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Have you ever watched or read Btooom!?

  1. Readed its Manga

  2. Know what btooom! is all about

  3. Ever heard or saw the anime/manga but never watch or read it.

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  4. Bto...wha?

  5. Watched the entire anime

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  1. Hello guys,BlueXrow here.I have just created this Btooom! RolePlay for you guys :D~You guys can create your own character,doesn't supposed to follow up the anime.Have fun~


    Stuck in an island without food nor drink,a group of survivor that were kidnapped by a game producer and were sent off to a remote island out of nowhere,they were given some kind of bombs called IBM.There only 8 type of BIM and each person would get different types of them.The only way to controll the BIMS are by the green crystal that were implanted into your hand.Only the owner of the BIM'S could set it up and detonate it. .The only way to get out of the game are by killing 5 other people and collect their green crystal that are implanted within their hand.You can NOT remove it except by a surgery.Once you've collected enough of them,you'll be transported out of the island and send back your home country/land.

    There gonna be a psychopath,a maniac and murderer.So,becareful because they might already planted their trap right beneath your feet and might explode in any second from now.Food supplies will be dropped once a not miss the chance or you'll strave to death.Rain can cause hyperthermia especially when you're in this rain forest.Talking about rain forest,there also gonna be wild animals like elk and deers.

    Here a photo of the
    Green Crystal and BIM for who doesn't know what they are~



    The most common BIM. A simple bomb that explodes on impact.



    A BIM that counts down from 10 seconds until it detonates. One can also adjust the BIM's timer to any second upon deactivation. With this BIM, timing is important in tactical usage.



    A spectacular BIM that sucks in its surroundings and then implodes. It is mostly used for destroying large, thick objects.


    Blazing Gas:

    A BIM that spouts blazing gas when exploding. It is useful for exposing enemies in deep forest. The wind affects the distribution of gas.



    A BIM that can lock-on and follow its target via a small propeller until coming into range and exploding. However, this BIM does not have a very high explosive capacity.


    Remote Control:

    A BIM that can be detonated from a distance at a push of a button. It can be used as booby traps.


    1300°C Flammable Oil Splasing Flame:

    A BIM that splits fire into four directions to corner an opponent



    A BIM that protects the user with a barrier.

    (Doesn't seem to have a photo)

    The Green Crystal


    A simple rule for you guys,okay? c:

    -No godlike
    -Accept your character death
    -Do NOT create a new character

    How to escape~


    Kill 5 of other players(except you want to have partners)
    and take their crystal from their hand.

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  2. While in the airplane~

    Rudy would just keep his mouth shut and ignores the surrounding.There alot of noises and voices around,he can hear a scream,tears and other noises that he doesn't want to hear at all.After a few minutes,a guy appear from the and talk about 'a game' where the only way to escape are by killing another person that they found.The guy on the screen also explain about the grenades also known as BIM.The guy said that there are eight types of BIM,from Cracker to Barrier BIM.He also said that every single person on this plane would get different type of BIM.Rudy then put on his headphone and listen to a song.He then start thinking what would happen when they land." the world is happening?Are we in a test or something?"He'd then take a seat and lay his head on the plane body and take a short nap.