realities of spacetime, and the torrential winds of Khaos that shook the sea of eternity, so they could stand as vigil, and forever protect their worlds from the brunt of Khaos' wrath.

    Second Book
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    -The Vigil and The Exodus
    Show Spoiler
    Left behind to stand watch over the universe of spacetime, the Atlanti wasted no time in getting to work on their assignment. Their city was designed not only to act as the egg's cradle, but also to draw power from it and turn it into energy that the Atlanti used to power great devices of magic and science. Most prominent among these were many devices that allowed the bending of spacetime to the user's will, allowing one to find and use loopholes placed in the system of spacetime in order to travel near instantaneously between locations. The Atlanti knew that their numbers would have to be much greater than they already were if they were to effectively serve as the vigil for the entire cosmos and so they began their quest by reaching out into the nearby star systems in search for intelligent life. They would seek out the children of Korpo, the sentient lifeforms that had been scattered like dust across the vast expanse of the spacetime universe and display to them the perfection of their state as demi-gods, a perfect balance between material and spiritual, and convince the members of the races to join them in their divine task. Some races were quite responsive, beginning to worship the Atlanti as gods in their own right nearly as soon as they made their presence known, others were aggressive and warlike and took the displays of the Atlanti as contests of strength and reacted with hostility. The Atlanti largely ignored these, choosing not to waste resources on them if they didn't need to. though they did not hesitate in protecting themselves from whatever attackers came after them. The few times they were convinced into putting their vigil on hold to deal with a hostile alien species, the Atlanti proved without doubt that they earned their title of the most perfect lifeforms.

    As the years passed, armed with their ability to mobilize across many star systems in almost no time at all, the Atlanti spread out the roots of their intergalactic empire, assimilating several races into their doctrine, sharing with them the secrets to manipulating spiritual energy. While the pureblood original Atlanti remained distinctly more capable than their assimilated brethren, the Atlanti themselves stopped being a race and became something more akin to an order, or a creed. It was the sword of all sentient life that would combat the khaos winds and the warps they created wherever they may appear, the army that maintained order in the universe against the forces of chaos.

    At the dawn of their initial civilization, Earth had been the crown of the Atlantean intergalactic empire, the capital city of Atlantis its crown jewel. However as the Atlanti became more and more efficient at combating the forces of the warp and preventing Khaos winds from poking holes in the universe, Kahos himself, still locked in eternal conflict with the primordial spirits that held nearly the entirety of his assaults at bay, began to realize that the precious few khaotic winds that did manage to assault the spacetime realities, were met with especial resistance when they struck near the heart of these realms. Kahos was beginning to focus his attacks on the mighty Atlantean bastion of the spacetime cosmos. The Atlanti knew the implications of this: should this continue, earth would become a more and more obvious target for attack and it would only be a matter of time until one of Kahos's warp gates touched energy from the world egg. The Atlanti could not let that happen, and so they resolved themselves to do the unthinkable, abandon their crown. In fact, they abandoned the entire local cluster of solar systems, using their mighty technology to lay waste to every remnant of Atlantean culture within a hundred light years of Earth and relocate their residents to other parts of the galactic empire. Only two cities were spared; firstly Atlantis herself, who was too important to lose as the cradle of the egg, and was therefore warped into a closed space located at the centre of the earth where it would be best hidden from Khaos. The second city, renamed Atlantis Nova, was allowed to remain on earth but was sunk at the bottom of what would eventually become the Atlantic ocean, and encased in a powerful barrier to ensure none besides Atlanti could ever enter it. This City was put to sleep, all of its engines shut down save for those bare minimum that would run the barrier, and was designed to act as the only gateway into the true Atlantis that lay at the heart of the earth. This would be the only seed of Atlantean culture left on the home planet of earth as it was returned to a lifeless, barren wasteland where life would have to start over from scratch. After this mass exodus from their homelands (for the local cluster held many of the home planets of many of the oldest races to be part of the Atlanti empire), the Atlanti continued to spread across the galaxies, using the pain of their lost home to protect the cosmos even more fervently now, that their sacrifice not be in vain.


    Beno - The regal house


    Malbono - the chaos house

    Angra Mainyu

    Korpo - the physical house


    Animo - the spirit house


    Etero - the ethereal house


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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  11. Name: F[BCOLOR=#000000]ū[/BCOLOR]ma, Yin
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fumetsu
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Role: Antagonist

    Job: Scientist (researcher with degrees in chemistry, psychology, bio-genetics, evolutionary theory, theoretical physics, mechanical engineering, and was previously an illustrious member of the time honoured Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Also has extensive knowledge on Human, Alia and Fumetsu physiology and biochemistry, partially attributed by his deep study of martial techniques and several forms of medicine both tradtional and modern. Basically if it has anything even remotely connected to the structure and function of the human mind and body: Yin likely has a degree in it. And, if not, he will have studied it extensively regardless.)

