Build a city!

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  1. Build your own city!
    Must include: 4 restaurants and names as well as looks,3 fast food places and names as well as looks,City name,City location,If your city is based off of something include that too!

    Extras: Type of people living there (Ex; Artsy people,Fashionable people,Pretty people,Etc),Language (Can be made up or real),Population
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  2. City name: Eeirl
    City location: A peninsula
    Based off imagination

    Type of people: All sorts, from psychopaths to "normal" people
    population influxes too much to get a viable record at any given time.

    1. Axe and bones
    2. Blood and guts
    3. Morbid
    4. Mystery
    The Axe and bones is an old structure, taking the form of a cabin. Giving the rustic feel, they serve you food they chop up with hand axes then cook in front of you, to give the 'fresh' taste to it. Walking inside, you would be greeted with a burly man wearing a plaid button-down shirt asking you to follow him through a walkway that has black floors. Upon reaching a room, he would offer a menu and go next to a freezer waiting for whatever you order, be it bear, deer, or rabbit. Sitting you down once you choose something, he would retrieve the menu, put it away, and proceed to open the freezer to gain the meat. He then would lug the carcass over to a spot on the floor and grabbing an axe, would begin to chop off a portion of the animal of your choice until only what you want remains. Next depends on whether you want a stew, pie, sandwich, grilled, baked, or fried of what happens.

    The blood and guts is a "out of the town" place that takes on a look of the old English churches. It only serves food during meal times, around noon, six pm, and six am. Out back, they have a farm of their own for authentic and quick supply of stock. Upon entering, the chapel would have been re-arranged as a dining hall and you would be asked to sit down. When you sit down, you would be given a menu and a glass of water. upon choosing a meal, they would go out to the farm and gather what it would need, and if it has an animal involved, they would ask that you watch it being slaughtered. They would do this by using a pulley system or just chains if it is small, and raising them off the ground and then hitting them in the head with a blunt weapon. Once killed, they would skin it, chop it up, clean it, then cook it. You can watch if you want to as well.

    Morbid is a newer place, kind of just a subway plot really. While trans and people go by, this shack of a place orders frozen stuff to cook with. Taking your order, they go to the freezer, get out the food, and cook it up in front of you. They have you eat it either inside, or off to the side at a pavilion like area. Upon finishing, they tend to ask you whether it was to your liking or not.

    Mystery is a port side place with the sea on her aft, the docks to her bow, and the inland to her stern. Sailors are usual groups of people that visit here, as such they carry a wide variety of foods from the simple chocolate ice cream to something like a haddock and wine dinner. Most of the entrees here are from the sea, which is caught there and frozen until needed. They allow you to watch them clean and cook the food, but you do not have to. They also carry rum, ale, beer, and other assorts of alcoholic beverages.

    1. Duringoes
    2. Hate
    3. Mornings
    Duringoes is a fast food chain for pancakes and waffles. They usually have a structure of varying sorts along highways or convenient places. Normally, the building is a brick and mortar style with a kitchen inspired inside. The floors being tiled and the large counters inside with people there waiting for you. The place is usually open all the time.

    Hate is a unique place that tends to be around suburbs and such places. There would be a plaque outside the place with a message, "Whatever you order, will be the opposite of what you order on the list of the menu.". There will be an odd number of items on the menu just to see how many people would pick that item that day. The inside is neat and orderly almost to the level of obsession. There is no counters, just tables and chairs should you wish to sit and eat there.

    Mornings is a standard place to stop by for the working person, never really closing or opening, it is all over the metropolis areas. Taking on the looks of a diner, they offer anything you want in the morning. From coffee to any breakfast food in the morning. In the lunch time they serve whatever you want food wise. At dinner, they serve any meal you want.
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  3. Nicely done.
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