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  1. This is a BUG REPORT THREAD!

    We just updated the forums to 1.4.5!

    If something weird is happening, or giving you errors, report it in this thread.

    You might end up messaging the wrong person and getting BAD information. Everyone needs to be able to see what is reported and what has been fixed. Please make sure to report bugs in the right place or we might never get it fixed!

    - Page Number Spacing Issue
    - Text Editor Looks weird in groups and blogs (wtf?)
    - text editor font color unreadable on darker styles
    - tags appearing weirdly on some threads??
    - alerts not showing on phones (as designed??)
    - fieldset boxes need fixing on dark styles
    - text on character gallery weird on buttons
    - text unreadable on prefix box in dark styles
    - can't delete watched thread folders (CANNOT FIX THIS)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Page numbers are popping out of their link boxes. :ferret:
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  3. I can't find my inbox or alerts from my phone. It comes up for a second while a new page is loading but once the page is loaded it's gone
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  4. When you press to save a draft, the box that appears showing your post was successfully saved, doesn't show the "ok" button. Or rather its there but you can't see the words. Might be that the font is the same color as the box.

    Also when replying in the group threads the text box looks huge and the text formatting tabs are not aligned to fit the box. Minimal but a bug.
  5. Related to what Noctis the Devious posted, it looks like all fieldset boxes have a white background even on dark styles.
  6. Not sure if this is a bug or intended styles.

    On mobile (iPhone6) I don't have Name, Inbox, and Alerts separate. I've got my name which opens a drop down. This is only when I'm using my phone straight up and down, it's fine in landscape mode.

    Can't see any banners. Though might be unrelated.

    This was something I accepted as wrong but think it could be a bug. When using a touch device I can't move the cursor with a single tap. Have to hit "done" to close my keyboard and tap where I want the cursor. It's wonky, but maybe just unrelated as well.
  7. I don't know if any of you have noticed but the group reply boxes seem to have this extra...

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  8. Okay, at first I was going to come in here all in a huff because I clicked on the Watched Threads and all I could see was ones with new posts.. but then I saw that somebody else had already mentioned it and there was a 'show all' button at the bottom.

    Cue sheepishness.

    However, I did notice something else! I honestly don't know if this was a feature before but I never noticed it so I like to think it's something new. The fact that you can sort your watched threads into folders? Brilliant. I am in love with this! However, I've been sorting mine and I just noticed that once things are in folders, they are both in the new folder as well as the original 'no filter' folder. I would suggest that things vanish from the 'no filter' folder once they're in the new folder. Just.. because.



    Also, I'm loving everything else! And hooray to the resumes being in a button now for a drop-down instead of creating extra space and making people cranky!
  9. I believe this is a bug and not just my browser, but whenever you go to save a draft, it looks like this:
    This is using the Violet Queen style, so that could also be it.
    I'm also getting the same thing whilst adding an image..
  10. So...groups still don't have a 'create thread' button. (Or maybe its just the 'private' ones I'm not in any 'public' ones so I cant say if its there too)
    I'm in two, one I'm the owner and one I'm not. In neither of them can I make any new threads.
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  11. I'm using Sienna Hamster, when I went into characters and selected one to look at, the rating box is white and you can't see any writing in it (you can however see the stars). No rush, just reporting it in.

    EDIT: I also can't read the Date Created, Preview, and the third button. it's all white and silver.
    This is the button problem
  12. I'm having this same problem.
  13. Got the very important missing GROUPS buttons fixed. O_O Everything else will get slowly checked off during the week.
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  14. When I go to edit my personal details for the roleplay resume...


    The part that says: "What are your preferred writing levels? [VIEW A GUIDE FOR THE IWAKU WRITING LEVELS HERE]"

    I believe that was supposed to be a link, yes? If so, there is no link now. It's just text. Not sure if anyone knew about that or not, so I just thought I'd mention it here. ^_^
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  15. This just began after the new update, so I can only correlate it to it.

    Whenever I'm typing with multiple lines, like this post, I'll be hammering away as usual, no erroneous key presses or combos. But my cursor will suddenly shift up a few lines into the middle of another line.

    It does the same thing on my tablet with bluetooth keyboard and mouse and laptop, ruling out hardware.

    For reference it'll look like this. There will be a line about this big above itshiftupwardsThen there'll be this line I'm typing below that'll suddenlyeIt's wi

  16. Kinda not really a bug, but an annoyance:
    The "Click for specific categories" text color is way too close to the background color. I'm guessing this will get fixed in the (hopefully soon) color scheme update but just tossing it up here in case!

    Also, are RP Chatboxes getting their OOC chats back?
  17. Hi! So I noticed two issues...
    1. Different FONTS & COLORS for the title categories in the front page ( or forum page)
    2. In the Groups, the CHAT/WRITING BOX where we type only starts mid way... which is weird.
  18. Watched Threads' folders feature goes into permanent loading when attempting to Delete Folder; Edit Folder does not appear to have the same issue. :o
  19. I'm unsure if this is a bug, or if it has to do with the fact that the beta group thing is having issues (five billion year wait time from the developer?), but it seems that new groups are unable to be created. Every time I've clicked the "You're not apart of any groups, would you like to make one?" link in the My Groups page I get taken to an error page.
  20. Yooo. I don't know if this had been mentioned already, and frankly, I'm a bit lazy to read every single bug issue on here. Three pages worth, man. Diana, I respect you.

    Anyways, there's this thing on the Mobile version, that's just super annoying. Not sure if bug, or intentionally laid out, but I would definitely 'preciate seeing a fix in this.

    So, when you first log in from the desktop site, you've got the 'alerts' and 'inbox' on the upper right hand corner, right? You'd sort of expect to see that on the Mobile version. Noooo, on the Mobile version, when you first log in, the 'alerts' and 'inbox' icon pop up just for a moment, like they're glitchin' out before disappearing, and the entire right hand corner is just filled up by your username. There's no drop down menu when you get notifications. Only on specific pages, like when you actually click on the alerts, and you're sent to the alerts page do you actually get to see the alerts and inbox icon on the upper right hand corner next to your page.

    I would love it if this was consistent. Y'know, having the notification bar viewable at all times, not just on specific pages.

    Anyways, I hope that makes sense.
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