    Weapon: Cybernetic halberd with mono-molecular vibro-edge made of plasma resistant Metatronium alloy.

    Equipment: When he does have to personally engage in battle, Yin has a personal combat suit dubbed CENTURION he uses that protects him from head to toe, can project a limited kinetic barrier when it detects incoming projectiles at or above the velocity required to punch through the plating and/or military grade tear resistant synthetic fibres. Its defensive specs are optimized for ballistic, incendiary, and explosive damage, but as a result it does poorly against laser and plasma weaponry: plasma will expend the kinetic barriers quickly, and a strong enough laser can punch right through them. Because of this the Offensive specs are tuned towards agility, manoeuvrability, and precision. The suit is designed to be tough enough to take common grade punishment, but fast enough to dodge hi-tech heavy weaponry. The suit's software capabilities (the ones that provide the internal HUD display as well as active battle information to the operator) are run by a VI (with the same name as the combat suit) modded after the operating software that run full scale mobile suits. Because of this, the combat suit can double as a piloting suit as the VI is compatible with most existing system frameworks and can grant Yin access to the systems of nearly any machine he hops in provided its operating software is not custom written. CENTURION was originally designed to be utilized by Commandos who would be expected to eliminate high-priority targets and act as a control unit for specialized forces in a large variety of settings, resulting in its visual display having several different modes of sight to accommodate everything from night vision to long distance recon to underwater movement. However Yin, having little fondness of most guns, has had the VI's programming altered, decreasing its efficiency at long range in order to provide him with combat information more relevant to Yin's close quarters, martial combat style. It is outfitted with an active camouflage system, but due to the other specializations already present in the suit Yin had to settle for and older model. As a result the effectiveness of the camouflage will wane in proportion to movement speed, and top of the line sensory units are capable of seeing right through it even if he is completely still.

    Inventory: Wherever he goes he is accompanied by a large autonomous rolling case that contains both CENTURION and the retracted version of his spear. This in in case he should ever need to quickly get ready for combat (a common enough occurrence when you are an interplanetary wanted criminal). Besides that he keeps very little else on him personally, keeping most of his possessions in his many hideouts and laboratories.



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  12. Detrui la malliberigita.
    (dey-truu-ee la mal[as in malcom]-lee-bear-ee-gi-ta)
    Prirabi la malliberejoj.
    (pree-rah-bee la mal-lee-bear-ey-yoy]
    Detronigi la provosoj.
    (dey-tron-ee-gi la pro-voh-soy)

    La trinidad klavoj disvastigi liberecon de kvankam, emocio, kaj ago.
    (la tree-knee-dad cla-voy' dee-svas-tee-gi lee-bear-eh-con dey k-vahn-cam, ey-mo'-si-oh, kai ah-go)

    Menso, Animo, Korpo,
    (men-so, ah-knee-mo', Cor-poh)

    [make sure to roll every R]

    Destroy the imprisoned.
    Sack the jails.
    Depose the jailers.

    The trinity keys spread freedom of though, emotion, and action.

    Mind, Soul, Body,
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  13. Alistair's father.



  14. "You called?" asked Cable as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. His right hand was still in a cast from the fight yesterday but he wasn't showing any outward signs of discomfort. He did, however, have an unusually grave look about him.

    "What can you tell me about a man named Garmr Bloodmane?" asked Daemond stoically while slowly shifting through text documents on his datapad. Cable's left fist clenched and his muscles tightened at the mention of the name. His employer looked up from the datapad and calmly added "He asked me to say hi to you on his behalf before leaving with the heart."

    Cable sighed out lightly. "I don't know any men by the name of Bloodmane, but if that is Garmr i'm smelling off you then you've just had the pleasure of meeting the man who killed my father."

    Daemond raised an eyebrow to this but said nothing, so Cable continued.

    "When I knew him he went by Garmr Battlemane, my father's younger brother and the man who taught me most of what i know about fighting today. When he killed Keber, my father, he was branded blood traitor in our clan. I'm assuming his new clan name is a nod to this."

    The red haired demon sighed out. "Ouroboros do enjoy their low blows, don't they?"

    "Aye, they seem well intent on pissing us all off." nodded his body guard.

    "Then I need you to tell me everything concerning that man's abilities, connections, and how exactly an unturned wolfkin was able to put Master Inu into such a critical state."

    "Alright, but it;s kind of a long story..."


