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kicking it up a notch

Director: Dr. Ilyas Greer
Employees: OPEN
Location: Novus City, City Center
Days/Hours: Mon - Sun, 9 AM - 9 PM

Combining magic with science, The Magitech Institute is one of Novus City's most notorious scientific research institutes. Many of the city's greatest breakthroughs have happened here.


providing your daily caffeine intake

Owner: OPEN
Employees: Daniel
Location: Turner City, City Center
Days/Hours: Mon - Sun, 6 AM - 11 PM

With high-quality coffee and a warm atmosphere, it is objectively better than any Starbucks.


Through Poetry or Madness

Owner: The Nosferatu
Employees: Provost Nosferatu (Father), Anya Nosferatu + board members
Location: Oria City, Texas
Days/Hours: Every day 7am - 10pm

"Powerful is the fear of the unknown, gracious is the joy of knowing, and mighty is the word able to instil joy and inspire fear with a single strike."

- Provost Nosferatu at the beginning of the academic year​

The private research university and the educational hubbub of Oria City providing education to all who are willing to learn and contribute to the centre. Providing certificates of attendance, as well the research university provided a broad choice of programs to select from with the opportunity to set up your own research if you can gather the funds needed. Many leaders within their own field, but limited by the boundaries of good ethics elsewhere, find board here in the research university. It are the variety of research programs that garner the money needed to keep the university running and the public part available for all. Because of the seeming boundlessness of the research possible, Nosferatu Research University is known to be a school of breakthrough innovations not always as widely accepted but still needed.

Organised like a Montessori school, where individual growth and self-study is encouraged, the Nosferatu Research University holds a special focus on the liberal arts for the general public, free to attend. With its open library and a great collection of poetry and general literature collected by the Provost and the assistant Provost in their private collection, and organised nights focused on headhunting new talent, the Nosferatu Research University provides the opportunity for all layers of society to find a stage to shine.


For all abandoned

Owner: Unknown, Oria City Council - presumed: the Nosferatu
Employees: Volunteers + Caretakers
Location: Oria City, Texas
Days/Hours: -

Allied to the Nosferatu Research University and located right next to the private university is the Miskatonic orphanage. The orphanage doesn't house regular orphans (though there are plenty of them as well), but the orphans that have no other place to turn to. Be it because of their own special needs, or because they have already turned every orphanage in the surroundings inside out. Miskatonic orphanage takes in all these orphans with nowhere to go providing a place for them to reach adulthood, if they manage to survive to that age in Oria City. Traditionally orphans in the orphanage are eventually entered into the Nosferatu Research University free of charge, provided they have successfully finished their general education and shown a drive for academics. Those that don't seek to pursue an academic career are welcome to either work for the public part of the university; taking care, guarding the library and organising the special night classes. An orphan of Miskatonic Orphanage is guaranteed a life after their childhood and many are known to disappear into the Nosferatu Research University to never resurface again. Those that do leave the orphanage generally have difficulty navigating the world, for Miskatonic orphanage is anything but focussed on preparing the orphans for life outside of Nosferatu Research University.

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Owner: Seua Saetang
Employees: Kiran Bashir
Location: Berwyn Harbour
Days/Hours: UNKNOWN

A tiny tea house that barely seats more than four people at a time within, hidden away within the greenery. It is slightly beat down and cramped, often on the edge of being closed down, time and time again, but word of mouth says that the tea is both incredibly delicious and healing to the soul and the body. They take no reservations and have no set opening days or times, sometimes closed for days at a time with no explanation. Customers simply have to check in person if those doors are open or not. If you are lucky enough to drop by when they are open, perhaps it is just a sign that the goddess of fortune herself has chosen you.

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high-quality crystals for magic and mirth

Owner: Davi
Employees: Flora, Poppy
Location: Rockcaster, South Sliver
Days/Hours: Mon - Sun, 11 AM - 11 PM

The aptly named Crystal Clear is a small shop sandwiched between several others that sells crystals created by its Earth Magi owner. It is warmly lit and brightly decorated, with plenty of greenery and wisteria hanging from the ceiling's wooden beams.

"Good things come to those who cry, who sweat, who bleed."

Owner: OPEN
Employees: Kofi Neelam, OPEN
Location: New Toyko City- City Center
Days/Hours: Mon-Fri 5AM-3PM, 24/7 for Employees/Students of the Wrestling School
Description: A large, two story warehouse looking building on the outside, only a metal bird sign above the door being the only advertising to what is inside. The interor is that of a former swimming pool that has been changed into a gym. The middle section, lowered than the rest of the space, is a large matted area, with a wrestling ring in one end and plenty of gym equipment, more than enough to ensure a strong workout. The raised floor is where all the lockers and where the front office is, as well as plenty of space to watch the people below. The second floor is more dedicated to the "wrestling school" aspect, and isn't open to anyone besides employees and pro wrestlers. There is a small kitchen, a room full of cheap bunkbeds, bathrooms (including showers!), a room for teaching various aspects of the business, as well as a balcony view to the first floor. Four times a month, they have pro wrestling shows, where the students are often used as enhancement talent, and many wrestlers are brought in to fill up the numbers.
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caring for your children as if they are our own

