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  1. This is a BUG REPORT THREAD!

    We just updated the forums to 1.5.9

    If something weird is happening, or giving you errors, report it in this thread.

    You might end up messaging the wrong person and getting BAD information. Everyone needs to be able to see what is reported and what has been fixed. Please make sure to report bugs in the right place or we might never get it fixed!

    • On some styles the colors might be a little fucked up. When reporting those, post a screencap for us.
    • Highlighting text is invisible.
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  2. When you highlight something on the midnight theme, the highlighted part goes full on black. Like it becomes one with the theme. Cant see it.
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    Highlighting text gives a black background. However, on the Midnight Theme, this makes highlighting impossible to see.
  4. List of things that apparently you cannot change the color of:

    Hyperlinks (both ones like this and the color that shows up when hovering over ones in the bottom of site box of links and info)
    The header text on that bottom of site box of stuff
    Forum and subforum links when there are no unread posts in said area
    The color of the little banners beside those forum and subforum links when there are unread posts in them
    Thread title color when there are unread posts in that thread

    I removed all the sea green from my color style customization thing and all of those are still sea green. :(

    More mobile woes!

    I can't see the color customization thing at all on my phone. I can change between the few background colors and the basic color options, but the spiffy full customization that you get with the AD Styler thing on desktop isn't there.

    On the new menu thing that pops up when pressing my avatar on the user nav bar there is no way to get to my alerts page. Alerts was removed from that initial menu, and on the alerts tab of the menu the link to see all alerts is pushed off the bottom of my screen no matter what I do. I see Alert Preferences at the bottom and nothing below that, only saw the thing below it for half a second when the alerts were loading. I now have to go into settings page and then my phone sideways to see the list of stuff on the left to be able to get to the alerts page.

    Never mind about the mobile navigation to alerts thing, @Pahn informed me that pressing the big ole Alerts heading on my alerts menu sends you there. I tried it before and fat fingered it, thought I was pressing it and nothing happened. >_>

    Oh, and add @ name tags to the list of shit that stsys sea green.
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  5. My signature fits within the size so it doesn't have the 'click to expand', but once I click on the spoili button its contents get cut off.

    Jorick's avatar has a weird color border around it. It's one of my custom colors.
  6. Alright, so I'm using the mobile version of the site and I've encountered a bit of a dilemma.

    If I go to a conversation and someone sent me something on it, then I go to my icon again to reply to a different convo, this happens:


    Now try as I might I can't get it to show me the thing, as the URL part doesn't allow it. It only has this problem in this specific situation, as the URL tab doesn't hinder me if it's shown on another page, like so:

    I have to go to a different page and only then can I view it. I'm using chrome, if that helps

    Edit: it happened just now when I viewed a post someone like, so instead of just on conversations it's just on random mode
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  7. THIS HAS BEEN MOVED HERE BECAUSE PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. It goes to Security people, who can do jack about bugs. It also makes it harder to keep track of things if they're not all in one thread!
  8. Can't see the text when I search on mobile D:

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  9. There's a good chance this issue is because my phone is antiquated poo... but uh... this is what the bottom of the page looks like. (Samsung Galaxy: Generic, MetroPCs, Chrome browser)

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  10. Midnight theme here, highlighting does nothing, expect for turning links grey. And for some reason I can highlight my text when I'm writing my post, but when I highlight something already posted it's unnoticeable, except for the pop up saying 'quote/reply'.
  11. A) I can't get rid of the bug thread notification. Nevermind; the close button just wasn't distinguishable.

    B) The top of the page on is split between a moderation bar housing just a gear icon, the Iwaku banner under that, a search icon by itself and centered under the banner, and the menu bar with the icon settings. I really don't feel like this is necessary as it takes up a lot of space.

    EDIT: When selected on mobile, the search bar drops over the menu and icon bar and goes transparent.

    C) Everything is zoomed in to an uncomfortable degree on mobile. It seriously feels like viewing notepad without wordwrap on and with most things now centered it just makes everything look hyper extended. I like the old mobile site's margins. Can we please get those back or allow us to zoom out? It's really stressing me out.

    D) Could you collapse the the bottom portion of the site in the menu like in the old mobile style? Or just collapse it in general?

    E) The bottom ads seperate the posts and the editor. Could those be relocated under the editor on mobile? With all the post options, it just ads to the clutter.

    F) The arrow next to Terms and Rules just takes you up to the top of the page with no indication as to what it does. Oh it's suppose to take you to the top of the page Dx


    G) Picking a premade background like Nether doesn't change the hyperlinks. You can, however, change these yourself, but the edits only last until you navigate away from the page.
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  12. The Chats page no longer has a button linking to /chat/fullpage/, as far as I can find. Typing in the URL manually still works, but I imagine not everybody who enjoyed that feature has it memorized.

    Additionally, I would like an option to use a different (or at least default-black) background for the Chats feature; because a lot of folks use colored text more liberally there, using anything other than the popular black theme results in some very odd combinations that range anywhere from faded to eyeburn. When writing forum posts, people tend to be a lot more vigilant about this for the different-colored themes so it's not as much of an issue.
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  13. Unless this was something intended...

    I can't be a ninja when my online status' being proudly presented despite me unchecking "Show online status". I also tried checking it, enabling it then unchecking it. Thought it might also be because I was new, but this seemed to have persisted regardless.
  14. @Miracleist;
    This one's actually working as intended. All privacy features do not apply when you're looking at them. Things like your Conversations showing in your Profile's Content tab, when you were last active and where at, and your online status all show for you regardless of your privacy configuration. I am unable to see your online beacon right now.
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  15. Recurring issue that doesn't have to do with the update (but that should have probably been fixed during it D:)

    I still cannot access the Account Upgrades page. I always get the "A server error has occurred. Please try again later." I like donating to Iwaku but y'know... 8)
  16. When I open the Ad Styler it pops up a small line instead of the window.
  17. As others have said, highlighting is invisible on the midnight theme.

    Also, it seems that there's no longer that little notice that comes up when a new post is added to a thread that you're currently viewing. This was a very convenient feature -- especially if you were in the middle of writing a reply -- so I hope it isn't gone for good. :/
  18. A thing to note: style options aren't saved to the account, they're saved to the device, so Iwaku looks different depending on what phone I'm using.
  19. awww, lame. Not looking forward to having to restyle Iwaku on the work computer every shift. :c
  20. Do you use a different computer every shift? With any luck, it's only a from-computer-to-phone kind of deal since the style is still the same as I left it on the computer (then again, there's only one computer so I'm not really able to test this theory).

    For me though, I barrowed the computer just to style it pretty only to come to find out it's still that ugly blue I had chosen on the phone when I was messing around with it. I don't know if the styles are just not mobile compatible or what, and if that's the case they could really use some better mobile choices :/
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