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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by NorwayFOO, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. I am not but a fishy cat-I-pillar who will fly like butter squash!
  2. We like to kill those kinds of things for fun.
  3. I say we bring in the tractor and mow em down!
  4. Who needs tractors? Burn it all down! FLAMETHROWER!!!! I finally have a reason to use this:

    By the way, what are we burning?

  5. Incendiary bunnies!
  6. Incendiary Bunnies?! Release the Water Foxes!
  7. They are held up in the grass lands *Salutes*
  8. O__________________________________________________________________________________o
  9. *Reads Neverland's "is..." thing*

    But chemistry is what makes fire bunnies and water foxes possible.
  10. I say we burn the village!
  11. Cooking is chemistry. Cooking = food

    Don't be a food hater. >:I
  12. Oh snap! He got you >=]
  13. Don't ehh what me! You read what we said!
  14. Reading is not seeing...

    God that was poetic. I should get a medal.
  15. *Throws shinny meddle at Captain* Now eat it!
  16. *Leans up to Captain's ear* Psst. It's a chocolate medal.
  17. You don't got to tell me twice then! NOMNOMNOMNOM.

    CHOCOLATE.... ..... .... NOM.
  18. Yep...Just chocolate...heh, heh...and also...poison.