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  1. Hello there, kiddies! We've got a fun challenge in front of us today. It might take a while, but if you stick with it I think you'll be happy with what you get.
    So what are we doing, you ask? Well, we're building a pantheon. That's right, a pantheon, filled with gods/deities/immortals/otherwise superhuman entities. Your pantheon must be between five and thirteen members strong, and they must be interconnected in a meaningful way. What is a meaningful connection, you ask? Well, anything really. Brother and sister would be a connection. So would lovers, or mortal enemies.

    So here's your character skeleton. Remember to create at least five (5) deities for your pantheon!

    True Name: (what the entity hails xirself as)
    Regional Names: (what those that worship xir use)
    Circumstances/date of first existence: (did xe always exist or was xe created/summoned to this plane/born at a later date?)
    Appearance: (in their "default setting")
    History: (xe is a pretty powerful person, so xe's probably been involved in a lot of crap. Sum up what xe's been doing with xir life.)
    Alternate forms: (shapeshifter, ability to appear mortal, non-physical manifestation...)
    Abilities: (full on godliness, or more specific?)
    Symbols: (For example, the connection between Athena and the olive tree or Thor and his hammer or Jesus and his cross)
    Relationship with mortals: (does xe have a cult? a full religion? is xe feared as a demonic/evil entity?)
    Relationships with other pantheon members: (remember, at least two! Pantheons have to feature interconnections between their members or they aren't really much of a pantheon at all.)
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  2. I will be using a character I created a little ways back, honestly he is probably my favorite character I ever created. I hope I am correct and that I complete the challenge corectly. <3333

    True Name: Yggdrasil (The Great druid)

    Regional Names: Druids

    Circumstances/date of first existence: Yggdrasil was planted as a seed in the most outer edges of the universe, The brought to a plain of exsistence where life flourished, Planted by ancient aliens as a sapling,Lives to be an eon old before producing a single seed.

    Sex/Gender: No gender, Reproduces asexually

    Appearance: Yggdrasil Is a mighty tree ent, Picture the red woods, He bears a males face, a males voice, with large green eye as big as a human body in diameter, Most never see him becuase he hides his face. Lush leaves and healthy dark bark.

    History: Since Yggdrasil was a sapling he developed his face by the druids talking to him, each day one druid would come to speak with him until he grew large enough and formed his own face. He doesn't move unless a wild fire comes as he destroys the land around him if he does from his size alone. He trained a young Norse woman to become a well known and powerful druid, Valkyujra. She becomes his protector, later in his loneliness a child stumbles upon him, her name is Willow, they bond and she lives with him still in his glad to this day.

    Alternate forms: A mighty tree is his only form He is a natural, Organic, Alein tree form.

    Abilities: The wraith of nature, a number of Druidic spells, such as creating storms, summoning water, and causing earthquakes, He rarely uses these powers becuase they are pretty much what we consider naturual disasters.

    Symbols: Valkyujra is given a branch from his head that she uses to fullfil her destiny and pass down to her daughter FreyAruna. The staff of Yggdrasil, Which has unpredictable effects.

    Relationship with mortals: Yggdrasil is a neutral force of nature, abides and upholds the laws of nature, He is not good or evil, He simply "is"

    Relationships with other pantheon members: Valkyujra eventually becomes a mother nature arch-type figure having bonded with Yggdrasil and being given most of his powers, she comes in close second to him and Does want he cannot; Protect the balance of nature from outside of his glade and around the "world"

    ((If I did this wrong let me know I would like to try until i get it right))
  3. It looks great, but right now you have an... un-theon? XD You'll need a few other gods before you've got a pantheon. The goal is to create 5+ interconnected characters who, together, form a cohesive pantheon.
  4. I see, I must get to work then I shall return in a few hours, thank you lady Sabine for explaining to me and helping me understand <3
  5. No problem! It's a bit bigger of a task than most challenges I see on here, but the way I look at it, you'll almost never only need one character when you're writing, and I for one always love creating an interconnected web of 'em.
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  6. Noctil (open)
    True Name: (what the entity hails xirself as)

    Regional Names: (what those that worship xir use)
    Noctil Celnehae (lit. Heavenly Spirit Noctil), Koohae (The Water Spirit)

    Circumstances/date of first existence: (did xe always exist or was xe created/summoned to this plane/born at a later date?)
    Noctil was born at a later date, long before mankind existed. In reality, xe was born out of the free life essence scattered throughout the world and gathered near the Eskelatine Ocean. Eventually, becoming attached to its waters, xe became a fully sentient spirit, developed an affinity for water, and survived long enough to achieve the status of deity.

