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  1. Boarding School of Freaks
    Iwaku Installment

    A School Life setting in a Science Fantasy Multiverse
    • [tab=Introduction to IDS and BSoF]

    • Welcome to the new BSoF Campus!!!
      Guide for Potential Students!!!

      The new BSoF Campus is located on the world of Asperya, a Earth-sized planet orbiting a star very similar to the Sun (trough much younger) at ~0.96 AJ. ~74,5% of the Asperya's surface is covered in water, which makes it not only a bit warmer but also rainier then Earth.
      The Campus's grounds stretch trough the seven islands of the Yariys Island Chain, trough only 2 of said islands are in use at this time.

      The first island in use is the southernmost volcanic Araygos Island. Trough the volcano which dominates the island makes hard to build anything on it, Araygos still was a valuable asset as it allowed two things - a good place for placing one of the 92 Tectonic Stabilizers that stopped Asperya's tectonic movement and a stable place to construct a breakwater and a floating island; the "Karsiz" on which now the dorms, marketplaces and a port are located on. Also during the first and second semester of the next school year the "Karsiz" will be expanded with a state-of-art airport, increased management and safety facilities and finally a custom-build IT, computer, gaming and arcade center.


      Located 69 nautical milles north from "Karsiz" the Layis Atoll sits as the third southernmost of the Yariys islands. Being only a 10-20 minute ride by a hydroplane, a 30-40 minute by a ferry cruise or a quick teleportation away from the dorms, the Layis Isle currently hosts the educational part of the Campus - the school administration, the hall, the gym, the sport fields and the four school buildings for the students. Expect for the vital school facilities the atoll also contains a spaceport for the needs of BSoF. The atoll is also the location of "The House", the isolation building for students that break to much non-expulsion rules or are just not able to live in the dorms.


      Currently the Campus is able to handle 100,000 students with an average of ~24,500 students in each of the four years. The maximal amount of new students is ~26,500 each year. Currently ~0.5% of all students are not part of the standard program, of which only >0.1% are not part of the Ranking Battles.

      For those not familiar Ranking Battles are fights between students that take place after classes (from 4 pm in the afternoon) or on weekends. Until the new campus was operational the fights were strictly one on one (Duel) or team on team (Brawl) but the new improved monitoring system makes possible not only to start fights from day one but also to introduce a new type of fight.
      This is the Battle Royal in which all teams and individuals can attack anyone except their teammates. Battle Royals will only happen on Saturday or Sunday and will begin at 9 am and last till 9 pm with a two hour break from 1 to 3 pm. A magical function will randomly roll at 7 am each Saturday and Sunday to decide if a Battle Royal is on that day.
      Naturally the rules for Duels and Brawls remain the same - every student or team can send a single challenge each day. A higher ranked student or team can't refuse to fight a lower ranked one if challenged by them. A lower ranked student or team can refuse up to 5 challenges from higher ranked ones each week, with any challenges with more then 10,000 ranks of difference not counting towards this 5 refusals.

    • How to enlist in BSoF (AKA How to make a CS):

      1. Prepare the necessary documents:
      A. A valid ID (Think of a name, surname, place of birth...).

      B. A valid Middle or Elementary School Diploma or a certified proof of having passed the Universal Elementary & Middle School Knowledge Test (Basically come up with a fictional Elementary/Middle School that your character finished or just have them take and pass the above mentioned Test).
      C. A valid document proving your status as a:
      a. rank 4 or higher Freak
      or b. rank 3 or higher Magic User/ Martial Artists/Skill User
      or c. combination of two or more from those: rank 4 Magic User/Martial Artist/Skill User/rank 5 Freak (Basically your character must be able to take on a standard Post-Dimensional Society military starship that is at least a Destroyer. To put in prospective that kind of starship is as powerful as some 5,000,000 Borg Cubes from Star Trek.)

      D. A valid photograph of yourself. (Find me a image to go with your character. Or draw and scan one.)
      E. Valid medical data about yourself. (Height, weight, species/race, gender...)

      2. Take the BSoF enrollment test which consists of:
      A. A basic test of elementary knowledge. (All accepted characters auto-pass this.)

      B. A fight with a rank 3 MagiTech automation. (All accepted characters auto-pass this.)
      C. A interview with a random rank 1 or higher UC Freak/Mage... (You can put a personal motto, agenda or something that your character says often. As with the previous two all accepted characters auto-pass this.)

      3. Fill in the rest of the BSoF enrollment form. (In case I forget something and add it to the form when the actual OOC is made.)

