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  1. If you spot something not working right, report it here. Someone will help you and/or we'll get that fixed.
  2. Friends have not been imported correctly from Iwaku. I can see all of my friends "following" me, but I only "follow" seven of them.
  3. I think the login prompt is a bit bugged, I couldn't actaully notice what I was typing into the "Username" field, I could only see what I had typed after clicking away from it. :/ ...~update~ I realized it is just the actual login page itself that has this bug, using the quick "pop up" login that appears the first time you attempt to login works fine. It is the login page that, when clicking to type into one of the prompts, leaves you with a highlight text box that doesn't show you what you are typing.
  4. The text boxes, like the status box or the visitor message box doesn't display the text 'till after you click "enter"
  5. They actually do display text, but the background colour is immensely bright.
  6. :p something is amok...
  7. It's also the edit boxes. Like when you edit something and you have to give a reason the box that pops up is white so you can't see what you are typing at all. It's really weird.
  8. Yes, it won't let you post edits without giving a reason. That's something I never had to do before. Can that be changed or will be have to give reasons now?
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  9. When logging out of the chat box you get redirected to the old forum.
  10. Text box issue fixed.
  11. Signature images won't center.
  12. What code are you using?
  13. BBCode?

    Huh, now it'll center. It wouldn't do that when I was first inserting it.
  14. Unread Watched Threads/Regular Watched Threads are completely backwards for me. My more recent threads vanish and old ones that have been replied to by me days/weeks ago pop up in random order. Have to click on 'view all watched' just to see my more recent things, even with very few watched threads.
    Would be much easier if they were like on the old version, just in order from recent replied date/time.
  15. Seems to be working fine for me. Might be a bug from the import, give it time for more thread to be posted in so all the most recent posts were made in xenforo and maybe mark threads as read so that it knows you've read all the posts in the threads.

    If that doesn't help tell us what browser you're using.


    Also to clarify when you click 'watched threads' by default if only shows those with unread posts.
  16. In our user profile we can ignore forums and subforums when we go to the Waht's New link.... Except that isn't working for me. Is that a bug or a "Ha ha you're a staffer you're not allowed to ignore things" action... Like being invisible on the board :p

    Also marking All Forums Read worked last night, but now doesn't.
  17. Hm, I marked my forums read a second ago and it worked just fine.
  18. I am not sure if this is a bug or just a feature that has not been imported yet, but I cannot sort my Watched Threads into folders, or at least I cannot seem to find the option to do so.
  19. My search bar covers my profile, conversation, and alert buttons/tabs.
    Image to show my point more clearly. (open)

    EDIT: Actually, the search/profile bar gets in the way of more than just that. It gets in the way of me viewing my conversations too. The bottom left corner intrudes upon the message and Mark-as-Unread bar on the top of the message.
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  20. Why are staffer colours showing everywhere but the main page? We're also not showing on "Staff Online" list on the main page.
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