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  1. Ah, waterfalls! Beautiful, romantic, powerful, dangerous; what's a world without a waterfall?

    Some facts about waterfalls:

    • Some varied types of waterfalls are:
      Cataract: An exceptionally powerful waterfall
      Cascade: Water descends down a hill or rock steps
      Tidefall: A waterfall that descends directly into a sea or ocean
      Chute: Water is forced out of an opening in the rock face
    • Waterfalls can be formed from icemelt on an iceberg or ice shelf
    • Waterfalls are unlikely to fall over soft earth, or anything but hard rock, otherwise the water will cut a ledge through the earth over time, creating a downhill stream instead of a waterfall
    • Waterfalls can be formed by the fault lines left after an earthquake
    • Especially powerful or tall waterfalls, the splashback from the water... falling create a perpetual mist or fog; this makes the plungepool area cool and, if it's hot out, humid. Smaller waterfalls are more suited for picnicking-type areas

    So, a sheet for you to fill out about your waterfall!

    Waterfall's Name:
    Approximate height:
    Approximate breadth:
    Surrounding Ecosystem:
    Is it visited often?
    What animals live nearby?
    Write a paragraph describing your waterfall:
  2. Waterfall's Name: The Cold Shroud

    Approximate height: 142 Feet Tall.

    Approximate breadth: 47 Feet Wide.

    Type: Cataract

    Surrounding Ecosystem: Behind it is a giant pine forest on a mountain but in front of it stretches vast valleys,on those valleys,by the river leading from the falls,is a large town.

    Is it visited often: No,most people are too scared to ever visit and those who do visit die often.

    What animals live nearby: In the forest behind the falls are the giant elk and giant bears that live across the rest of the world though in the water there are giant fish,ones the size of buses. Their scales are as hard as stone and their tails are powerful enough to kill a full grown man without any effort at all. However,soaring above in the skies are the legendary hawks of this region. While most places in the world just have one giant animal per region these lands have three giant hawks that are even bigger than the fish. They actually feed on the fish. Their giant beaks are strong enough to break through the tough scales and once they have eaten their fill the other animals of the forest come along and scavenge the left overs.

    Write a paragraph describing your waterfall:
    The thundering of the giant falls can be heard for a mile in each direction. You would think you were getting near some kind of geyser if you went near it though. When the air is still the mist from the crashing water shrouds the entire lake in a chilly fog. At the beginning of spring the fish come and the sound of their stone hard bodies slamming into the water below echos over the sound of the falls themselves because they jump at least two at a time. This of course causes large waves to lap at the shores which are covered in old and broken scales from these giant fish after they either shed their scales for mating season or they were killed and eaten on the bank where soon all that was left was the scales. Even though the falls are extremely powerful there are three creatures that dive through it into a cave behind the water where they nest and eat any meat they bring with them. This cave is always dry since it is high up on the wall,the water falls past and the mist does not reach high enough to dampen the walls. Though if the falls were to stop and the mist was to clear you would see a beautiful lake that has water as clear as glass and below the surface you would see bus sized fish swimming around and laying their eggs. If it was not for the dangerous wildlife and the mist from the falls this would be a beautiful place that people from all over the world would visit.
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