      4. Wait to be called to enter BSoF! (Wait and pray that this interest check succeeds.)

      I recommend taking a look at the example sheets before making a (temp) one.
      Blank Sheet(temp) (open)

      BSoF Enrollment Form (Temp)
      Middle name(s):

      Place of birth:

      Phone number:
      Dimensional Network Identification Protocol:

      Previous Education:

      Freak: Yes/No
      Freak Power:

      Magic User: Yes/No
      Magic School(s):
      Usable Spells:

      Martial Artist: Yes/No
      Martial Arts Schools:
      Known Martial Arts Techniques:

      Skill User: Yes/No
      Skill Attacks & Specials:

      Example Sheets (open)

      BSoF Enrollment Form
      Freak Example Sheet

      Name: Raskka
      Middle name(s): Tar'
      Titles: X
      Surname: Suyan

      Place of birth: City of Ahhar, Marsug District, Raverih VI
      Species: Raverihian (Near-human humanoid)

      Gender: Female
      Height: 164 cm
      Weight: 64 kg
      Picture: X

      Address: City of Ahhar, Marsug District, Block 5103, 153rd Averitha Street, 401-31...
      Phone number: 214-412-2...
      E-Mail: TarSuyRas@dimail.dim
      Dimensional Network Identification Protocol: D41TR21...

      Previous Education:
      16th Marsug District Elementary School
      2nd Marsug District Middle School

      Freak: Yes
      Freak Rank & Power: 5(3),
      Life-giver - the ability to grant life to things that were never alive. At 5 rank this ability can't bring to life anything larger then a car or heavier then 1 tones.

      BSoF Enrollment Form
      Magic User Example

      Name: Tarya
      Middle name(s): S'i'
      Titles: Green-eyed Witch, Which of Shadowfall
      Surname: Arsyah

      Place of birth: Shadowfall, Ardyas
      Species: Unknown (Near-human humanoid)

      Gender: Female
      Height: 155 cm
      Weight: 57 kg

      Address: Ardyas, Spaceport 1, 901-02...
      Phone number: X
      E-Mail: X
      Dimensional Network Identification Protocol: X

      Previous Education:

      Shadowfall Academy.
      Passed the Test.

      Magic User: Yes
      Magic School(s) and Ranks: Shadowfall Magic 4(1), Darkness and Ice Standardized Elemental Magic 9(?)
      Usable Spells:
      Shadowmeld spells - Spells which control shadows, allowing for them to be used as teleportation gates, to attack, defend and to create simple magical constructs.
      Shadowsong spells - Supportive shadow-based spells, mostly similar to standardized curses and hexes which decrease enemy fighting abilities.
      Shadowbase spells - Basic shadow-based spells, similar to the basic spells of the Darkness element from the standardized elemental magic.
      Standardized Basic Elemental spells of the Darkness and Ice elements - basic spells of the two mentioned elements.

      BSoF Enrollment Form
      Martial Artist Example

      Name: Kao
      Middle name(s): X
      Titles: X
      Surname: Sura

      Place of birth: Sarrak
      Species: Canis (humanoid with significant traits of the common dog)

      Gender: Male
      Height: 180 cm
      Weight: 80 kg
      Picture: X

      Address: Sarrak, City of Alral, Farg Hill, 100023-411...
      Phone number: 12-412-3...
      E-Mail: SuKao@cimail.cim
      Dimensional Network Identification Protocol: 41GD1Y...

      Previous Education:
      Farg Hill Elementary & Middle School

      Martial Artist: Yes
      Martial Arts Schools & Rank: Canis Imperial Martial Arts/Marg Arso 5(2)
      Known Martial Arts Techniques:
      Marg Arso Basics - basic attack, defense and counter-attack patterns of the Marg Arso
      Marg Arso Intermediate - intermediate attack, defense and counter-attack patterns of the Marg Arso
      Rag Ur/Imperial Fist - powerful attack technique which excels at shattering bones
      Gor Sukk Berra/Fark's Maneuver - counter-attack technique which target's the enemy's limbs
      Yar Ganna/Imperial Will - support technique that boosts endurance and strenght

      BSoF Enrollment Form
      Skill User Example

      Name: Re
      Middle name(s): X
      Titles: Thousand Blades of Doom
      Surname: Ganni

      Place of birth: Pirate Station 491213
      Species: Argos (humanoid slime)

      Gender: X
      Height: 120-166 cm
      Weight: 61 kg
      Picture: X

      Address: UC Orbital Habitat 501213, Stator III, Room 981313...
      Phone number: 701-11...
      E-Mail: ReXGanni@ucmail.uc.dim
      Dimensional Network Identification Protocol: D131IL...

      Previous Education:
      Passed the Test.

      Skill User: Yes
      Skills & Rank: Knife Throwing 5(2), Knife Fighting 9(4)
      Skill Attacks & Specials:
      Fang of Knives - A spread attack in which the user launches 3-10 knives in a fan-like area
      Right on Target - Using high-speed throws the user sends multiple knives into the same spot
      Close Shot - While in close combat quickly launches a knife towards the enemy in hopes of lowering his guard or forcing him to step back
      Knife Rain - By pure speed of throwing the user is able to saturate an area with knives
      Penetrating Throw - The user gather's all of his strength for one attack of high speed and power to increase chances of penetrating enemy armor.

