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  1. Griffin woke up feeling groggy. He had come to Vegas to be the best man at his friends wedding. He had gotten drunk at the reception. He didn't handle crowds well. The alcohol made it easier for him to get through the ordeal for his friend. He jerked out of bed when he felt someone move beside him. "What the hell?"
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  2. Allie was in a groggy daze just shifting slightly as she woke up but she felt warm. Before her mind could process what was happening she felt a sudden jerk the bed giving to weight before springing back. Her eyes snapped open as she sat up her dirty blonde hair strung about in a mess as her eyes looked around in panic. Her hand clutched the blanket to her chest as the gears in her brain started to work. Her eyes landed on the man just as shocked as she was.
    "Who are you?" She looked around the room. "Wait this isn't my room. What happened last night!" She started to panic wrapping the blanket all away around her before grabbing her cloths clutching them as she backed away from the man towards the bathroom behind her. Her face was tinted red before she ducked away into the bathroom to hide. She never did things like this hell she was married so young she never got a chance to. She dressed in a panic before sheepishly peaking out of the bathroom door.
  3. Griffin stared at the woman that was laying in the bed that he had been sleeping in. He hasn't slept with a woman in almost eight years. What the hell had happened last night? He reviewed what he remembered. He went to the chaple and stood beside Zack as his friend pledged his life to the love of his live and then they went to one of the bars to celebrate. He wasn't much of a partier which might explain why he had no memory after his toast. "This can't be good." Griffin was naked. But he hadnt really noticed. He normal slept with atleast boxers in case Sam needed him. But apparently being drunk he had falling back into the habit of sleeping naked. He had GG tattooed right above his neatly trimmed pubic hair. He had a few light scars on his body. They wear scattered across his body. Long thin ones, short thick ones, and round ones. He had scars circling his wrists and ankles. " My name is Griffin. Who are you?"
  4. She when she came out of the bath room she he had asked her name. I though one night stands were spouse to be have sex then leave. Why was she even still her the . She noticed he was still naked causing her to turn around.
    "Allie you mind putting some close on." She mumbled her hand going to her face as her head ducked own her classic trying to think pose. Where did she even pick this guy up. The last thing she tempered was her friend Casey taking her to a bar and buying shots. Where did they go after that. Hell her friend let her leave with a complete stranger she was ticked.
  5. "Huh?" Griffin looked down. "Sorry." He mumbled before looking for clothes. This was a mess. A hell of a mess. What had he even thinking? Apparently not much. No more drinking. It only lead him to do stupid things. He looked around for his clothes. He saw a piece of paper on the dresser. Curious he picked it up. One glanced at it made him curse. "We're married."
  6. "What!" She yelled quickly forgetting about him being nude and rushing beside him to look at the paper her brown eye frantic as she read. In shock she took a step back before sitting on the bed in a daze.
    "Oh god What have I done." She whispered before dropping her head into her hands. In so much shock she started to mumbled.
    "God, what do I do I mean it's not considered a divorce if it hasn't been a year but isn't it like a month before you can file annulment. God, my parents are going to be pissed. I can see it now marrying some random stranger in Vagas it's like some comedy on TV." She shook her head as talked to her self.
  7. "We're not getting divorce or an annulment." Griffin told her. He stood up and got dressed. He didn't break promises. He wasn't starting now. How was he going to explain this to Sam? What A mess. A major mess. He began pacing once he was dressed. There had to be away to work this out. He wasn't good with people. But he had to make this work. All his son had asked for the last couple of years was a mom. Once he heard about this he would be on cloud nine. He had no doubt that his friend had already told the boy.
  8. "What you want to stay married to a complete stranger I have a daughter she extremely shy I can't imagine what she will do if I show up saying she had a new dad that she's never met." She looked up at the man finally taking a look at him. He was rather large he looked a bit on the wild side. Her brows knitted. His hair in a military cut. Ears pierced, light gray blue eyes. He wasn't bad looking just not the type she ever interested in. "I mean where do you even live I can't move I have a business I have to run."
  9. "I don't break promises. I'm not about to start now because I got drunk. This paper says I promised you until death do us part." Griffin told her. He ran his hand through his short hair. "I have a ten year old son. The only thing he has asked for is a mother. I'm not taking that from him now that he has one." He paced the room with a slight limp. "I can move. My job is portable. We will move in to your place."
  10. Allie sighed before standing up looking at the poet one last time. Her eyes landed on her friends name Casey White sighened nicley on the witness line. She clicked her tounge before turning to find her bad.
    "I swear I'm going to kill her she even sighed the damn witness line." She growled digging in her bag. She pulled out her phone but stopped.
    "No one would hold you to a promise you made under the influence. My parents are going to be more the. Pissed about this, I have issues of my own this is my second marriage you know and death parted us rather quickly." She sounded sad as she spoke.
    "My flight leaves soon lets think about this for a bit. If we both decided to try and make this work we can work out you moving to Colorado. Talk to your son and I'll talk to my daughter we can't just spring this on them." She sighed holding her phone out to him.
    "Put your number in." She didn't look up at him.