    Possibly male; uncertain

    Appearance: (in their "default setting")

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Noctil resembles a combination of a serpentine dragon and a canine, or maybe even a seal.

    History: (xe is a pretty powerful person, so xe's probably been involved in a lot of crap. Sum up what xe's been doing with xir life.)
    Noctil is responsible for carrying out important parts of Skelocian life. As the deity of water, Noctil is responsible for sending the dead away peacefully rather than leaving their life essence scattered on the world. If the life essence had already formed a "Gathering" (a spirit) before Noctil has gotten to it, depending on its alignment, Noctil will either attempt to attack it, trap it by putting it behind a barrier of water, or let it be. Xe will also influence storms and floods, even tsunamis, when xe is throwing a tantrum or is unhappy. Noctil has battled fierce evil spirits in the past, protecting believers they attacked.

    Alternate forms: (shapeshifter, ability to appear mortal, non-physical manifestation...)
    Noctil usually shapeshifts into forms resembling dark-skinned females with gray eyes, but has been known to disguise xirself as dark-skinned males as well. It is because of these forms that dark skin is considered lucky. Also, Noctil has the ability to possess creatures and take over their bodies, but xe is so powerful xe can kill the creatures without meaning to.

    Abilities: (full on godliness, or more specific?)
    Noctil is able to sing to the dead (soothing them) and send them off to the afterlife, to cause water-related geologic processes and hazards, fly in the air, swim at neck-breaking speeds, turn itself into a human (dark-skinned, gray eyes, not able to speak), take over bodies of innocent creatures for mischievous fun -- only to find xe keeps killing them when xe does that.

    Symbols: (For example, the connection between Athena and the olive tree or Thor and his hammer or Jesus and his cross)
    Noctil's symbols include the bridge and the river. (Note: Another symbol is the one on Noctil's picture)

    Relationship with mortals: (does xe have a cult? a full religion? is xe feared as a demonic/evil entity?)
    Noctil used to have a big following before the current Skelocian government took over. Since Noctil derives most of xir's power from the faith of the populace (which is why xe protects them and favors them), xe depended on them. However, times change and religion is mostly forgotten. That is why the Royal Family continues to carry out the ancient traditions (despite the fact that common collective knowledge remembers no such thing). The rituals continue to be carried out in secret to appease Noctil.

    Relationships with other pantheon members: (remember, at least two! Pantheons have to feature interconnections between their members or they aren't really much of a pantheon at all.)
    Noctil does xir work with the help of five other deities: Eizael, the patron deity of Wisdom; Phojen, the patron deity of Light; Ieribu, the patron deity of Darkness; Kiribiel, the patron deity of Life; and Ouket, the patron deity of Death. Noctil, at one point, split xir life essence and created Ouket and Kiribiel, so it can be said Noctil is their parent.

    (Note: I know the challenge is to create a full pantheon, but I really liked how my first one turned out so I just had to post it immediately haha
    I'll add the others later 'cause I am so inspired~)
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  7. I bluidy love the way you think Sabine lol I'll get to work right away~
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  8. I hope you don't mind love but Ima put them up one at a time as I finish them X3
    Domina (open)

    True Name:
    Regional Names:
    The mistress, the lover, the tormentor, the mother it all depends on the sect and which of her aspects they praise
    Circumstances/date of first existence:
    Domina was born as the result of the first tragic love, and all the feelings tied up in the happening.
    She appears as a beautiful woman, wrapped in a cloak of silky midnight... not that the cloak obscures much. The soft lines of her body can clearly be seen through it, enticing all who lay eyes upon her, no matter their gender. To all appearances she seems the seductress, it is only when one looks into her eyes that they see the truth. She is a hunter, dangerous and wild as a summer storm, and never to be trifled with.
    Appearance (open)

    Emotion... Emotion is a force more powerful than any have ever guessed at. It can drive men, or women, to heights unimagined. It can make heroes of the most common of bandits, a villainous rogue of the most holy of men... and even a god from a broken heart. Domina's history is one of emotion and passion, of love and loss. It is the story of a man and the woman who loved him, and a warning to all the people of Vora to cherish that which they have.

    In the first days of man, reason had not yet become a force to hold sway over the people of the world. Hate, greed, jealousy, all the base emotions of the human condition ruled above all things. Untempered and uncontrolled they swayed the hearts of men too and fro,resulting in chaos of immense proportion... In this sea of wild emotion stood a beacon of hope, a testament to the greater nature of man. The love of two people. Their names have long since been lost to time, unknown by even Domina herself, but their story still inspires and cautions.

