Building a Kingdom: A fantasy story of "evil" rising again.

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  1. I had a thought, and I'll be honest I probably shouldn't start a group RP...But I can't resist this idea I've just had. I'd like to see if anyone else would be interested in this kind of story. He's a quick narrative plot explication! ;)

    The darkness has been defeated, rejoice! The evil *insert evil being here* has been ended and his monster army left in shambles. The good people of the world can finally live in peace...But what of that army? What of the dark races left to the wilds while the former home is left in shambles. Families ruined, children orphaned...Wasn't it these things those noble paladins, elves, dwarfs and rouges were trying to stop from happening? Also, how good are those heroes really? They all have vices of their own...and no being is completely without sin.

    War is never pretty, and even though one side ends in peace, the other, no matter if they be good or evil, is left to die. Years have past since that fateful day. All of the dark races have barely made it by, and the segregation of their kind is starting to hit drastic extremes. They try to blend in, but those "nobel" races believe that not even sever generations will change anything. If only they could see that their actions could make a world of difference.

    A new group stands for the dark thought! A pioneering group who believe that "good" and "evil" are terrible labels to determine a race or society. They seek to not only return the dark races to their rightful standing, but to place them among the thriving society of the other races without fear of being hurt or rejected. A world where you are not treated based on weather your race is looked at as "Nobel" or "Chaotic". A world were a dark orc and a elf can be treated as equals, instead of enemies. Where children of any kind can be given equal education and grow up without being treated violently by adults.

    Who is the group? What are their gifts? What do they bring to the table? How will this new kingdom work. Most of all, why do they think they can make a difference? It's hard to say...but as they say, there is always a way.
  2. I'm gonna mull this over a bit. I LIKE the premiss. Just need to rattle the muse a bit.
  3. well, im interested
  4. I like the idea, especially since it has to do with how subjective 'good' and 'evil' are, seeing as that's a theme I generally like to aim towards. An unbiased eye usually proves that what one side sees as evil is seen as good to the other side. No true 'nobility' exists in this world, since almost all drive is selfish, and selflessness or the illusion of it is simply a byproduct of one person striving for themselves, or their own group.

    TLDR; coolio! I'd love to help if I could, and I'll most definitely take part!
  5. Yay! Thanks for showing interest Edge, I'm waiting for some more people to take interest so we'll see.
  6. Hm. Maybe. =)
  7. Count me in. I have a lot of morally ambiguous characters that would probably fit into this like a glove. ^^
  8. Awesome! I'll keep looking into this then, I hope more people stop and check it out.
  9. Cud i b a dwagon? C:

    I love dragons :3
  10. It's a possibility, I'm just looking to see if people would be interested at the moment XD
  11. I'd be into playing an undead. >v>
  12. I have a character that's perfectly made for this. Seriously. Count me in.
  13. This sounds interesting. I could definitely get behind playing a Black Knight or something equally "villainous."
  14. Would love to see this happen!
  15. Yay~ I'm so glad you are all interested in this, I'll try to get up some stuff this weekend when I have the time.
  16. I think I'd be down for this, too!
  17. Hey guys, sorry I haven't gotten anything up yet!~ I've had a very busy busy weekend. I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in being a co GM? I'd love some help since the end of my semester is coming around and I'm starting to get super busy.
  18. I'd be interested. ^^
  19. I'm also down for Co-GMing.