    By the time night had fallen the construction noises had already died down, though not ceased cpompletely. While Daemond's supernatural crew were deffinitely more efficient than any human group of contractors, fixing up an entirel blown out wall within a day was still much even for them, and the west wall of the estate still only had its basic framework repaied, with plaster walls thrown up quickly to keep the elements out. The work platforms set up along the outside wall and the highly contrasted plaster to the rest of the mansion seeming as almost a scar on the estate, reminding all of the recent surprise attack. It woudl take a few more days

    Of the 50 paramilitary personnel that had been working as the estate's security detail that morning, 24 had been ultimately confirmed to have been killed in action and later brought back as undead servants for the enemy. 1 of the grievously injured from before had suffered medical complications after treatment and passed away as a result, and 2 of those listed with milder injuries were later revealed to have been injected with difficult to detect naga venom, having caused them to go into cardiac arrest later in the day. Along with the 7 dead kitchen staff, and the killed enemy operatives, there had been a grand total of 86 bodies to be burned and purified throughout the day.

    The day had been a long one for Daemond, juggling everything from repair works, to managing the inevitable human press and investors that would demand to know what had just happened, to ensuring no other attacks were being carried out on any of his other properties. Even as an immortal with a full company of skilled subordinates, such a day had been rather exhausting for the leader who had been asked to be at several places all at once that day (and had to work through the frustration of not simply acquiescing to these requests in order to preserve his human image).

    Thus, when 10 O'clock hit and the man was finally in a position to delegate enough work to his lieutenants, generals and branch managers to earn himself a moment of respite, he found himself before shayna's room door. He had honestly found it surprising when he'd sought out her presence in the estate and found her here. He knew she had spent the majority of her day in the training rooms working out her aggression, but he'd imagined she would have then much preferred to spend the night in his bar on the west wing's second floor's rather than in a room that would smell of her now once more lost sister.

    He was thankful for it in a way though. With the kitchens and dining hall having suffered so much damage, the bar situated above them had seen quite a bit of traffic that day as anyone who wasn't in a position to help with the reconstruction, security or medical efforts in the estate that day had gone there to work out their stress, and it was now becoming increasingly crowded as the work day was winding down to an end for most of them.

    Daemond imagined Shayna was likely no more appealed by the thought of the crowd than he at the moment. He knocked at the door three times, but didn't wait for her to let him in. He stepped into the small room, finding the woman laying down on her bed still fully dressed. He chose to say nothing about what he thought he saw were tear marks on her cheeks and instead closed the door behind him, going to sit down in the small chair in front of the vanity that had been provided to the room.

    He didn't excuse himself for allowing himself in, but instead looked to her with a look of muted concern. "How are you doing Shayna? I hear you spent a large portion of the day geting acquainted with our punching bags."
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  15. Ring of Conquest: Ruled by Lucifer, this is the central ring of hell. The architecture is dark and modern while drawing inspiration from Gothic themes, though the interiors of the mansions and skyscrapers reflect whatever environment their masters are most comfortable in. This is where the nobility of hell resides, as well as where the crown prince of darkness sits on the Broken Throne. All the princes of hell have residences here, however only Lucifer and Satan (in his armour) have erected their castles in this ring. Lucifer's castle is a traditional, gothic piece of regal architecture that speaks of his elegant but iron fisted control over hell and stands atop the highest hill in hell, overlooking all of its damned residents but similarly always looking upwards at the other realms still out of reach.

    Satan's castle is at the lowest point of the circle and serves as the gate between the ring of war and the ring of conquest. It is a great and roaring coliseum where bloody and gruesome gladitorial events are held for the viewing pleasure of all hell's residents. If any demon wishes to gain the status of demon lord and earn residence in the lavish first ring, they must prove themselves adept enough to withstand all of the coliseum's trials. Beneath the coliseum is the closest thing hell has to a jail (what with it not having any laws and all). Demons who have offended the demon lords and nobles are often sent here to serve as living punching bags used to train hell's police (read: glorified body guards and thugs of the ruling demons) and military (read: elite glorified body guards and thugs of the ruling demons).

