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  1. Have you ever tried it? Or do you want to try it?

    What's your favorite if you have?

    I used to like it a lot back in highschool, the really sweet versions but nowadays I just prefer it at a milder sweetness. Though peach bubble tea is still quite sweet. There are a lot of flavors or blends in the bubble tea shops but I tend to stick to one or two favorites. I only usually like tapioca balls in it instead of any other addons, too.

    It's not very healthy so I only have it for a treat once a week, or once every two weeks. xD Too much liquid sugar and sweeteners tbh, but it's cold and pretty perfect for my country's climate.
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  2. I've had it a handful of times. But god damn do I love it! <3

    I would have it a lot more, but Oakville lacks areas for it. Restricting it to basically Toronto, up North or maybe Cons. :(
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  3. I tried it once. It was okay till the tapioca bubbles they put in it made me sick. =/
  4. should only try mango boba tyvm

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  5. I'll try it some other time. :P Mango juice is already one of my favorite drinks so it should be good lol.
  6. Oh! I forgot to add the flavor! I got Jasmine Milk Tea, which is pretty freaking good. So good that I went out and bought myself some Jasmine tea just to make the actual milk tea, sans bubbles, at home. It's amazing. Unfortunately I had to settle for Jasmine tea bags, so it probably wasn't nearly as good as getting the actual tea leaves, but it's still pretty good.
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  8. What is this? I want it in my life.
  9. Mango milk tea.

    Strange aftertaste, but still amazing.
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  10. Taro

    Taro is love, Taro is life
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  11. I used to really like fruit smoothie flavours but now I'm all about milk teas.
    Oolong milk tea is wonderful.
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  12. I only tasted bubble tea about 2 years ago!

    I love it :3 my favourite kind is litchi!
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  13. It's really nice! I think it's a drink that originated from Taiwan, a tea drink mixed with milk or fruity drinks. Tea with milk is called milk tea more commonly, and the basic ones are ceylon milk tea, oolong milk tea, etc etc. I've had one called rose milk tea somewhere before and that was nice too. Bubble teas with fruit instead of milk are fruit teas and you should try peach, it's great. :)

    What makes bubble tea be 'bubble' tea are the tapioca pearls tho. Those nice and chewy black balls at the bottom. ^^ Though there are variants like popping boba (those pop in your mouth with juice), or even other addons you could substitute instead of tapioca.

    It might not be for everyone, though, since it can be really sweet. Tea shops do offer, I think, levels of sweetness because some people prefer that the sweetness/milk shouldn't overcome the tea flavor.

    Edit: The origin is actually Taiwan xD Oh boy that misnaming.
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  14. This looks really interesting o.o I'm a milk tea fan so I bet I'd like this.
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  15. Milk tea is part of the bubble tea group. xD Fruit bubble teas are distinct from milk tea because they don't usually contain any milk, but you should try some of them as well. ^^ Peach and passion fruit are good flavors to start with for fruit bubble teas.
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  16. I was going to try this! But the store was closed the day we went, and I haven't gone out with that friend again. When she brought it up, it was the first time I heard of it. AT first I thought it was some kinda drug thing teenagers do XD
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  17. I tried some once. Enjoyed the flavor, but not the tapioca bubbles/whatever the hell they are at the bottom.

    Overall it wasn't bad, but there's a lot of other stuff I'd reach for first.
  18. Question, does anyone here know where to get Bubble Tea from places you wouldn't expect?

    I have a feeling my issue might be from only looking at Asian Restaurants.
    Huh... This was far more complicated than I expected. o_o

    I just assumed it was all called Bubble Tea end of story. XD
  19. Definitely look at more than just Asian restaurants, Gwazi :P There are a lot of bubble tea brands or shop chains worldwide, though I dunno how many branches Chatime has in Canada. There are shops/places that are pretty much dedicated to bubble tea a a specialty and they're usually branded as 'tea shops'. Or 'bubble tea'.

    When going to such a shop, try to find or experiment with what you get! Different people could like different levels of sweetness. My dad doesn't like bubble tea at 'full sweetness', for example, and could only go for '50% sweetness'. Try more than just the tapioca pearls, and if it makes you ill or you don't like those, try other sinkers. There are other jellies or even sago/gulaman, etc etc. I think some even include egg pudding as a sinker. And don't just stick with the usual flavors, if you want to be more adventurous.
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  20. Closest Chatimes are near Toronto, so not a local trip. ;A;

    Didn't dawn on me to check normal tea places though... They're like completely different drinks. o_o
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