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  1. Build A Bear

    Most of us know what this shop is, and most of us know what you do in it.

    For those who don't: It's basically a volunteer sweatshop, but for stuffed animals. Someone must have gotten really freakin lazy, stopped at sewing the skin of the bear together, and had the kid who wanted it help them: AND FROM THERE, IT MUST HAVE BEEN BORN.

    Seriously, When I went in there, a kid was staring at me with empty eyes, like those that had been laboring for hours without even a juicy juice.

    Either way, I walked past one yesterday with my boyfriend, and something in the window caught my eye.

    If you guessed "A Fox", wonderful, you're a genius, get a cookie.

    It was a Fennec Fox plush... I had to.... I HAD TO... So I practically ran in there and picked out a skin... I apologized profusely for my addictions to my boyfriend, and he followed me around as I filled it with fluff and made it a birth certificate *Don't want any illegal teddy bears in Texas, no way* and paid for it.

    It's name is Sandstone.

    This is actually my second one- my first one, I got when I was... I think, Eleven, and it was a white cat named Snowflake- still have it.

    I was talking to Kitti about this, and realized I MUST KNOW: Who has a BuildaBear, What is the name of your BuildaBear, and is it me or is the employers in that shop perpetually high- or just childlike?
  2. I have two!

    I have one that's white with red silk boxers that have white hearts all over them and a cute little black tshirt XD I got it from an offbrand BAB knock-off store in a mall in Kansas City. His name is Gerard.

    Then I have one that's brown and super soft and naked and his name is Sir Bearrington. XD He is my current every-night-sleep-buddy. ^^

    I may or may not have a stuffed animal addiction :x
  3. I have a thing for stuffed animals...
    I have a white and blue snowflake bear from BAB, as well as a black kitty.
  4. When we went on a senior trip for one of my classes in highschool (its was my anatomy/physiology class) We stopped at a Build a Bear and a group of us all made bears with scrubs :p Mine is a white bear with green scrubs...he's staring at me as I type this :p
  5. I did a BuildaBear a LOOONG time ago.
    My best friend as a kid and I made monkeys. Our favorite animal was monkey.
    I named mine Amy. She named hers Staci. 8D
    I recorded me doing my famous monkey imitation to put in it and sound out when you squeeze a button.
    I was proud of it.
  6. I have 2 of those bears. One I made for my 13th birthday, and one I made for my 20th birthday. >__>;

    The first is a standard brown one with a bathrobe and bunny slippers, named Dexter. The second is a panda in Darth Vader clothes... When I was at the mall with me then boyfriend, I told him I HAD to make one! The best part is the Darth Vader clothes were specially for the panda, heehee...

    Going in there at age 20, though... Man oh man. It was weird. All the kids gave me funny looks AND the employees talked to me like a child. O__o; In baby-talk voices, they guided me through the whole process. It was embarrassing.
  7. I used to have one, a cheetah with cargo shorts. I don't remember if I gave him a name or not, I made him as part of a birthday party for a friend, we all got an animal and a small amount of money for clothes. I'm not sure where he is now, I think all my stuffed animals and Beanie Babies went to my mom, she works with kids who'll get more out of them than I do.