    "I'll call you when I get home. Is that okay?"
  11. "My son will. I have no doubt that my son already knows about this. My friend's name us on that paper. Which means the idiot undoubtedly told Sam by now." Griftin took the phone. He typed in his cell number before taking out his phone and handing it to her. "Number and address. There is no way out of this. I am not signing anything. And I'm not explaining to my son that I not only broke a promise but his uncle lied to him. We will work something out. But I am not going to let you take the only thing my son has ever asked me for. We will be in Colorado in two days."
  12. She sighed he was rather demanding and it made her worry a bit but something about the way he talked about his son made her think for a second that maybe they should try for the boy. She quickly typed in her number and her address in the small subburb out side of Denver.
    "Just ugh try and contact me before you show up I don't want you to scare my daughter this is going to be rough on her." Allie looked at him one last time before quickly heading out of the hotel room.
  13. Griffin nodded his agreement. Then he gathered Hus stuff and headed out. He went to the hotel to collect Sam. Just like he thought Zack had told Sam that he was married. He sighed as he told his son the little he knew about his new wife. He never thought he would get married. But now that he was he would do his best to make it work. He wanted his son to have a better life then he had. He didn't care what he had to do to accomplish that. Sam was the only thing that mattered. He packed their stuff and headed home to end one life so he could start a few one again.
  14. Allie wasn't sure how to break the news to her daughter but she was smart and she figured her daughter would be able to handle the news. Of course Illya reacted the way she though scared and confused. The first day Allie stood at the one spare bedroom she had since the fourth room was her work room it was way to large to be a room anyways it covered the entire third floor of the house. The bedrooms all sat on the second floor. They could share a room right I mean had to understand right? This was all backwards getting married then getting to know eachother. On the second day she sat in her work room trying to get something done but really she just kept staring at her self phone her daughter sat behind her on the ground drawing. She stayed home today but Allie had a feeling she would run to her room as soon as the phone rang.
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  15. The trip home had seemed to take forever. Sam couldn't stop talking about their knew family. His son couldn't wait to met his mom and sister. When they got home Sam set the record for packing. Before long they were on their way. The drive to Colorado was a long one. Sam told him everything he had learned about the state. His son was so excited. He was nervous. He wasnt looking forward to this. He wasn't good with people. He knew Allie's family wouldn't accept him. But he was used to rejection. He just hoped they accepted Sam. It would crush his son if they rejected him. Sam knew nothing of rejection. He wanted to keep it that way as long as possible. When they hit the city limits. "We will be there in about an hour."
  16. Allie jumped up when she heard the phone ring her nerves getting the better of her. Illya ran off to her room her eyes wide as her feet padded down the stairs and her door clicked shut. I picked up the phone he was rather quick to the point.
    "Ah, okay well I'll try to coax Illya out of her room." It was all she could think to say. When she hung up she moved down stairs stopping in front of a mirro to look at her self. She wore dark jeans that fit snug but not overly tight. A gray long sleeve shirt that hung off both her shoulders pink tank straps poking out. Her blonde hair was up high in a messy bun. She had to work today to catch up from the vacation at least her makeup was actually done hues of brown and black shaped her brown eyes. It wasn't long after she heard the door bell ring. She took a deep breath closing her eyes for a second before she answered the door trying her best to smile at the strangers.
    "Hi again." She sheepishly laughed.
  17. Griffin studied the house. He double checked to the address. "This looks like the place." It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Sam would do well here. He was glad of that. He climbed out of the moving truck and headed for the door. Sam bounced excitedly beside him. He hoped this would go alright. He knocked on the door. "Sam this is Allie. Allie is my son Sam." he introduced the two. He tried to ignore how awkward he felt. "Do you have a place I can put my tools or do I need to rent a place?"
  18. Allie smiled at the young boy. "Hello there. Sorry I couldn't get Illya out of her room to greet you she's a bit shy." Allie spoke to the young boy as she leaned down to see at his level. She shifted to look at Griffin.
    "Tools?" She asked her head tilting to the side a bit. "Yum, all I have is the third floor i can help you look for some place near here if you need me to." She turned to let them into the house.
  19. "I was afraid of that." Griffin shook his head. "Where do you want to put our stuff?" he asked Allie. He looked around the house. It looked like a nice place. Warm and welcoming like a real home. He hadn't ever had a real home before. He felt alittle uncomfortable entering.

    "It's ok. Dad isn't much of a people person. I will win her over eventually?" Sam assured Allie. He gave her a bright smile. He was looking forward to meeting Illya. But for now he was happy to get to know his mom. He loved the sound of that word. He had a mom. He could hardly wait.
  20. Allie noticed Griffin's stares her own eyes shifted to look at the large open floor plan. Wooden floors and a fire rustic fire place styled the Victorian remake. The kite he'd words the back was modern and sleek in silver and black. The living room was a mix of rustic orange and blue. The boys words made her smile. "Well the spare room is on the second floor but we can bring the stuff in here first." She focused on the boy. "Why don't we try and get her to come out and help?" She smiled patting the young boy on his head. She looked up at his dad to make sure it was alright.
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