    Ring of War: The second ring of hell city, this dominion is ruled over by Mammon, Hell's banker. He and the sixth 'prince' Leviathan rule over the bourgeiosie of hell in a perpetually cutthroat society quite literally driven by greed and envy. The lesser generals and greater demons of hell's army reside in what is arguably the most chaotic ring of hell, as residents are constantly looking for a neck to be used as a stepping stone to higher success, while looking out for any daggers aimed at their backs. This is the ring where the rulers are separated from the ruled, the strong from the weak (with satan's castle considered the last of these challenges in order to earn the right to be in the first circle). Few people inhabit this circle for long as they either eventually move up to the first circle or get knocked back down to third circle by someone more powerful, but a few clever demons have managed (under mamon's supervision) to earn rather comfortable living in hell working as administrators to these various contests of strength, wit, political acuity, business sense, and all other manner of competition for demons to prove their superiority to one another and ascend the ranks. Mamon's castle is a large towering skyscraper that serves as hell's central bank. All forms of desired and collected energy, as well as any material items that may be of value to certain demons, can be stored here for protection from other demons, for a price. Through this great bank mamon has also implemented a standard currency in hell by taking advantage of demons' one unified desire, soul energy. He has created, distributes, and loans out soul gems that demons can use to contain pure soul energy (basically incredibly refined mana) which they can then used as bartering chips for whatever goods or services they may require in hell (all for a price of course).

    Of course the real genius in this is that he's also made sure that there is a large ammount of soul energy constantly in circulation within these crystals. Turning soul energy into currency causes demons to begin hoarding it rather than consume it and grow in power, being fooled instead by the power of material riches and monetary fortune and guaranteeing that fewer powerful demon lords are born who could pose a threat to the balance of power in hell (a balance he works very hard to keep at its current precarious state, since he benefits from continued high tensions between the princes without breaking down into full on civil war). Mamon's inteligence is second only to Belphegor's in hell and what he lacks in raw intellect he more than makes up for in charm and manipulative tendencies. Whereas the other two ruling princes rely on their superior power and status to keep their servant princes in line, Mamon actually tricked Leviathan into signing a contract of servitude to him so he wouldn't have to worry about her and her envious ways stabbing him in the back some day (which, let;s be fair, totally would have happened at some point or another). Mamon was also the demon who first taught humans the secrets of demonology, and every single contract for a human soul that is performed by a demonologist basically goes through his 'office' first and he takes a set cut of whatever spiritual power the human is offering before allowing the contacted demon to materialize in the mortal realm.

    Leviathan's castle is a house of mirrors and windows that possesses a thick, heavy atmosphere that makes one feel as if they are moving through water (and the decor is somewhat reminiscent of nautical scenery as well). With her mirrors she can see all that which others possesses, so that she may crave their pleasure for herself and plot to rob them of it. Mammon uses her and her mirrors as an information network so that he can stay up to date on everything going on in hell (and occasionally in the other realms).

    Ring of Famine: Third and largest ring of hell, home to not two but 3 pirnces, as well as approximately 70% of hell's population. This is the ring of consumption and excess and its primary function is to convert mortals into demons and bolster hell's forces for the eventual war with heaven.

    Every single human that has ever been seduced by demons was eventually brought back here. Belphegor, the seventh prince, is also possessed of the smallest castle. It is indeed his mechanical throne that serves as his mobile castle and from it he produces an unlimited number of tools, inventions and technologies. He travels around the outer circle, offering his products as free gifts to any sinners he may encounter. His gift s however are all cursed. While they will seem to be exactly what the person may have needed at the time, using belphegor's gifts will inevitably cause said person to eventually be faced with a challenge that they cannot overcome with his gift, long after they have gotten used to relying on it usefulness. At this point belphegor will soon thereafter appear and offer yet another gift which will aid the person. The cycle repeats until the sinner is completely dependent on Belphegor and his technology and can do nothing for themselves and wish to do nothing for others. The final gift is when belphegor offers to augment the sinner's body with his own technology. should the sinner accept, they are then turned into a demon and forever bound to belphegor's services, becoming one of his servant half-automatons.

    Belphegor is the weakest of the demon princes (which i still just a relative scale, he could still wipe the floor with any demon lord) but he is also the smartest, possessing knowledge of every technology that will ever be created, and how to corrupt it. He is Hell city's architect and his demons maintain its systems, he is more familiar with the city's layout and secret functions than any other demon.

    Beelzebub, the fifth prince, also calls the third ring home and has many great halls where sinners are invited to indulge in all they may consume. His insectoid servant demons prepare great feasts of food and drink for the sinners, as well as prepare several pleasurable narcotics for them to consume (which coincidentally causes more than one of his halls to be double staffed by asmodeus' servants who lull the happy, intoxicated, and decadent sinners into drunken, mindless orgies). As the sinners are themselves consumed by the pleasure of consumption, they do not notice as their flesh begins to rot and decay. Beelzebub will then offer them meat of his own flesh and wine of his own blood to consume. Should the sinners mindlessly devour what is placed before them, they will be corrupted from within and turned into one of belphegor's servants, becoming the chefs, distillers and drug mixers for the next sinner to be host to the hall.

