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  1. Hello there! You can call me Harry (not my real name). I'm a Manila-based film student, I write screenplays in my spare time and I've been a roleplayer for about four years now. It's not much but I guess I could say I know my way around? [​IMG]

    • Well, first things first, go to my profile and check out my roleplay resume! ≧ω≦
    • I always write in third person, usually past tense. I prefer roleplaying through PMs as well.
    • I don't deal with one-liners. I write at least 2-4 paragraphs but I can go as long as 8+ paragraphs when I'm inspired, it'd be cool if you did the same! I enjoy reading just as much as writing. No pressure though.
    • I'm pretty much open to most RP genres but I'm a sucker for romance, with build-up of course. Whether it'd be unrequited, obsessive, manipulative, forbidden, unconditional. I'm down, yo.
    • Oh, and I don't do one-off scenes. I RP with people who'd like to be long-term partners. So no hit and run players please. I'm begging.
    • Yes, I enjoy smut but it kinda sucks if the RP would just revolve around it. I'd like to see some character development and relationships forming too, ya' know! [​IMG]
    • I'm not that active but I do reply at least once a week, I hope that's okay with you. Sometimes it takes me once every two weeks but that's when I'm real busy.

    So far, I only have one male character who's open for RP and it's my shy bb boy Matthew. I'd really appreciate it if you read his stuff before leaving me a message.
    • link to his character sheet
    • I know his profile is a little crummy right now but you could check out a writing sample I wrote if you've got doubts. ◕‿◕
    • I'm also willing to change parts of his story to make our RP interesting, like his occupation and some of his personality traits, but one thing I'll never change is him being a deaf-mute character.

    • I'm looking for a love interest for Matthew and maybe someone who would be able to take him out of his comfort zone. [​IMG] He's Deaf and the plot I have in mind would be him having a crush on your character – a hearing person/being who doesn't know American sign language. The quirkier the partner, the better. (ie. a prostitute, priest, well-known criminal, etc.)
    • But I swear, I'm honestly open to other plot ideas you have as long as he stays deaf-mute.

    Well, with that being said. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope I'm not asking for too much. Just leave me a message and perhaps we can come up with something together!

    Harry [​IMG]
  2. Just wanted to break in here and say that I'd love to try this out with you! ^.^ It just so happens that I have been fluent in ASL for several years now, so I got really excited when I saw your character was deaf XD

    I'd be interested in playing a well-known criminal.
  3. Hey there! That's real cool, I haven't mastered ASL yet but I'm getting there. I go to a school with deaf students so I got inspired to write Matthew. I'll shoot you a message in a bit! [​IMG]
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  4. Coolio! ^.^ best of luck in learning!
  5. Heya! Is Matthew still available as a partner? He sounds really interesting! If so, would you be interested in a singer who meets him in his coffee shop as an opposite? Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
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