Owner: OPEN
Employees: Teddy
Location: Berwyn Harbor, City Center
Days/Hours: Mon - Fri, 7 AM - 5:30 PM

A brightly-decorated daycare center with well-trained staff.


bringing out your ideal self

Owner: OPEN
Employees: Avery
Location: Novus City, City Center
Days/Hours: Mon - Sun, 10 AM - 8 PM

A cozy, personable salon for all your beauty needs. Each stylist has their own space and gets to set their own hours.


when the adults want to play

Owner: The Carraways
Employees: OPEN
Location: Rockcaster, City Center
Days/Hours: Mon - Sun, 10 AM - 11 PM

A clean adult entertainment store with discreet and knowledgeable staff. Run by Magi, many of the products sold here are infused with magic to add extra spice to your bedroom.


because glass slippers are uncomfortable

Owner: Lionel
Employees: OPEN
Location: Julian City, City Center
Days/Hours: Mon - Sun, 11 AM - 8 PM

A small shoe store with an extensive collection of footwear. While the shoes are pricier, their quality doesn't disappoint.

Labyrinth Acquisitions

No Text Too Old, No Book Too Rare

Owner: Avoran Urd Reisha
Employees: Avoran
Location: An online business, there is no brick and mortar. It technically exists within Black City but only because that's where Avoran lives.
Days/Hours: Open Every Day. Hours: Whenever Avoran is awake.

Labyrinth Acquisitions specializes in tracking down, acquiring and hand delivering old, rare, limited edition and generally hard-to-find books of all sorts. Submit your acquisition request online and within a few days, your book will be delivered to you!

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Blacke Rose Beauty

Beauty built to last

Owner: Marzia Blacke
Employees: Hiring!
Location: Black City
Days/Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am - 8 pm Sat-Sun 11 am - 5 pm (unless otherwise specified)

A beauty shop/parlor of high quality and scientifically formulated beauty and wellness products created by Princess Marzia Blacke and her team of hand selected experts made to share with the world. Blacke Rose Beauty also offers makeovers, hair styling, and various spa treatments through appointment only! Call and schedule your next look today!

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Familiar Faces

Familiars and friends, forever

Owner: Brigid Gray
Employees: Hiring!
Location: Hollowstead
Days/Hours: Mon-Fri 10 am - 5 pm

An old gothic manor fixed up and turned into a sanctuary for lost, abandoned and stray animals in hopes of find them a forever home. There is a seating area in the old greenhouse that allows private meetings between the customers and the animals they wish to meet.

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The Green Library

"A cozy nook to read"

Owner: OPEN
Employees: Lucas, HIRING
Location: Greenwich - City Center
Days/Hour's: Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm

Here at The Green Library we are dedicated to making a cozy safe space for people to read, write, or even work on papers. The library is rather small with there being only the library, an office, and a basement. With an ever going collection The Green Library is the place to read and check out books. All books can be checked out for a max of 1 month before they need to either be returned or re-checked out.

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Green Thumb

"For all your herbal needs"

Owner: Felix
Employees: None // NOT HIRING
Location: Novus City, Ontario | South Sliver
Days/Hour's: Monday-Friday 6am - 4pm

Green Thumb was opened roughly a year and a half; a rather small shop that grew in popularity fast. Since it's founding Felix has run it solely, not really seeing the need for an employee. As such the store, while running a slower than one with multiple people working that, has quick and efficient service.

Originally Green Thumb was a plant shop over a matter of months it sold crystals, herbs, books, and all sorts of things that aid in growing plants or even crafting herbal based potions or plant spells. Over the years Felix has not changed a thing about the exterior of the building, though the interior has been renovated to accommodate the extra foot traffic.

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Fiat voluptas (Let there be pleasure)

Owner: Mitya and Miko Grisha
Employees: Elias, HIRING
Location: Foxby Town - Grey Slice
Days/Hours: Open 24/7

The Potamus bathhouse is more than just a bathhouse for the finest dips in the hot springs and/or specially prepared baths. It serves as a spa and offers other services if you know who to ask and how. They also have a Sushi bar that is almost as popular their baths and massages.

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Owner: Elena and Toddrick MacFarlane
Employees: Vanessa Beatriz, (HIRING)
Location: Sayby Falls - West Sliver
Days/Hours: 7 days a week! House Tours: 11AM - 7PM Ghost Tours: 9:30PM - 11PM
Ghost Hunts: 11:30PM - 1AM

Welcome to the most haunted house in Sayby Falls! Come and join Toddrick and Elena at their historic haunted home! MacFarlane Manor has been in Todd's family for generations, dating all the way back to the infamous MacFarlane-Mackey Murders that happened in 1885. Maybe you'd like their granddaughter Vanessa to show you the rooms where the murders occurred or many have said to seen apparitions. Or perhaps you're feeling ballsy enough to stay a couple nights where the murderers Jedidiah MacFarlane and Robert Mackey coordinated their heinous plans? Whatever you decide to do, just know you're sure to have an exhilarating experience!

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