    Finally of course there is the ruling prince Asmodeus (armour, though it should be noted that he can change his appearance and gender at will to suit his moods, this is just his standard look) who ensures that the third circle is constantly drenched in the desires of the flesh. His castle is an intricate sex palace with many doors each leading to a room where a specific sexual desire can be filled. regardless of one's sexual preferences, all one's body desires can be found here, from the most passionate night of lovemaking to the most depraved and barbaric forms of sexual deviance. The lust demons working in his usual brothels makes them a difficult thing for any sexually capable person to resist, but stepping into his palace without significant magical protection is tantamount to simply surrendering yourself over to lust. Your body will be drawn instinctively to the room that you desire most (not necessarily knowing what is behind) and when you open it you will be treated to the deepest of carnal pleasures. sinners who lose themselves in this palace (in more way that one) rarely ever notice how they themselves gradually become lust demons as they continue to copulate with their hosts. By the time someone else opens the door to their room, the conversion is usually complete and the sinner has become another demon to satisfy the sexual desires of another. Asmodeus's powerful illusions make the reality within this palace incredibly disconnected and it is impossible to orient oneself within unless he wishes it.

    Outside Hell city and its three rings would be the Plains of Death, a barren and lifeless wasteland. Oh wait, not barren because the landscape is actually dotted with rivers of magma, random valleys lined with sharp blades (and the impaled bodies of those not looking where they were stepping), sandstorms that will literally rip you limb from lib, and lakes of blood. And it;s not lifeless since it actually holds a stunningly diverse fauna comprised of dozens of nightmarish creatures (known as hell spawn collectively) that want nothing more than to devour you and all your loved ones in the most gruesome and horrific way possible (you will occasionally see hell spawn within the city, either when they sneak in to snack on weak demons or when they are brought in to be tamed and broken in as beasts of war). these plains and their varying regions comprise the rest of the underworld. Rumours are that there are wild demons who live out in those plains as nomads and barbarians, mastering the wild beast that inhabit them and using them to hunt, but these are unconfirmed.
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  16. Muramasa

    Juuchi Yosamu - 10,000 cold nights


    Nikuya no kama - Butcher's Sickle

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  17. here are Magercraft's 108 words of power. They are basically the magical equivalent of a table of periodic elements. Note that the house names are also the first word of power in each house, they are also part of the first room. The 'rooms' are basically power level groupings. Words in the same room will all take approximately the same amount of skill to master, and there is always a significant difficulty gap between rooms. the ones with 'x'es on them have not yet actually been discovered and are the accepted theoretical words of power that the mages think will fit in these spots. This is exemplary of how much magic is treated like a science in this world.

    Show Spoiler

    1st Kingdom: kingdom of man, 3 Houses

    1st House-Form
    • 1st room
      • Edge
      • Spade
      • Pane
    • 2nd room
      • Beam
      • Sphere
      • String
    • 3rd room
      • Beast
      • Man
    2nd House-Flow
    • 1st room
      • Forwards
      • Backwards
      • Right
      • Left
    • 2nd room
      • Up
      • Down
    • 3rd room
      • Within
      • Without
    3rd House-Nature
    • 1st room
      • Strong
      • Weak
    • 2nd room
      • Pristine
      • Corrupt
      • Corporeal
      • Elemental
    • 3rd room
      • Ethereal
      • Animate
      • Null

    2nd Kingdom-Kingdom of Demons, 4 Houses

    4th House: Fire
    • 1st room
      • Heat
      • Light
      • Electricity
    • 2nd room
      • Ignite
      • Consume
    • 3rd room
      • Vibrate
      • Plasma
    5th House-Air
    • 1st room
      • Gust
      • Sound
    • 2nd room
      • Distort
      • Chaos
    • 3rd room
      • Evaporate
      • Gas
    6th House-Earth
    • 1st room
      • Metal
      • Crystal
      • Shadow
    • 2nd room
      • Encase
      • Support
    • 3rd room
      • Harden
      • Solid
    7th House-Water
    • 1st room
      • Mist
      • Ice
      • Life
    • 2nd room
      • Reflect
      • Soften
      • Dissolve
    • 3rd room
      • Melt
      • Liquid

    3rd Kingdom: Kingdom of Agnels, 2 Houses

    8th House-Space
    • 1st room
      • Here
      • There
      • Somewhere
    • 2nd room
      • Stretch
      • Bend
      • Twist
    • 3rd room
      • Expand
      • Crush
      • Gravity
    9th House-Time
    • 1st room
      • Hasten
      • Slow
      • Stop
      • Reverse
    • 2nd room
      • Before
      • After
      • During
    • 3rd room
      • Forever
      • Never

