Building Pokemon Expansive Universe! Companion/Romance Trainer(s) needed! (-o-)

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  1. This is a check to see about anyone interested in a "beefed up", more gritty world of pokemon in which the realm of pocket monsters are beginning to be explored outside more than just competitive purposes, now more nefarious and sinister plots are on the horizon. Gym leaders, Elite Four, and the Battle Frontier exist, but evils far greater than the bandit teams are coming. I want to note that I'm looking for LONG TERM people so no 1 liners, and yes this will be a world with Ash, Brock, Max, May, Misty, and who have you out there living somwhere.

    - There are 14 gym leaders in this current world.
    - This story takes place 10 years after the events of Ash Ketchum's journeys
    - The setting will be Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos.
    - Elite Four still exists with a different line up.
    - Pokemon trainers are still rockstars, but now new agencies/groups have been formed for security and maintenance of Pokemon world
    - All legendary pokemon exist and CAN be caught under very special requirements
    - No god modding your pokemon or status.
    - Adaptations to events/pokemon are allowed, as long as they make sense. Check with me first! :)

    I will be playing a female trainer from New Bark Town named Palette. For romance I's seeking a Male trainer, companion can be any gender trainer.

    -If you are interested or have any questions please respond and also put if you'd prefer 1x1, Group, or either as I am confortable with whatever.

    What's Coming:
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  2. Biggity BUMP!
  3. Sweeetm Im interested, much PokeKnowledge will I need? Like...the most current stuff? Im seriously a gen 1-3(4ish) guy and get kinda lost after anything past that
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  4. Lol actually so am I with a good bit on gen 5+ knowledge only so yeah you're good because the story will be adapting some events/things of the pokemon universe :]
  5. Updated info on first post :]
  6. Name: Miles Ellington
    age: 23

    Appearance: Dark medium long and way hair, combed back with most of its volume waving at the nape of his neck. He often has stuble on his chin and lightly growing in moustache. Light brown eyes (overall, a Spaniard type face). He's had plenty of travel and has defeated a few gym leaders when he was younger, giving him a well tones body often clad in black button up dress shirt with a white tank top beneath it, fitted blue jeans and brown hiking boots.

    (Im not too good at finding images x_x)

    Personality:.... will work on it during the rp

    History: Miles started his journey like any other ten year old boy, be it without the luxury of a handed down pokemon by a near by professor. He began in Veridian City, whered he see many seasoned trainers stop by before heading to the dangerous Indigo Plateau and marveled at the distances many of these trainers have traveled. He wanted to be so much like them. So wise, filled with stories and well bonded with their pokemon. By the time his tenth birthday came around, he didnt want to risk the chance of his mother denying him such journey and didnt want to face the emotions of saying good bye if she allowed him and simply ran away from home.

    He wasnt sure which way to go and didnt know anything past Veridian city so he followed the trainers who merited countless number of badges, unaware of the danger the Indigo Plateau would hold. He strayed from his path and ended up on his way to Mt Silver without a single pokemon to defend him. He was had only been on his own for a couple days and was already lost and endangered.

    It was by the guidance of a wild Misdreavus that he was able to find his way, finding safety in New Bark Town in Johto. He befriended that Misdreavus and had been companions ever since.

    He managed to merit all 3 Johto badges, and a couple in Kanto( Rainbow, Marsh), losing his interest in being some kind of pokemon champion and instead began to focus on preservation of Pokemon habitats.

    Traits: witty/ brave/ Idealistic/ empathetic/ forceful
    flaws: hot-headed/ vengeful/ self-endangering/ spiteful/ easily manipulated

    Current pokemon:

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  7. ---------MY CHARACTER-----------
    Name: Palette White
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 119 lbs

    Occupation/Job: Professor's Assistant at New Bark Pokemon Research Lab; student at Pokemon Academy

    Hobbies: Researching Pokemon, Studying, Reading, Playing with her Houndour (named Chomp), talking with Pokemon, entering in Pokemon Smart and Cute class competitions.

    Traits(5): Intelligent/Honest/Loyal/Resourceful/Kind
    Flaws(5): Reserved/Isolated/Aloof/Paranoid/Self-Absorbed

    00Anime.jpg 0Palette1.jpg

    Pokemon (If any): Houndour "Chomp"
    Type Speciality (If Any): None
    # of Badges collected: None

    Palette White was born at Cherrygrove City Hospital by her mother Jewel White, in what was known as the "Light of Cherrygrove". The same night, her father Kolor was killed trying to help the National Pokemon Federation (NPF) investigate and contain an unruly Pokemon threat at Mt. Silver. Kolor spoke his last words to a pregnant Jewel and named their daughter Palette via Pokedex phone call. As Jewel was rushed to New Bark Town, her labor induced and had to be operated on in Cherrygrove. When Palette was born, she was placed in the infirmary where a few other babies were. Only then, while isolated from outside society, was she approached by a intense colored light from the sky, crashing through the window and right into Palette. When nurses came to check on Palette, she was perfectly healthy, not even crying....just staring. Palette grew up an outcast, a freak by her peers. She was always picked on and chatized for being "too weird", never speaking much or playing. One day Palette ran away from home to the woods where she cried and a Sentret that moment Palette heard the Sentret say "What's wrong?", but pokemon can't talk. It was more of a mental message. Palette ran back to Professor Elm and described her event, making her only more outcasted and weird by locals. She now has appointments and even works with Elm on Pokemon communication, as Elm and Jewel believe that Palette was born with a mental condition. This causes Palette to believe she's different and keeps to herself, never letting anyone in. However, she is one of the world's most bright minds at such a young age due to her being able to read the language of Alph, a feat that scientists have been trying for decades. No one knows how, but this has launched her into a very bright figure in the world. She's not into becoming a trainer or likes battles, she just wants to understand herself and Pokemon.
  8. It's ok lol just try to find a pic, and list how many badges you have or what you do for a living :)
  9. ok, My edits have been made o.o
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  10. Ok cool!! :)
  11. Im cool with it o.o, Quick replly was quick, right, lol
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  12. Lol yes, oh side note: if you want romance with my female maybe make him a bit younger? Or you can be like a protective figure type when they meet :] up to you!
  13. Can I just make him like.. the older dude who doesnt really believe you can communicate better to my pokemon than me? Sort of the older protective and realistic guy
  14. That's absolutely fine! :]
  15. In that case, lets do this!
  16. OK!!! I'll make the rp when I get free
  17. Drat! Came it too late! Haha X'D
  18. Not necessarily lol, depends on what you're trying to be:)
  19. At this point, I am willing to be anything just to be in a Pokemon RP. Companion, rival romance trainer/villain (just to mess things up if this is a group RP), romance trainer (if you're setting a different 1x1 thread).. I won't be able to play out the canon characters though, since I'm not as updated as you guys are in the pokemon universe -__-
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