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  1. This is a BUG REPORT THREAD!

    We just updated the forums to 1.1.5!

    If something weird is happening, or giving you errors, report it in this thread.

    Vay, Diana, and Jared fix things. All three need to be able to see what is report and what has been fixed. Please make sure to report bugs in the right place or we might never get it fixed!

  2. Shouldn't that be "Vay and Jared fix things Diana breaks. They need to be able to see what Diana broke and what she is about to break. Please make sure to report bugs in the right place or Diana will run out of things to break!"

    Please ignore any complaints about errors this morning. I most definitely did not break anything during the server update and anyone who says otherwise is a liar!
  3. The forum seems to have problems with processing quick replies at times. Just now when I replied to a thread, I accidentally made three replies because the forum did not respond and even though I refreshed the page before making each reply, not one of them showed up in the thread until I successfully made the post. This also may be a slight screw-up on my part, but I think it is worth looking into.
  4. Lstorm, what thread was it? (ID# from the URL is good enough) I am not seeing any delays on writing to the database other than the search index.


    For reference, the problem appears to of been the server was heavily loaded when the reply was made. I am unsure why it didn't show up after a refresh. Let me know if it happens again.
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  5. I've been getting e-mail notifications about PMs that aren't mine... I'm not involved in any of the conversations. Is it possible to have two accounts using the same e-mail? :S
  6. This is a really annoying bug having to deal with a mass PM sent out by Asmo's Vault War account months ago. D: Basically people have suddenly come back to find that PM, are trying to reply to it here on the new forum system which has "everyone" in the Conversation, and thus sending out the email alert.

    We're trying to fix it, anyway. O__O cause it's weird and annoying.
  7. OK, thanks!
  8. I have noticed on my phone that when I try to view the forum, the on-site advertisement bar (with the Newsletter and open thread and challenge ads) isn't contained in the formatting boundaries and stretches the page out horizontally about twice as far as it should.
  9. Are you using the Rory's Brown Non Response format? All the others should convert to mobile.
  10. I'm using Vay's Gray on both my computer and my phone. They both convert to the mobile style, but the formatting of the roleplay advertisement space doesn't shrink to match the borders.

    Picture of the bug:
  11. Okay, I THINK I have the add stretch problem fixed by hiding it when people are using the cellphones/tiny browsers!
  12. Not so much a bug as just me being picky c: Or maybe it's my browser?

    When I hover over a Roleplay Ooc thread, I get this little preview box. It's silly though because the formatting tags appear instead of taking effect in the preview o-o
    Not a big deal though!
  13. The last poster in a couple of threads in the Girls Club is just... missing. *so confused* Not the name blacked out but no name period.
  14. The chats page doesn't work on chrome on my nexus 4. I am also too lazy to troubleshoot it tonight. Going to the chats url directly works.
  15. Just checked my email and I've had replies from a conversation that I don't recall starting, and furthermore, doesn't show up when I search for it on the actual site.
  17. Yes, i got that one too, but there's another as well, titled Almost There...
  18. That's the same PM. >>
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  19. Half the time the thing that says whether you're online or offline says that I'm offline, even when I'm viewing the page / just posted something and I'm logged in.
  20. Do you have your account on invisible?