    4th Kingdom: Kingdom of Gods, 3 Houses

    10th House-Body
    • 1st room
      • Substance
      • This
      • That
    • 2nd room
      • Many
      • Few
      • More
      • Less
    • 3rd room
      • Big
      • Small
    11th House-Spirit
    • 1st room
      • Essence
    • 2nd room
      • Spectre
    • 3rd room
      • Angel - X
      • Demon - X
    12th House-Mind
    • 1st room
      • Memory
      • Learn
      • Forget
    • 2nd room
      • Fear
      • Confidence
      • Affection
      • Aggression
    • 3rd room
      • Pleasure
      • Pain
      • Doubt
      • Trust
    • 4h room
      • Will - X
  18. Form - Red Violet

    Flow - Light Sky Blue

    Nature - Sea Green

    Water - Dark Azure

    Fire - Maroon

    Earth - Burnt Orange

    Air - Light Yellow

    Time - Peach

    Space - Plum

    Body - Gold

    Spirit - Turquoise

    Mind - Indigo
  19. The party hence proceeded forward through the ruinous settlement. While it wasn't quite a ghost town, even when one ignored all the monsters about, what few signs of not outwardly hostile life they encountered only served to make the whole area all the more unsettling, giving the new players the distinct impression of making their way through a diseased animal, not yet dead but drifting between death and life. The mushrooms seemed as both a literal and metaphorical parasite, draining the life and livelihood out of what could have been a place of joy and simple prosperity; cobblestone streets that ought to have been filled with the laughter of children rather than the cry of beasts.

    Even taking detours for safety, the party was not able to avoid combat altogether. Twice they were ambushed by roaming bands of Muckwimps, the diminutive water imps posing little challenge individually (standing only about a foot tall, able to jump four times their height but 'running' only at a scuttling speed), they swarmed the party with groups of no less than 15 at a time, and could quickly overwhelm by having half their number pelting their prey by lobbing shots of sticky mucus from afar while the rest swarmed from every direction. The senior players had no trouble dispatching them and keeping the newbies safe, but Zephyr was still struck by the viciousness programmed into the digital animals when they attacked. It was clear that these encounters were different from those in the waterway. If he and Kate had wandered in this area by themselves, they'd have been torn apart in no time.

    They also came across a roaming trio of Prawndrakes that they could have avoided, though Edgar mentioned needing to harvest some material from their chitin for some alchemical process he was working on, so the party split in three and engaged them. The amphibious beasts were a thrill to fight: lightning fast and intelligent, they wielded powerful water and lightning magic and swung razor sharp pincers dripping with a paralyzing toxin. Zephyr fought with Edgar (the 'fighting' mostly entailing running in to use some of his most powerful attacks when the elder player stunned the creature and then retreating immediately to avoid deadly rebuttal, keeping it busy to let the magic caster use her skills without interruption), while Kate fought with Mogar (being instructed to only engage in supporting him so as to not 'draw aggro'), and Itsjeff and Kazu handled the last one. This fight was more enjoyable and involved than the Muckwimp ambushes, but Zephyr knew that this was largely since this time the party had the advantage of getting the drop on their enemies this time. He had chosen to develop use his attribute points to make his avatar develop towards being a speedster character, but he knew that the prawndrake would have sliced him up without difficulty if he didn't have Kazu's supporting fire doing most of the work.

    The most notable encounter, however, happened just outside of the house the party was heading to. The mage that they were tracking had used the seasonal changes to his advantage and set up a trap for anyone who might be snooping around his hideout while he was away. As soon as they got within 10 meters of the residence, they triggered a hidden magical 'tripwire' which sent what appeared to be three luminous globes up in the air. In fact, the globes were wrought out of the caps of the surrounding Ogon Fungi (or 'monster mushrooms' as kazu liked to refer to them), and exploded shortly after being launched, releasing heavy spore clouds in the area.

    While everyone was able to take the anti-berserk Sedative items quickly enough to prevent having their avatar fall under the negative status, the spores attracted nearby creatures and the party was beset by two Consumed Ogoliths crashing through a nearby house and into the street the party was on, quickly being followed by five Consuming Fiends who were more than happy to help tear into whatever meal had triggered such a strong spore signal.

    To this, Zephyr and Kate were explicitly told to stay the hell out of the way and as out of sight as possible while the senior members decided to take off the kiddie gloves and braced themselves for a boss fight to even put their skills to the test.

    Zephyr had thankfully found that the destruction caused by the fungal giants crashing into the scene had actually created some rather climb-able rubble, and successfully navigated Kate and himself up to the rooftops where they could observe the fight.

