Build Your Own Nation #1

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  1. Forested Nation


    The sun’s rays barely kissed the surface of the underbrush. The rich soil a dark brown with like hues of red, hinting at clay lying underneath. The floor having large beautiful flowers, some vines growing up the towering red wood trees, and animal markings dictating big game nearby proving itself to be a flourishing spot for any culture. In the distance, about fifty feet from the densest part of the forest a river can be heard moving over some rocks. These rocks are no larger than ten feet in radius and very smooth, being made up of mostly granite deposits. The river runs about ten feet deep and spans about twenty feet to the other side. The floor of which is smooth, water polished, stones. Its flow is very swift, easily sweeping away any average human species. Fish swim down the stream in a regular flow, mostly throat and other smaller fish large enough to eat. The trees that comprise the forest are all Red wood, spanning easily a three to five foot radius thick tree. They stand proud into the air, easily making up a twenty plus foot height. Their branches so entwined that the sun is but a mere flicker in them. There appears to be no clearings nearby. In the distance there are visible snow peaked mountains, there are known iron deposits in them and are about a two hundred foot distance from the densest part of the forest.

    Purpose & Instructions

    You are in a pre-modern age, about those similar to ancient Egypt or ancient greese. Using the above prompt write out what your people, who in this case are humans, would do with the landscape in regards to architecture. What would the structures look like, what creative things would they do with it, where would it be placed and what would they have? Assume that the six Simple Machines are at your disposal if you so choose to use them. You may be as creative as you wish, have fun! Feel free to give feedback on how to make this challenge better for the future, or just positive comments, in a PM to me!

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