Bubbline or Marball (Gumlee) Rp?

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  1. Does anyone wanna do a GumballxMarshall Lee or a Princess BubblegumxMarceline rp?

    Here's the plot (for the Bubbline rp, just flip all male characters to their female versions and vise versa):
    Gumball and Marshall were never close- they had only really ever spoke small talk when Gumball came for diplomatic meetings with Marshall's mother (considering she was queen of the nightosphere).
    But one day, it was in the papers that Marshall was marrying the vampire queen, and was to become vampire king. But was everything really as innocent as it seemed?

    We start after Marshall kills the Vampire Queen the night after their wedding and hides in Gumball's castle.

    No one knows why he killed her- the most common assumption was that he killed her so that he could have the throne all to himself. But was that really the truth? Or just an assumption?

    Gumball finds Marshall stealing food from his kitchen one night, a week after the event. This is where we begin.

    Will Gumball believe his side of the story?
    Trigger warning for rape mentions, but all of it will have happened before the start of the rp and we will not be rping any rape, and neither or our characters will have been the rapist, so don't worry.


    I am Marshall/Marceline.

    Now, understand that Marshall is traumatized and it is not to be taken lightly. Eventually as he gets more comfortable with Gumball, deeper feelings may develop...

    Please do not use offensive slurs and don't get mad if I ask you not to use certain words that I find offensive. If you say "oh you're too sensitive" instead of being nice enough to respect my comfort, then I will immediately stop rping with you. I've had too many people tell me that.

    Now, while this rp will be based around a very serious topic, it also revolves around Marshall's recovery and relationship with Gumball. There may be fluff to come as Marshall learns to trust and maybe even love Gumball over time.
    But please give the topic the respect and seriousness it deserves!

    Now, the rp takes place like, maybe a thousand years before the current time period of AT.

    I do want this to be long term as there is a lot to explore between them.

    PM me or post here if you're interested!
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