    Watching the seniors go all out was awe inspiring for Jason now that he was relegated to a spectator's position. Mogar activated glyphs all over his body that made him nearly double in size, rippling in rage-fueled muscles as his head morphed to almost resemble a bear's, and his body was covered in shaggy fur. Enchantments on his sword activated, making it grow in size to match him, and the berserker charged forth to tank the two giants by himself. He fearlessly swung the diamond blade with all of his finesse and training as a warrior intact, slicing one of the Ogolith's arms off mid-punch and ducking his head under the second giant's swing. with his sword low, the warrior leapt through the gap between the two off-balance mushroom giants and landed behind them. He quickly turned around and took the attack of opportunity to slash the disarmed Ogolith across the back, inflicting even more critical damage before the giant got to retaliate.

    The so-far ignored second giant would have turned around and met the berserker, were it not for the fact that Kazu suddenly came twirling through the air, a literal chinese dragon made of fire following her right foot: at first twirling with her, and then extending out and downwards in a an infernal arc as the girl kicked down. The Ogolith was consumed from head to crotch in a narrow column of fire and pain, remaining ablaze even after the main attack dissipated into the ground. Like her boyfriend and melee counterpart, the magical DPS specialist wasn't about to give her opponent any breathing room and immediately followed up her attack by starting up a new dance, one that vaguely evoked notions of an indian belly dance and animated the fire eating away at the fungus, turning the flames into fiery wolves that actively bit and clawed into the giant as they covered it, rendering the giant completely focused on trying to shake off its flaming infestation.

    The pair maintained their assault on the giants, leaving Itsjeff and Edgar to handle the leaping and bounding fiends. Initially, the pack animals had seemed interested in blocking off Kazu on her way to help Mogar, quickly identifying her as the easiest thing to rip apart and mangle. However, a well-placed shot from their engineer's blunderbuss took off the leading fiend's head, combined with Edgar sweeping in from the side and cutting down another Consuming Fiend with his rapier, managed to distract the mob enough to let the fire dancer past and turned the attention of the remaining three fiends on the two former enchanters. Two of them turned on Edgar and forced the alchemist to quickly pull out a potion of agility and down it so he could keep up with the two enraged attacking enemies. He, probably better than anyone, knew how badly one did not want to get scratched or bit by anything carrying half the pathogens these critters were, VR game or not.

    The remaining one went after Itsjeff, causing the enginner to activate the speed enhancement on his boots so he could outrun the monster and kite it around the battle field while he waited for his arcane blunderbuss to recharge. The annoying thing about fungi enemies, however, was that -while they were thankfully pretty light on armour- dismembering or decapitating them was about as effective at keeping them down permanently as shooting a zombie in the chest. Mogar was disarming his opponent for the third time now, and the Alpha Consumed Fiend regenerated its head within seconds and started angrily chasing down Itsjeff along with its subordinate to exact vengeance on the elf.

    The good thing about them was that they burned easily. Kazu made quick work of her opponent and rushed off to help focus down the last ogolith, liberally using her most elegant and destructive hellfire to finish off the beast mogra had been tanking so far by repeatedly slicing off bits of the beast and meeting it fist for fist in superpowered beatdowns.

    Itsjeff, once his gun was once again ready to fire, immediately turned around and faced down the nearer, weaker fiend. Rather than go for another headshot, he aimed for center of mass and the enchanted gauss rifle he called a blunderbuss blew a clean hole through the monster's chest and through its back mid-hop. While the monster wasn't killed, it was knocked down hard and its legs spammed futilely to get it back up right while its body tried to regenerate. The engineer quickly reached into his satchel and pulled out a small cube, tossing it into the monster's closing cavity. Immediately afterwards he took off running again to keep ahead of the alpha. Rather than just wait for his gun to recharge again though, he dropped three translucent disks behind him as he ran, the devices activating and exploding as fire mines when the Fiend approached them in its chase. The mines succeeded in tripping up the monster and setting it aflame, but from the enraged shriek it gave before resuming its chase, all this seemed to do was only piss it off further and make it hungrier for Itsjeff's mutilated flesh. Guess it was the alpha for a reason.

    Thankfully, just as the second monster focused on the elf was just about ready to get up, the cube that was now lodged deep inside it activated and effectively became a molten lump of active thermite, setting the creature aflame from the inside out, taking it out of the fight.

    Edgar, on his end, was unfortunately out of liquid fire potions to throw at these things, so he had to rely on his skill as a fencer to keep himself alive as he wore the beasts down. However, what he did have was a rapier coated in necrothurgic poison derived from the bulbs on these creatures' backs. He hadn't managed to get a deep enough cut on either of the two he was fighting currently for it to have much effect, having had to keep himself satisfied with glancing strikes and stunning blows to keep himself from suffering any injury. However, he knew the timing of his poisons very well, and he also knew that as he allowed one of the beasts to catch his rapier in its horns and engaged it in a deadlock that the second would take advantage of this and flank him to take him down quickly in his moment of distraction. This, of course, left the creature completely open to being tackled by its reanimated compatriot -the first Fiend that Edgar had cut down- and brought to the ground where it was quickly trampled and tail-whipped to death.

