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  1. Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, Creatures and Monsters.

    If I've ever done a challenge before I can't recall, but no matter for I have a treat for you. In this here challenge I am going to give you a sentence. With it, build a plot. Don't worry about how others play with is, just take the sentence and let us see your vision! What does the world look like? What are some important characters? What is the genre?

    "Follow me to Neverland if you want to live"
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  2. Neverland is not the childhood paradise of a handful of lost boys.
    Neverland is a world that shouldn't exist. It is the Old City on the Planet Dunthar. Originally an underground base created for the crew that did the terraforming, It has been built on top of and forgotten until some fifty years ago and group of civilians, tired of what they saw as the government's corruption, found their way down and started a new life.

    Now, Dunthar is on the brink of civil war. The standing government, in their search for global peace and utopia, has pushed things too far in the eyes to a few civilians, and those who disagree have found their way to Neverland, turning it into a base of operations for the rebel cause. The government, in an effort to protect the loyal people, has released the suits, a group of elite bounty hunters that hunt down any who make the watch list. You do not want to be on that watch list!

    Very little safety remains on the planet now. It order to live it is imperative to choose one side or another.
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  3. The city was torn to pieces after the recession, or as some would have liked to call it, the Final Depression. After the economy crashed and burned to ashes, whomever stayed within the walls became either a criminal, or someone's target practice. Fires burn throughout the night, and smoke hides the sun resulting in a rather unpleasant atmosphere no matter what the time of day is.

    Drugs. Murder. Rape.

    A city that once shone so brightly, once a beacon of all that was good and prosperous, has now become Neverland. A dead city.
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  4. Neverland is a euphoric world wherin nobody ages from the moment they enter, and when they exit, they rapidly age until they reach the age they would be if they had continued aging normally. If you die in neverland you are returned to the real world unscathed except for a feint reminder of the pain of death. If you stay in neverland forever, you are bound to eventually be tainted. the pleasure of youth is very corrupting, as it keeps people from learning the lessons they would learn from aging.
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  5. Neverland, it is the perfect name for a place such as it. A place where those who have nothing left flee to and a place where those who have everything find that it's all worthless. It is a place where the past doesn't matter and the future is filled with only peace. It was a place of life and love and passion so raw that it brought peace to anyone within its borders. Never land is a place beyond dreams, but not totally unreal.
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  6. "Follow me to Neverland if you want to live!"
    "I-I'm scared though..."
    "A building is about to collapse on you, and you're scared of a chance at life?"
    "It doesn't sound safe...b-but..."
    "...Okay then. Take me to Neverland."


    Those were the words that changed your life forever. You can't remember, but I'll tell you what happened. We were all inside that building together. We seemed to know each other, I'm not sure how. And then, then the earthquake came. It knocked us to the ground. It made the walls weak. It forced the ceiling down. It was going to kill us.

    But then he came.

    He appeared so suddenly it was more shocking than the earthquake. Time began slowing down. Bits of plaster simply floated in the air. It was a magical moment, full of relief and joy. We had a few more seconds of like left in us. All thanks to the mysterious fellow with sharp blue eyes. It was too perfect to be true.

    He made his offer.

    We could come and join the nation of Neverland. In another universe, of course. Considering those were supposed to be our final moment of life, most of us gleefully accepted his offer. You, however, were not so sure. Suddenly leaving our old lives behind felt wrong to you. You ended up accepting though. It turns out you should have died though.

    We lost our memories.

    Everybody in our group was transported to Neverland, where we lost our memories. Over time, by gaining his trust, I've managed to regain a few fragments. Enough to know we weren't created for his purposes. You, on the other hand, have known from the start. Or sensed, not that it matters. It's time to escape.


    You knew from day one that things didn't feel right.
    To begin with, you didn't believe that he created you, even though he was the God of this universe.
    Nor did you think that you truly had no past or memories before now.
    But that wasn't what really bothered you. It was your purpose to him that bothered you.
    He made us all pieces of his harem.
    Apparently that was what he created you to do, that was your only purpose in life, so you must love him with all your heart.
    And body.
    It sickened you.
    While everybody else accepted him as their master, you were reluctant to do so.
    You were special.
    And he knew it.
    He's been watching you eagerly so you haven't been able to find anything out.
    You've had to play along, powerless in his game.
    Until I remembered.
    I believed his every word, and him the best I could.
    I gained his trust.
    And when I did, a fragment of this world fell away.
    I suppose I must be special too.
    Because when he gave me his trust, I was also given back part of my memory.
    It's only a fragment of what happened that day.
    But it's enough.
    It's enough to know this is all lies.
    He has manipulated us to become part of his harem.
    The others may be content with living as his servants.
    We are not.
    We are special.
    I wonder why.
    Maybe it will help us escape this place.
    Because that's what we have to do now.
    I will not live a life of wrong purpose, being controlled by a corrupt God who created himself a paradise, preying on those to die.
    And I need you're help escaping.
    Neverland is a place you can live and never die.
    Neverland is a place you can never know and never lie.
    Neverland is a place you can never try and never deny.
    He is the God who rules Neverland, supported by his harem of the dead.
    Us two who are special aren't going to play by those rules though.
    Let's do the impossible.
    Impossible is nothing.
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  7. Neverland you say? Neverland is where I have wanted to go but I’ve never been granted a wish. Not a single one. No don’t laugh at me. Not at a time like this just help me as you have offered in the first place and help me with my things.

    What do you mean I must leave everything behind? I cannot bring anything? Not a single item from this world you say? What about this? It was my mother’s? Or this, but what if I get cold? I won’t get cold you say. Well alright.

    I have to close my eyes. Well I rather have my eyes wide open thank you, and yes I do wish to live its far better than dying slowly but is this really the only way? Yes I do trust you, please don’t use that tone with me. I am trying to hurry. Please you’re starting to scare me.

    Yes, well alright very well. I’ll say it. I will let me first gather myself for if I can only say it once I want it to sound good.

    Yes I know we are running out of time. Alright here we go. I will say it, I will, hold on. Ok, on three.

    1. Yes I know I don’t have to mean it.

    2. Ok, and yes you don’t mean it back fine.

    3. I love you.
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