Building a House!

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  1. This game is easy enough. Each person adds onto the house the people before have built. Only add a single detail. For instance, if I were to say "The house is two stories tall," the next person could say "It has a pool on the roof." Contradictions are fine, too! This is a magical house!

    So, let us begin!

    The house is bright green.
  2. The house is bright green with clear windows.
  3. the house has an orange front door.
  4. The house is 3 stories tall.
  5. The house has seven bedrooms.
  6. The house has a statue of Chuck Norris in the entry way.
  7. one of the bathrooms has a flat screen TV instead of a mirror
  8. The statue of Chuck Norris is shrinking in fear, for this is a house of Bran'doh
  9. There's a mass hobo grave in the basement.
  10. There are zombie dogs that guard the entrance of the basement.
  11. the zombie dogs are chihuahuas, as this is a recession
  12. There is a pool in the backyard, just out of reach of the zombie chihuahuas.
  13. There is pixie dust on the roof of the house, making it sparkle in sunlight like Twilight vampires.
  14. There are tripple bunk beds one of the bedrooms on the top floor.
  15. the doorknob is in the shape of a potato, because
  16. There are pigs on the roof.
  17. In the living room, several small floating bagels with bow ties greet you and sprinkle you with whole wheat deliciousness.
  18. There is a life sized GLaDOS replica in the guest bedroom that tells you that you are fat. Because that's what GLaDOS does.
  19. There is a Timelord fridge in the kitchen. Timelord fridges use a scaled-down version of Tardis technology to hold a pantry's worth of food.
  20. The house also happens to have a large amount of ammo. You never know when the zombie apocalypse will hit.