    Smiling that his mind-control agent was so effective on the beast, Edgar broke his deadlock with the monster in front of him just as the tail he'd previously severed finished regenerating, getting out of the way of its lashes and letting his new 'pet' get in between him and his assailant, snarling angrily and raising its own spiked tail in defence of its master.

    The enemy fiend was momentarily confused by the behaviour of its compatriot, but quickly understood the signs of aggression and started hissing and raising its tail in turn. The two went low, and waited, preparing to pounce on one another as soon as one made a sign of flinching, becoming like still ponds on the edge of a storm.

    The release and violent lashing of tails and tearing of claws never came, as both figured were promptly consumed in fireballs as Kazu pirouetted onto the scene. Edgar did not seem to mind the loss of the loyal Fiend and smiled at his compatriot. "Ahh, so you two have finally taken out the giants?"

    "After about 90% of my magic reserves? yeah." responded the fire dance as she turned to the alchemist, two flaming corpses collapsing around her and soon fading away to digital bits. she added "these things really wouldn't suck so much if you didn't have a countdown timer on them basically slapping every status and it grandmother on you."

    "On top of having a bunch of health." chimed in the alchemist, his magical reserves still mostly full but having burned through a few high-end items.

    It was at precicely this point that Mogar went literally screaming past, howling in battle rage as he rushed towards itsjeff and the remaining enemy.

    "Right, they're like a marathon and a sprint all at once. Asshole devs." sighed the spent magician, ignoring the berserker entirely.

    Itsjeff, on his end, had had his gun recharged for a while, but was having a hard enough time creating enough distance between himself and the Alpha fiend to turn around and use the weapon. Additionally, his boots were about to overheat and need cooling down. He was not looking forward to seeing what a pissed off, flaming, fungus-infected lizard-dog-tentaclemonster-thing would do to him when that happened. Thankfully, he caught sight of the enraged man-bear heading towards him and immediately shifted course to run at him head-on.

    Perfectly timed as if it was something they'd rehearsed a thousand times, teh elf ducked between the berserker's legs at the last moment and Mogar came up with his open paw, gripping the alpha by its throat and lifting it off its feet as the heavier man-bear pulled it into its charge. Before the fungus monster could orient itself, mogar thew it into the air and stabbed his sword in the ground. He wound back and caught the monster coming down with a fist to its skull, smashing the creature into the cobblestone below. Without hesitation the werebear began pummelling the beast with his bare fists with increasing speed, landing blow after bone crushing blow on the prone creature. With every strike he seemed to only grow in power and soon started to actually glow. Shortly thereafter the pummelling ceased and the gigantic warrior jumped back to his sword, gripping the gigantic diamond blade by its handle and pulling it out from the stone he'd sheathed it in. The glow that enveloped him spread to the blade and he let out a deafening roar before jumping high into the air. The aura around his body focused itself into the blade and it once again grew in size, coming to dwarf even the empowered berserker. Mogar lifted the blade high and brought it down like a meteor on the Alpha fiend, making the earth beneath his blade explode as all the pent up magic was released in one devastating strike.

    Guess there was a reason he was called a berserker.

    Once the smoke cleared, Mogar was left behind, him and his blade both reverted to their original forms and dimensions. The fiend did not regenerate.

    "Shit mike, talk about 'overkil'" laughed Itsjeff from the side.

    "Ain't no kill like it!" replied Mogarl, laughing along with his club leader. "Besides, it seems like a waste to end that form without using a breaker combo."

    Jason had been observing every detail of the Jaegers fighting intently. He'd gotten an idea of their sense of teamwork before, but now he was completely blown away by how each member had known exactly what to do, when, and how. The way they all perfectly applied their specialties when going all-out to take out such powerful enemies with relative ease was a testament to what kind of skills you could develop in peoepl when they thought they were just playing a game.

    Part of him wanted to say the display reminded him of watching his old team of broken mirrors, but even in accounting for the auto-physics of the game, if his own team had been this well co-ordinated, things might not have...

    Well, he was simply realizing that this 'game' may have a few things to teach him. He turned to Kate and chuckled. "Somehow, I doubt we'll ever be spending enough time here to become that good. Still, that was a pretty cool show eh? Kazu's class name gets a lot more literal than i thought it woudl when he usses her big spells."
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