      NOTE: The example here are just for a basic idea of how to make a character. Usually BSoF student posses a combination of Freak powers, magic, martial arts and skills in many possible agreements. Naturally you can always make a pure mage, Freak, skill user or martial artist.
      The numbers in the brackets () are potential ranks of the ability/skill/power...

    • IDS -
      The multiverse setting in which the RP takes place. A infinite multiverse in which anything can happen and inside which nothing lasts forever.

      ODS -
      The areas outside of the IDS are filled with wild, uncontrolled and raging magic. Only a few creatures can survive long in it.

      - The basic building block of the IDS. A Dimension is basically a single Universe, defined by certain physical dimensions, laws of physics and magical principles.

      Post-Dimensional Society
      - The greatest civilization to ever rise in the IDS formed of countless races, nations, corporations and individuals joined together with the wonder of IDS travel.

      IDS Travel
      - Be it by magic, technology or MagiTech/TechnoMag the IDS travel, trough never 100% safe and predictable is what built the Post-Dimensional Society and what keeps it running even today.

      - Short for Magically Improved Technology/Technologically Boosted Magic, basically various magic methods of different advancement used to improve technology or technological methods used to help simplify or amplify magic.

      - A person which gained non-magical power that it's species shouldn't posses.

      United Corporation
      - The largest, most powerful and most influential IDS corporation. Controlling ~42,4% of all wealth in the IDS UC operates from a planet in a monarchy with strong ties with the owner of the company - the powerful & mysterious mage, skill user and martial artist Traveler know also as the Wizard of Infinite Skills.

      Boarding School of Freaks
      - IDS' first Freak-dedicated school. Famous for it's unique system of ranks and fights between students for those ranks. Due to the need to increase the number of students the school relocated from the old campus to a new one recently.

      Yellow Creatures
      - A weird group of creatures that share an ability to eat massive amounts of things, enjoy massive amounts of alcohol, don't lose mass except if they want so and can even store some of the stuff they eat. The best known of them is Yellow, which gave those creature a name. Yellow is a owner of a massive alcohol business (UC-affiliated) and a bar that whose doors connect to a incredible number of places via dimensional transportation.

      Reconstruction System
      - Complete MagiTech Body Reconstruction and TechnoMag Soul Re-Insertion, is a procedure in which if one were to die a complete revival would be made inside seconds after death at the nearest Restoration Device which is the deceased is contracted for. This is made by using MagiTech to restore one's body as quickly as possible (using information from a Complete Scan) and then use TechoMag to connect the soul of the deceased before it can be collected by the agents of Death. The memories of how one died are also removed from the revived person and kept in case they are needed for any reason.

      Complete Scan
      - Complete Genetic, Quantum and Magical Body Scan, a combination of technological and magical scans that give complete information about one's body. Needed for the Reconstruction System to work (regular update of the Complete Scan data each 5-6 years is recommended. Magic users should do it more often as their magical proprieties change more often.).

      - The entity in charge of a massive organization in charge of collecting souls and returning them to the Magical Flow.

      Magical Flow
      - The constant stream of magic that circulates trough the IDS and ODS. The source of all souls and where all souls return eventually.

    Awaiting fellow roleplayers, keeping accounts on "I am interested/will join", answering questions
    and sharing cookies!!!
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  2. This sounds super interesting. Definitely not gonna overlook this at all. It sparks my interest.

    Freaks and all sound awesome, especially their abilities and the infinite possibilities.

    PS: Nuclear teddy bears would be amazing.

    I do have a question about the rankings. I saw in the example there were letter ranks. So exactly what is the order of rank?

    I'm assuming something along the lines of (highest to lowest): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, B, C, D, etc.
    Not entirely sure though.
  3. Then ranks go from S, 1, 2 ... if letters are used they correspond to a number A would be 1, B would be 2 and so on... since rarely anyone bothers to ranks anyone bellow rank 10 letters from A to J are often used to denote ranks too.

    The thing is that the Ranking system for BSoF calculates two things:
    - One's current magical power, Freak ability, skill or physical strength (or a combination of those).
    - One's probable potential in all of the listed above (just a probable prediction of potential power).
    - Those two are taken together and make up the ranking for each ability, power and skill as well as one's overall ranking.

    Actually I should probably note that you do not need to write the ranking - I will do that depending on the ability and in discussion with each of the players.
  4. I see. Makes more sense now. Totally aiming to make a character in the Rank 3 area. ` ^` OP is nice.

    Any who, I'll keep an eye here. I like the idea, as I stated previously.

    Cookies for all! :present:
  5. Do note that I will limit the number of powerful character at the start, it might be a smart idea to make one or two weaker characters at the start and a stronger one later. Do note that I will also allow year 2 students to be made after a sufficient number of freshman characters is made in the OOC.
  6. Ah, makes sense. MP - WP it is. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Eh, you know I'll be a part of this.
  8. As expected ...
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