Bubbline, Marcibel?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Artificial Sugar, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Either way you put it, I'm looking for someone to play as Princess Bubblegum (Bonnibel) in a romantic/sexual role play for the couple.
    I'd be playing Marceline.

    We can also do their alter egos/male parts, Marshal Lee and Gumball.

    I don't mind either of these, and I would love to do this.

    OR, maybe, if you like, we could do a weird one, Marshal Lee x Marceline and Gumball x Bubblegum.
  2. Marceline and Bubblegum sounds awesome, but what about Marshall Lee and Bubblegum? Either one sounds fine. Either way, I'd like to be the vampire. (Yes, I know I've already got an RP with you)
  3. Well, we could do both, and since we both want to be a vampire, maybe I could play as Marceline, and you could play as Marshal lee, and such.
  4. ...Alright. Guess no one's chewin' on sweet Bubblegum.