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Romance, Slice of Life, Adventure, Supernatural, Fantasy, Medieval, Historic, Furry
We {Myself and my friend.} Are looking for Mains to join our BTS family group on discord.

Writers must:
- Be 18+ I don't need to further explain this.
- Have good/great literacy skills.
- Not required all the time, but able to write multiple paragraphs when the situation calls for it.
- Active at least most of the week. We get it, we all have lives, however we don't want someone ghosting us either.
-Play the select BTS member cannonly.
-Are fine with ships within the members.
-Are willing to ooc chit chat for some friendly friend making~

Roles Taken:
Park Jimin
Min Yoongi
Jung Hoseok

Roles open:
Kim Seokjin
Kim Namjoon
Kim Taehyung
Jeon Jungkook

If you are interested for further details, please message me!