    Now known only as the Mother and Father their love for each other overrode all other emotions and wants to which they may have fallen prey. In all their days their only wish was for the happiness of one another. For their love to last for all time... But every light attracts the darkness, and theirs did not go unnoticed. Greedy men coveted the Mother for her beauty... Jealous women envied their love... Spite and hatred festered and fueled itself. From all sides and every angle were the two enticed, promises of wealth, of happiness and comfort, physical pleasures beyond the imagining. All were attempted in the hopes of tearing the two from one another... and yet they endured.

    Their love beat back the hordes attempting to break their spirits, and the two continued to live in harmony. But all things change... all things come to an end, and the power of love can only protect so much... As the Mother and Father stood together, shining for all the world to see, they unwittingly spited those who could not find such happiness themselves. Where once there had been plots to separate them, new plans began to form... plans to dispose of them entirely so that their radiance could no longer cast shadows on the lives of others.

    Poisonous jealousy, dripped into cups of friendship and offered to both the mother and father. In time their light faded, the warmth of their connected hands slowly leaving them, but still the two smiled. Little did the world know that the two had birthed a child, raised in secret... as their lives faded they poured their love into their child's heart, and she took it gladly only to realize its meaning. She was now alone.

    In this world that had smothered the light that was her mother and father, the child tried to hold on to the love entrusted to her... only to see it slowly seep away just as they had. As she grew the sadness and longing continued to grow, the knowledge of what could have been holding her in a bittersweet limbo. To keep the love in her heart alive she set out into the world in search of other love, other lights in the darkness... In her wanderings she found many such beacons, she watched as they grew, as they shined into the night, and eventually faded away. Once more the bittersweet feeling returned... but this time it was embraced.

    She had learned... Love could not be had without loss. Happiness and sadness were two sides of the same coin, and she would revel in both. In time she grew to enjoy watching love blossom and fade, loved the fleeting glimpses into the truth of the heart, and even began to try and manipulate it herself. And so she learned to give love and to take it away. To drink in the radiance and hold it for her own, no longer fleeting but a permanent thing. To wash others in its light or hold it from them... And so Domina was born. The goddess of love and loss. Of happiness and pain.
    Alternate forms:
    At times she travels as a shadow, flitting from one dark corner to the next, always at the corner of your eye and yet never seen. A fleeting and intangible presence, not unlike the love she gives to those who catch her interest. At other times she is seen as a black cat, roaming where she will and daring anyone who is brave enough to follow and see where she leads.
    She is known to govern matters of the heart, choosing to shower mortals in loves sweet embrace or to keep it from them. The sweet pain of love had and love lost is often attributed to her the most.
    The broken chain, the black cat, and the bleeding heart
    Relationship with mortals:
    She has many sects dedicated to her throughout the world, focusing on her various aspects, for the most part though she is both feared and celebrated for her control over love. Those who have tasted the sweet embrace thank her for the privilege of being given a chance to taste it while, at the same time, begging her to allow them to keep it. She is generally considered a fickle god with a bit of a nasty streak when she considers herself insulted.
    Relationships with other pantheon members:
    The other gods in the pantheon have mixed feelings for the Goddess of love and pain... The twins tend to see her as their very own bratty little sister, the elder sees her as a flighty nuisance, and the shepherd... sees her as his. Or so he has always wanted it to be.

    Merchaus(WIP) (open)
    True Name: Merchaus
    Regional Names: The Prince of Beggars, The Ragged Lord, and The Elder, among many others.
    Circumstances/date of first existence: Merchaus too was born of the early days of men, when vices ruled and even the gods had yet to drag themselves from the muck that was then known as society.
    Sex/Gender: Male
    appearance (open)

    Appearance: The Prince of Beggars often appears as an old man, resting his laurels on streetcorners and intersections, seeming to beg for a coin or some other form of charity. Often his hooded robe conceals the whole of his body save for the solitary hand he holds out for you're assistance. His robe, however, has a disconcerting tendency to change the weave and quality of fabric it is made of, sometimes appearing to be made of the finest furs or silks, only to look and feel as though it were mere sackcloth the next.
    History: Merchaus was born in the time of strife before men h
    Alternate forms: The Ragged Lord has been known to control the fates of men, turning kings to beggars and beggars to kings, sometimes in response to something as simple as a kindly word.
    Abilities: (full on godliness, or more specific?)
    Symbols: The main symbols attributed to him are the golden hand, its palm outstretched and the ever shifting cloak.
    Relationship with mortals: (does xe have a cult? a full religion? is xe feared as a demonic/evil entity?)
    Relationships with other pantheon members: (remember, at least two! Pantheons have to feature interconnections between their members or they aren't really much of a pantheon at all.)
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  9. No problem. ^^ Looking good so far.